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A Kannada proverb goes thus: It takes a year for the potter but a fraction of a second for the stick. For the last 60 odd years, the Congress party both at the Centre and in various states has done just that: clobbered the nation to pieces one successive term after the other until it has dragged India down to the abyss it currently finds itself in. Each time somebody has tried to pull it out of the abyss even by an inch, the Congress party has ensured that thatRead More

Posted On November 20, 2011By SandeepIn Commentary, Indian Politics, Media Watch

The Lion that Became a Lamb

The Indian media overall is a whore with none of the ethics of a whore, a fact that’s pretty much self-evident now. Yet there are very few exceptions, and once in a long while somebody in this well-oiled and smoothly-functioning corporatized whoredom gets stung by the call of conscience and for a change, begins to tell the truth. That’s when the carrot-and-stick trick, as old as mankind, is employed. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: India is not a democracy and the Indian media is only asRead More