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Jugalbandi Concert: A Resonance that didn’t Resonate

I went, I listened, and left depressed. I am talking about this much-hyped concert that happened on Saturday. Indian music icons Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, M Balamurali Krishna and L Subramanian will come together to perform on a single platform on March eight in the city. It was supposed to be the first-ever jugalbandi of its kind, a conglomeration of giants, a meeting of the icons… and it was just that: a meeting.Read More

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A Walk Among the Clusters

Those familiar with Bangalore don’t want me to remind them of Cubbon Park. As nostalgia had its way with me, I took an impulsive walk on a cloudy afternoon–the weather is heavenly here from a few days–inside the park. I sneaked in through a small lane right adjacent the KGID building in the ramparts of the High Court.Read More

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A Station of Mind and Memories

Malleswaram Railway Station is not merely a railway station: it is a station of mind and memories, of childlike wide-eyed wonder, of teenage meandering, adult and eld nostalgia. It is the stuff memoirs are made of.Read More

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Bangalore’s Tughlaq

A few weeks ago, a call centre employee was raped and murdered. The usual suspects hollered, and it was back to business as usual. For everyone except Bangalore’s Sherlock Holmeseque police.Read More

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Bangalore Welcomes Terror

The Tata Institute–or the IISc–campus evokes very joyous memories, which can only be poetically described, a visual representation of scenes that you find in the Nature poet par excellence, Wordsworth. My house was barely a 10-minute-walk away from the serene campus and we precisely used to do that: walk in the campus till our legs dropped. And now this. Terror struck an international conference at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus on Wednesday night killing a retired Mathematics professor from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, M.C. Puri, andRead More

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Caption This

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In Quest of Hotel Victoria

At least eight years have passed since I had that memorable evening tea at Victoria Hotel. The setting definitely reminded made you feel like some distinguished officer of the Raj sipping the evening tea sitting on the terrace, or in the garden, which greeted your eyes the moment you acknowledged the salute of the guards at the gate. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Victoria Hotel.Read More

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Blistering Big Bazaar

Banashankari III Stage was a huge tract of barren land just 12 years ago stretching as far “as the eye could see.” Connectivity nil. I vividly remember the long trek to my cousin’s house from the bus stop at what is now popular as “Deve Gowda petrol bunk.” The only other landmark was the Kamakhya “tent.” (tent=a hall showing cinema, usually found in villages)Read More

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Chronicling the City

Is the name of the new category I’ve created. Because I’m a shameless admirer of Bangalore, I felt I’ll be doing it a disservice–in fact, I’ve done the disservice in the 3+ years of my blogging history by not writing about stuff I observe everyday out here. I also hope to serve the other noble cause of preserving these chronicles for posterity. Corner House which serves delicious desserts has a nice collection of photographs of Antiquity Bangalore, plastered all over its walls. Some of these pictorial gems date as farRead More