Puritans Pride Premium Astragalus Extract 1000MG Reviews

Astralagus is one of the most widely used of the traditional Chinese herbs. Puritan’s Pride Astralagus Extract is a formulation of this herb in a softgel capsule. As it is in a capsule form; it does not have to be prepared. Thus it is one of the most convenient forms of the herb available.

What is Puritan’s Pride Astralagus Extract

The product is an extract of the Chinese herb, astralagus. The Chinese name is Huang Qi. Huang Qi is a very widely used herb in Chinese medicine and has an excellent record for safety and non-toxicity. One of the first facts about this herb is that it helps boost the immune system during periods of immune deficiency. It is also used as an additive to the traditional “Jewish Penicillin,” the famous New York chicken soup. Bolstering the immune system is supreme of importance in the winter when colds and flu become extremely costly issues. The herb also acts as a diuretic so is important in the management of high blood pressure. Astralagus has a detrimental effect on most common bacteria and parasites, and along with giving a feeling of general well-being that comes with using it, the particular advantages of the herb give it the recognition it deserves. Astralagus also acts to intensify the effects of other herbs such as Angelica.

How does it work

One of the principle ways that this herb benefits the body is as an antioxidant. These compounds act in many respects. The most prevalent are their action in converting dangerous free radicles of Oxygen and Calcium into simple compounds that can be eliminated quickly from the body. The obvious use of this is the mitigation of the effects of pollution. There are other areas where this is of vital importance. The body is extremely vulnerable to all kind of undesirable processes during and after both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Astralagus bolsters the ability of the body to manage these processes and therefore help in managing the effects of these procedures in cancer patients. People using this herb also experience a feeling of general well-being. This “feeling” could well be attributed to its action as a diuretic. Excess water in the body nearly always leads to feelings of malaise and discomfort, so removing the water would account for this “feeling.” This is important because the way we feel reflects the way we are.

Why use Puritan’s Pride Astralagus Extract

Many people might want to use this product. The reason might vary from just generally not feeling well to people undergoing harsh treatments for cancer. Some people have been known to refuse cancer treatments because of the after and side effects of the treatments. This product will help to manage and mitigate these effects. Dysfunction of the heart is a common cause of hospitalization, and indeed death in modern times. The use of this product helps to lower blood pressure and therefore the load the heart has to tolerate by enabling the release of excess water in the body.

Advantage and benefits

The main advantage of using Puritan’s Pride Astralagus Extract is that, besides its known effects, it is made by one of the most trusted manufacturers of health supplements in the world. If we take a look at the benefit of taking it, then we have several to consider. For reasons already discussed, it engenders a feeling of overall good health. Added to all of this, it has a benefit to the treatment of dangerous cancers.

Who can take this product

This product is of use to men and women of all ages. With all foods and diet and health supplements comes the warning of allergies. Anyone who has exhibited an allergic reaction to the product should not take it. Anyone who has shown allergies to plant-derived products should have a test before using the product.

Are there side effects

This herb is renowned for not having side effects and for having very low toxicity and high tolerance. It is naturally produced on dedicated machinery, so the likelihood of contamination is almost non-existent. The base plant is thoroughly washed so as to rid it of all weedkillers and other incidental toxins.

Conclusion and recommendations

Puritan’s Pride Astralagus Extract is a preparation of the herb known in Chinese as Huang Qi. This is a highly common herb in Chinese medicine. It is recommended for use in individuals whose immune system is under attack either from cancer treatments or issues like a sudden change in weather or environment. It is also commonly used to relieve water retention.

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