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Posted On October 24, 2011By SandeepIn Commentary

Forget Gandhi & Anna: Call Kautilya

A quick jotting before the thought is lost. What I had kinda predicted when the Anna Circus had erupted is slowly coming true. Most of the “leading jokers lights” in the circus are now beginning to chant the “my clown is funnier than yours” mantra. Which is why I had warned that this isn’t the way to fight/check corruption. Recall this dialogue from Chanakya—perhaps the best made TV serial to ever grace Indian television—where Indradutt, the Prime Minister of King Parvateshwar says the following about Kautilya (not verbatim) : wohRead More

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The Anna Hazare Movement Explained

Here’s a quick and dirty explanation of the so-called India Against Corruption (IAC) movement. Draw your own conclusions. Click the thumbnails to view the full-size image. Picture 1: Rough timeline of major events surrounding the IAC movement Picture 2: How the IAC’s demands were met (with inputs from a friend over email)Read More
Give the dog a bad name and hang it. A variation of this technique, pioneered by Lenin in his infamous “stick the convict badge,” an old favourite of our now-languishing comrades on the Left—from calling Subash Bose a running dog of imperialism to various other customized slander—has been perfected by the Congress party. Of all political parties in the country, the Congress feels the most uncomfortable being out of power even for a few seconds and once there, feels compelled not to hide its tyrannical tendencies. Of all political parties,Read More
Anna Hazare

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Anna Hazardous

The moment I read those mindless headlines in the papers and saw footage of hordes of clueless candle-kissers across major Indian cities flocking to show their solidarity for Anna Hazare, the plot was clear. The plot as well as the never-to-disappoint-phenomenon of the heedless support that Hazare got from even well-meaning folks like Swami Ramdev. And yet again, I lay comforted in my cynicism that no matter what we’re a nation populated by people content with petty desires and illusory victories. Let me lay out my cynicism with a well-knownRead More