Provimin Spirulina VegeTablet Reviews

Spirulina is an algae that grows in many exotic places in the world. It is one of the most studied of all plants and studies have shown it to have enormous benefits to humanity. Providing Spirulina VegeTablet is a version of this that is commercially available throughout the world. Spirulina is one of the most prolific plant foods in modern use.


What is Provimin Spirulina VegeTablet

It is a Japanese product that is a formulation of spirulina that comes in tablet form. It is well-tolerated and is of great benefit to a broad spectrum of people.

Arsenic and other heavy metal poisoning is a source of great concern in many places in the world, mercury, another heavy metal, is also prevalent in fish. Studies have shown that, although there is no cure for arsenic poisoning, spirulina has reduced the concentration of this and other heavy metals in the body.

One of the green pigments in spirulina, phycocyanin, has had effects on blood pressure. This anti-hypertensive action is of great value in the western world where hypertension leads to strokes, heart attacks, and liver and kidney dysfunction.

Laboratory results show that spirulina reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) while not affecting HDL (good cholesterol); it also reduces triglycerides.

Studies have shown that spirulina reduces the effects of histamines and makes life a lot more pleasant for hay fever sufferers.

How does it work

There are several mechanisms present in the way spirulina has in the way it acts the way it does. Chemicals are present that help releases all the energy available in food. This also has an implication for weight loss.

Spirulina presents a hostile environment for harmful microorganisms such as Candida. It encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. This in itself discourages candida and other undesirable organisms.Such flora is a significant contributor to the mortality due to bacteria in the Western world. As well as providing this kind of hostile environment, spirulina does the same for cancer cells.

People at risk of diet-induced strokes can be assisted by the ability of spirulina to arrest the lowering of the arterial surface area due to poor diet. This same chemical reaction goes to lower the concentration of bad cholesterol without affecting that of good cholesterol.

The supplement is, therefore, a very useful dietary additive.

Why use it

This product is of use to those who are at risk of strokes and high blood pressure. Some of the reasons for this risk are diet, genetics, and stress. These are tough to mitigate at the source, so a food additive is of great value. Cancer is a real concern for nearly everybody; this product makes it difficult for cancer cells to proliferate, as it does candida and other dangerous bacteria. People with high blood pressure run a greater risk of stroke than others, and spirulina acts to lower bold pressure and thus reduce the incidence of this debilitating condition. Strokes incurable and anything that can decrease the risk of not occurring is of great benefit.

Advantages and benefits

The supplement is manufactured in Japan where standards of manufacture of food supplements are second to none. This plant has indicated strong signs of benefit in several areas of human health particularly cancer and bacteria control. It also has beneficial effects on blood pressure and the conversion of food to energy. There is also an effect on an allergic reaction to certain pollens.

Who can take this

Spirulina is safe for people of all ages, including children. The product should always be taken according to the instruction on the packaging. Spirulina is only effective when taken as a regular supplement rather than as a short-term fix. The long-term benefits for people of all ages have been proven.

Are there side effects

The supplement is a natural product produced under very stringent regulation in Japan. There have been no side effects reported in any age group. Anyone experiencing an allergic reaction to the product should cease using it immediately. Although safe for children, this product should be kept out of the reach of children, as should any product of this type.

Conclusion and recommendations

Spirulina is a plant that grows prolifically in many parts of the world. It is one of the first so-called “superfoods” and has been widely accepted as being of great benefit in many areas. The field of greatest benefit are antimicrobial, anticancer, blood pressure and strike mitigation, and energy conversion. Provimin Spirulina VegeTablet is recommended for those of all ages.

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