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1971 or ’72. I had newly returned to Mysore. The Kannada translation of the Telugu Digambara poetry collection had just been published. The release function was held in Mysore at the public taxi stand. A hotel waiter was the chief guest to inaugurate the occasion. I was present there. The organizer, in his speech, announced that literature was the preserve of neither the upper classes/castes nor restricted to critics. It belonged equally to the lower strata of the society and included such people as daily wage labourers and poor farmers.Read More

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Sunday Special: Excerpts from an Autobiography: 3

My friends felt sorry for me when they heard that the Principal had rejected my scholarship. “Had you told us this earlier, we’d have stopped you from meeting him. The Principal gives any number of scholarships and freeships if you get a letter from Swamiji of his caste’s Mutt. Nothing else works with him,” they told me. But my mind was already drawn inward. I contemplated on my condition: an inability to pay my monthly fees of Seven Rupees. As far back in time as I could recall, I feltRead More