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Disclaimer: This piece is going to piss off a lot of people. I mean no offence but if you do take offence, I consider it a deed well done. One of the defining sentences in the various analyses of post-Independence Hindu revivalism, which is also original is this: Hindus have been playing the game by the rules set by their enemies. [Ed: Paraphrased] Elst wrote this in his masterful Decolonizing the Hindu Mind in 2001. More than a decade ago. As we see, very little has changed since then. IfRead More
UPDATE:  In hindsight, I felt I was a tad harsh on B Raman. He has been replaced with a new and much more deserving candidate for said loathsomeness. Sigh. It’s that time of the year—the only time of every year where I make a list. A list of the who’s who that have contributed most to pushing this country a few more miles down on the road to hell. As with the previous years, some names remain unchanged and some are new entrants, the only qualification being their loathsomeness quotient.Read More

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…And The Award Goes To…

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this article are real. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is completely intentional. Real names of real people and real organizations have been suitably modified as occasioned by the demands of the article. Preface: B Raman loses the plot completely right from the first word. No, make that “right from the first number.” He commits the unpardonable error of mentioning Barkha’s age: 39. Yes. That’s in Years. Therefore the good editors at the Sri Lanka Guardian approached me to rewrite the Barkhanama originallyRead More
It almost felt like meeting a long-lost friend when I read Dilip D’Souza’s comment on my Meera Nanda piece. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that name. I had to wait for several hours before I could respond because I first had to control a range of emotions that coursed inside me wildly. Only then did I respond. What followed subsequently was just like the old times. For those who came late, here’s a sample of the old times that I’m talking about. And then one fine dayRead More
This year’s Most Loathsome People of India Award Ceremony has arrived a month earlier. I had noted last year that people were vying really hard to outdo each other in loathsomeness and they haven’t failed to deliver. The list of awardees this year has been quite tough to compile…correction: the list was relatively painless to make but it was the ranking that got tough given the infinite hues, varieties and degrees of loathsomeness. Each one in this list is an emperor or empress in his/her own right. But then, weRead More

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Offstumped in a New Avatar

With reasonable assumption, I can safely say that regular readers of this blog were also readers of Offstumped in its previous incarnation as part of the excellent Indian National Interest umbrella of blogs. It was hugely popular for informed political and poll analysis, notable for publishing superb pieces of investigative blogging, and confident in its pro-Hindu and pro-BJP stance and attracted tremendous traffic in its heydays. After a considerable hiatus, it is now back in a new, expanded avatar since October 1. Waste no time in heading there. The newRead More

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This is Where Barkha Comes From

Watch this YouTube Video. Barkha Dutt actually had a talk show on whether we should “regulate blogging!” What does “regulate” smack of? That kind of explains some things in the Kunte episode.   Tags: Barkha Dutt, Barkha Dutt Threatens Kunte, Bloggers, Blogging, Free Speech, NDTV’s Legal Notice to ChyetanyaRead More