Reviews Aim Global My Choco Premium Chocolate Drink

For a delightful experience that indulges your taste buds, Aim Global MyChoco provides the ultimate feeling of enthused premium chocolate that combines health and fun in an amazing beverage. Derived from ancient legend and research, the emotional pleasure from chocolate is blended with DHA that boosts brain function, in this unrivaled premium chocolate beverage.


What is Aim Global MyChoco Premium Chocolate Drink

This is a premium choco drink with a unique blend of nutrition and pleasure giving you a stronger body and a boost to brainpower. As a functional beverage, it is ideal for both adults and children, creating a fun atmosphere whenever it’s served. With a rich flavor derived from real chocolate, it is a classy beverage, which is enjoyable anytime when prepared cold or hot. Real chocolate is rich in antioxidants that help our body fight damaging elements, phenylethylamine that gives you pleasure feelings and Stearic acid that prevents cholesterol build-up for a healthy heart. These components make the super beverage that is classy and full of multiple health benefits. Alongside the full benefits derived from chocolate, it is also fortified with DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid that is a brain-boosting component for all ages. In the premium range, this gives it an edge over other brands making it the top choice for those who want to savor nature’s goodness.

How does it work

This can be prepared hot or cold for the convenience of a savvy drinker. When prepared with cold water it has a distinctly gritty texture and produces an extraordinary malted chocolate flavor. The beverage can also be prepared hot where a superb result is witnessed in the form of a thick mix of milk and chocolate floating on top of the cup creating a surreal experience of premium sweetness. For anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty drink and still derive numerous health benefits from the natural ingredients, this beverage contains real chocolate that is rich in antioxidants, provides a sensual feeling and lowers cholesterol levels. Another key component is DHA, which is critical in boosting brain power and optimal function for the elderly and creating the basic brain building blocks in infants as they grow. With the option of hot or cold, this beverage can be enjoyed anytime and by everyone in all age groups and is easily absorbed into our body.

Main Ingredients

Premium Cocoa Blend,



DHA Powder.

Advantage and Benefits

As a unique, premium beverage it is an extremely tasty drink that has the added benefit of lowering cholesterol levels which protect against heart disease, helps prevent cancer, controls high blood pressure, detoxifies our body, strengthens the immune system, relieves headaches and fatigue, rejuvenates the skin, and prevents degenerative diseases.

Why use Aim Global MyChoco Premium Chocolate Drink

This drink provides a delightful new way to enjoy premium choco – a smooth, rich flavor that excites your taste buds and a refreshing boost to your health in the form of the nourishing DHA for optimal brain function. The choice of a cold or hot drink gives you the pleasure to choose a gritty texture that straddles your imagination or a thick, milky floating layer that’s visually seductive. The real choco in this contains antioxidants that slow aging, a Stearic acid that prevents cholesterol build-up and phenylethylamine that triggers pleasure feelings in your brain to give you an incredibly unforgettable experience.

Who Can Take this

This premium drink can be consumed by all ages of both adults and children to provide unprecedented nourishment that ensures sharper memories for adults and essential brain development for kids.

Are there Side effect

There are no side effects associated with this premium drink. The ingredients found in this are not only naturally occurring, but are all beneficial in providing energy and nutritional boosts to our body. This is one of the safest products in its category providing true choco richness and multiple health benefits.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Aim Global MyChoco is the ultimate, smooth and refreshing beverage specially blended with real chocolate that brings out your self-actualization. It comes highly recommended for the discerning consumer looking for high quality, unique taste and unsurpassed nutritional nourishment all packed in a drink that is simple to brew whether hot or cold at your convenience.

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