Reviews MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator

Its time for a revolution, is time to set up the aging clock backward, a science of beauty is within your reach, and it will all happen while you sleep. Taken from the lab and straight into your hands from the Time Revolution line of skincare products: Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule. Are you ready to have your perfect skin?


What is Missha Time Revolution Night Repair

Ok, enough propaganda, let’s get down from the important stuff. This is one of the many skincare products developed by MISSHA. This particular one has been designed to be used at nights and help your complexion from repairing its own while you sleep. Many women have tested this and claimed that the results are amazing. Testimonials about smoother and firmer skin are all over the place.

Let’s dive a bit deeper, this mainly made out of lactic acid fermented by bacteria and yeast. But, what is a fermented brand? It definitely doesn’t sound like something anyone would like to apply in our face. Feel no fear, it only means a bacteria transform sugar into lactic acid. This substance is found naturally in many places of our body, including our complexion. If you have a sensitive complexion there is no reason to worry; you’ll be just boosting a natural process. Many things we consume are made out of fermentation processes, like cheese and wine. So if you are OK drinking a good glass of wine, you won’t have any issues with this formula.

How does it work

To understand how it works you have to think of your skin as a group of layers, just like the colored jellies. Most external layer of complexion is called stratum corneum and exposed from all sorts of damage. It’s no surprise that it can deteriorate a lot over time, let’s make an analogy to ease the understanding. Like cooking? Imagine your face is a meatball in a frying pan. What is the first thing that happens if you start cooking those at a really high temperature? External layer starts to receive heat and then it starts to burn, right? This is what happens to your stratum corneum every day exposing from sun and dust. Now, if we remove that meatball layer we will find that underneath the meat is still raw, which represents healthy skin in this case.

Lactic acid acts on the facilitating the removal of the stratum corneum. It renovates physiologically every day without we even notice it. Applying this on your skin will speed up the process over night. Then, when you wake up what you’ll find is an external layer of skin, which is damaged by a daily exposure, will start from renovating itself. At MISSHA they call it the “Science Activator Ampoule” it starts to make sense right?

Main Ingredients

Even though lactic acid is its main component, it’s not the only one. Here you have a list of the most important components:

  • Water
  • Bifida Ferment Lysate
  • Lactococcus Ferment Lysate
  • Lactobacillus Ferment Filtrate
  • Glycerin
  • Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
  • Adenosine


Advantage and Benefits

Moving on, it’s a remarkable product; it’s most amazing benefit is that it works mainly by improving a completely natural process. No false promises and statements with this one. It’s easy to use because you just have to apply it before sleep and you won’t even notice it.

Why use Missha Time Revolution Night Repair

We will find it very useful in many scenarios. If we feel like the years are starting to get hard on us, this will help reducing expression lines and improve the overall look and feel of our skin. Also, if we are still a young girl, let’s say we are still in our twenty’s and we are worried about the years to come. We can still use it to prevent any damage and keep our face smooth and tight as the years go by. For those who have little scars on our face or some spots where our skin is a bit darker, this is a great brand to reduce those. It will make scars go tinier and dark spots go lighter.

Who Can Take this

We can apply the ampoule no matter our age, gender or type of skin. Since the action of this is completely natural, it will do wonders for anyone. Even for men who want to keep their skin healthy.

Are there Side effect

Our face is pretty sensitive, but there is no reason for skipping this product. It’s made out of natural components, it has been proved that it has no side effects and to be completely safe from using, don’t let the fancy words like “fermentation” and “lactic acid” scare you away. Now you have all the important facts, it only takes one use to get in love with this, and it benefits. You are now a few steps away to get the healthy and beautiful skin you want.

Conclusion and Recommendation

It’s not just about a beauty with Missha Time Revolution Night Repair; you will look great but even more important you will have an incredibly healthy skin. There is no reason to let the years and everyday activities to deteriorate your face. If you are young or if you are not that young, it doesn’t matter, start using it today and let Science Activator take away your worries.

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