Original Maldita Bleach Cream Reviews

Maldita Bleach comes in a medium package that contains a unique homemade solution for all of those who would like to even their skin tone, brighten up their ten, get rid of darks posts, stretch marks, skin redness, insect bites, brighten up elbows, bikini line and so on – the list is long as this bleach will help us get the skin we want.


What is Maldita Bleach

This unique formula has everything we need in bleaching. Starting off, we must know that in only seven days of using this, we will be able to see the amazing results as we skin will get brightened and your ten will get even and fair. In case we would like a brighter skin on our entire body, you can make sure that this is safe for usage and application on our entire body, providing you with visible and amazing results in only one week. You can extend using it afterward to keep up the good work and maintain your complexion fairness. Also, works on bleaching stretch marks, bikini line, grains, insect bites, skin redness, dark spots, freckles, aging spots, elbows and any kind of skin ten imperfections that can cross your mind. It will also help you remove acne marks by bleaching out affected areas, and will also work on the underarm area, brightening it up completely in only seven days.

How does it work

This bleaching cream works beneficially on our skin without any side effects present by using bleaching plants. This cream is made by an old recipe that has been used for generations among Philippine women, successfully brightening up your complexion and bleaching any dark spots on our body in only seven days. While this is working on bleaching your complexion, it will leave no side effects on our body or on your face, although caution is advised for people with extra sensitive skin that demands attention and extra care. The cream contains no mercury, lead or parabens, so your body is safe from any harm – only ingredients that are natural and won’t harm your complexion are used for this formula. You will use it on the clean body by applying the amount of cream you need, rubbing the cream onto your system. You will then leave it for an hour, then rinse it off with soap. You can use moisturizer after it has been rinsed.

Main Ingredients

  • Albumen (egg whites)
  • Mixture of bleaching plants

Advantage and benefits

Benefit of using this is that you can apply it to any area of your body, bleaching stretch marks, dark spots, acne marks, scars, freckles, redness, insect bites, underarm area, groins, bikini line and any area on your body that you feel is in need of bleaching, seeing the results in only 7 days.

Why use Maldita Bleach

This is a perfectly safe formula made from egg whites and all natural mixture of bleaching plants that work on your body by mildly affecting darkened areas, bleaching them in seven days. It is homemade and made by a recipe that has been kept a secret for generations and shared with the world in the form of this amazing product that will help you bleach any area on your skin that you want without any side effects appearing. The formula does not contain mercury, lead or parabens, so it is perfectly safe for use and tested for safety and efficiency of contained ingredients.

Who can take this

Anyone can take this as there are no harmful ingredients contained in this. The formula is made of all natural ingredients that work efficiently and beneficially on having your skin bleached.

Are there side effects

There are no side effects noted during or after using this. All ingredients are carefully picked to match the sensitivity of any skin type. The product is tested for safety, and a dermatologist, making it recommended for any skin type, including those extra sensitive that demand extra care, approves it.

Conclusion and recommendations

Maldita Bleach is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin types as this only contains natural ingredients, being made by a recipe that went from one generation to another, keeping the tradition of making beneficial and all natural beauty products. The product is tested for safety and approved by dermatologists.

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