Scott’s Vitamin C Mixed Berries Pastilles Reviews

Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles is a natural, delicious and nutritious soft chewy pastilles berry revolution. Because most children are afraid of taking tablets, this unique vitamin C tablet has been formulated and designed in such an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching manner, so they do not hesitate to take this vitamin tablet.


What is Scott’s Vitamin C

It is one of the funniest and delicious ways of helping children between age ranges of 2-12 to reach their body’s vitamin C requirements. With just two pastilles, your child is ‘good to go’ for the day. This product was created because proper food formulation for children within the age bracket of 2 to 12 needs to include healthy eating, ingredients which boost daily physical, mental activities, brain functions, and mental cognition amongst others.

This supplement, therefore, when chewed is capable of supporting children’s normal immune function, making them more active, contributing to their healthy collagen formation which offers supportive functions to normal functioning of bones, teeth, cartilage. Also, gums, skin, blood vessels, eat well to be healthier, As studies have proven to be healthy to play some of the most important roles in increasing one’s quality of life and the general sense of well-being, etc.

How does it work

It is important to enhance children’s nutrition by providing them with essential supplements of what may be lacking in their daily nutritional intake.

This product stimulates the proper development of the brain, central nervous system, and eyesight of children from their infant through childhood stage.

The defense system of children’s body plays pivotal roles in offering protective functions against various ailments. Its defensive functions ward off some disease-causing microorganisms. It’s an encapsulate of special cells, tissues, and different cell products which battle against various pathogens including bacteria, virus, and fungi.

The anti-oxidative effects of vitamin C protect kids system against damaging effects of free radicals which subject kids system to arrays of oxidative stress.

More so, it works by effectively facilitating the conversion of food into energy needed for the proper functioning of kids system as they are active, vibrant at this stage.

Main Active Ingredients

Vitamin C

Advantage and Benefits

Because the defense system of children’s body requires certain nutrients to carry out its protective functions effectively, this supplement has become painstakingly created to properly boost up the immune level of the little one’s system, which has been proven effective in keeping their entire body healthy to prevent various health problems.

Why use Scott’s Vitamin C

This product’s immune system protects children’s body against different diseases, infections and recognizes destroys pathogens and tumor cells. Interestingly, it boosts up the functions of the Lymphatic system, lymph nodes, lymph fluid, lymphocytes and other types of white blood cells which offer protective functions to different cells, tissues which works together and makes little one’s body immune. It, therefore, boosts immunity by assisting the manufacture of interferon, an immunologic protein. More so, it increases the amount of glutathione, a tripeptide that plays pivotal roles in properly increasing the strength of young one’s body immune system.

The boundless effects of vitamin C are without a doubt, tremendous. It encourages growth and formation of healthy bones, teeth and encourages the production of certain anti-stress hormones.

In line with these, it is, therefore, critical to give your children Vitamin C Pastilles like this unique product.

Who can take this

This product has been formulated and designed to be taken by children within age brackets of 2 and 12 years.

Are there Side Effects

There is no side effect because it is all natural, safe, effective and we have neither recorded nor received any negative review or reaction from parents who has supplements it with their children’s daily dietary needs.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles is formulated in mixed berries, orange; peach and mango flavors as every child tend to have their favorite flavor. As a parent, it is important to invest in supplements like this to enable you to target your children’s physical, mental and psychological developmental growth at their early stage.

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