Reviews Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula Moisturuzer

If you walk into a beauty store on any day, also you will find rows as well as rows of various beauty products, ranging from makeup, to moisturizers, hair products, soaps, gels and so much more. Lots of people who invest in skincare and beauty products, plus end up spending so much in a single year, in the hope of improving their skin, or hair. Unfortunately, for some, even when they spend so much they do not get the expected results from products and some products actually make things worse. If you are searching for a suitable, affordable, safe moisturizer, look no more. The Neutrogena Body Oil is safe, all-natural skincare product that moisturizes our complexion, feeling your body feeling great and pampered.


What is Neutrogena Body Oil

This oil is designed to keep our entire body moisturized. It comes packed in with a pump bottle that is convenient to hold as well as carry around. Due to its convenient packaging, it can be carried to work for example by ladies in their handbags, and since it has a pump nature, a person can easily slip it out as well as pour some oil on their hands to remain moisturized all day.

This is quite lightweight due to the inclusion of sesame formula in it. It glides easily across our body, which makes it rather easy to apply, even in public areas such as workplaces. Due to its light nature, it does not leave a sticky feeling on our body, which is normally quite uncomfortable.

This makes it a favorite product for many.

How does it work

It is best to apply this after a warm bath or shower when our complexion is still a bit damp for best results. Put on a few drops of this oil on your hands also apply all over our body. Due to the product’s fast absorbing nature, application after a warm shower or bath will help retain the moisture on our skin and therefore your complexion will remain moisturized, feeling soft, plus silky.

Alternatively, if you are having a bath, put few drops of the oil into your bathwater. Since, while in the bathtub, water covers your entire body, this oil will thus be absorbed by a larger area of your complexion for example in areas like your back. This will help your complexion have a general softer feel and smoother look.

Main Ingredients

propylparaben, BHT, Sesame seed Isopropyl Myristate, oil, PEG 40 sorbitan peroleate, and fragrance only for the scented product.

Advantages and Benefits

This is a must-have moisturizing product since it has vast number of benefits. The oil is pretty lightweight and absorbs very quickly into our skin. As such, it does not leave our skin feeling heavy or greasy, but rather it produces a light, refreshing effect and feels. This formula is quite affordable, also comes with a good size which can reach feet even in a bag. It also comes with a pump, which is a great, plus since it helps regulate the amount of oil one uses in a single application. This, in the long run, makes this formula cost effective to use, plus saves money.

Why use Neutrogena Body Oil

This brand is very affordable and works effectively. It has a good feel on our complexion since when applied to the skin it is absorbed very quickly and does not leave one feeling sticky or oily.

It retains moisture on our complexion which helps slow down aging and also protects our skin from drying during harsh weather conditions such as winter. The entire moisturizing process will thus create an overall effect of making you look younger, prevent the formation of pimples, also keep your skin hydrated which will help in making your skin look and feel smooth, plus softer.

Also, helps in the prevention of the formation of stretch marks. It also contains sesame oil, which has antioxidants that help make our complexion soft and supple.

Who can take this

This product can be used by people of any gender and all skin types and age. It’s safe, the healthy product which is really gentle on your complexion and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Are there side effects

This oil contains natural products such as sesame oil, which helps in softening our skin. It’s a safe, natural, affordable skin care product that has no side effects. It can be used on both body and hands.

Conclusion and recommendation

Neutrogena Body Oil is an established skincare company that has been producing excellent products for years and therefore it is highly recommended and safe to use. With consistency and right usage, it will produce results after a short period of time, leaving your complexion feeling refreshed and beautiful.

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