Reviews Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Normally, your skin is in a state of continuous turnover. The dead cells are expelled out through your skin pores. Excess oil makes dead cells steak to each other forming a plug. The end result is a closure of the exit and accumulation from dead cells and secretions that are a good medium for inflammation producing what is called “Acne.” “Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque” can preserve the normal dynamics of your skin.


What is “Mint Julep Masque

It’s a mixture of natural ingredients, designed as well as developed by dermatologists and skin care experts to be highly effective, safe and suitable for oily and acne prone skin. It helps to open our skin gates through drying up acne skin pimples. It also has high ability to remove white, plus blackheads. Moreover, it deeply cleanses your pores from impurities, also the excess secretions. This gives our wonderful mask the advantage of keeping your skin clean, and yours pores open for a long time. This allows your skin to retrieve and preserve normal dynamics of its secretions. Furthermore, this has antiseptic properties protecting hair follicles from inflammation. Besides the anti-acne and antiseptic properties, it has powerful soothing effects on your complexion, making it soft, smooth and moist. It also keeps your complexion vitality as well as elasticity. Overall, this provides your complexion with the most suitable environment for proper breathing.

How does it work

This is characterized by its amazing ability to offer different and effective ways to treat and prevent acne. It also has wonderful effects on improving the cosmetic appearance of our face. These desirable effects can be achieved through a combination of safe and effective methods that directly target the pathophysiology of acne. This wonderful mask helps to dry and remove skin pimples clearly. It also helps to open our skin pores by cleaning them deeply, plus to remove impurities, white and blackheads. Also, it prevents further accumulation of oil, keeping our skin pores clean and open. Supportingly, the antiseptic properties from the mask prevent bacteria from colonization and proliferation through a removal of dead cells and secretion, which is considered a good media for bacterial growth. Surprisingly, this prevents, but also treats acne, but also reduces its effects through minimizing the size of pores, plus scars. It also helps to relax the muscles of our face, which reduces facial wrinkles, and release the tension lines, participating in improving the cosmetic appearance from our face. Moreover, it keeps the vitality of our complexion, leaving it moist, fresh, plus smooth. Overall, this has great general benefits for our complexion, whatever its kind, besides its anti-acne properties.

Main Ingredients

This is composed of a mixture of highly effective natural ingredients. Its main Ingredients are Distilled Water, Oxide Zinc, Glycerin, Bentonite, Kaolin, Chromium Oxide Green, Sulfur, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, and Fragrance.

Advantages and benefits

This has valuable advantages, made it superior to others. The most important feature is the high quality and safety in treating acne. It’s entirely composed of natural ingredients safe for our skin and our body systems.

Furthermore, its variety is another strong point. This is not only for acne patients but also for people without skin problems.

Why use Mint Julep Masque

This mask is widely used among acne patients, also even among people without any skin problems. It is also characterized by high ratings and evaluations. It’s obviously that customers prefer this product because of its high safety, plus quality. Moreover, users of this feel a great improvement after a short period of use. That’s why; this product contributes significantly to raising a spirit from its users and enhancing their self-esteem. In addition, the price of this mask is affordable which makes it widely used on this large scale.

Who can use this

There are warnings for using this for patients suffering from acute inflammation or severe acne. Otherwise, its use is highly beneficial, also desirable for acne, plus acne-free patients. It is also suitable for oily and dry skin.

Are there side effects

This product is completely safe for our skin and the various body systems. It consists of natural elements, has no side effects on our body. However, fragrance and preservatives may cause irritation to those suffering from acute inflammation or severe acne.


“Mint Julep Masque” is highly effective in prevention, plus treatment of acne. It can also be used in acne-free patients, which preserve the vitality of our complexion. It is a completely safe product as it is composed of natural ingredients. Based on its great quality and safety, this product is highly recommended for proper skin breathing.

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