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The most important thing before we begin is to call things by their proper name. One, our clever-by-half media and secularati have twisted the retraction of Wharton School India Economic Forum’s invitation to Narendra Modi as a “snub.” Two, it was Wharton that had invited Modi. Modi hadn’t sought it out. Two pithy and succinct commentaries nicely sum up this shameful incident. The first is a tweet by Rajiv Malhotra: “Wharton snub of Modi is meddling in Indian democracy. Like Oxford training East India Co. officers. Except now Indian sepoysRead More
So Girish Karnad is back again. In style. And with a fury I scarcely expected he was capable of. It’s really a monumental pity that a fine actor like Girish Karnad can nary control his itch to mouth inanities. On Friday afternoon at the Tata Literature Live! festival in Mumbai, playwright Girish Karnad surprised audiences with an unexpected and elaborate criticism of author V.S. Naipaul. Naipaul was awarded the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Wednesday night. Even if I’m tempted to attribute Karnad’s outburst to professional jealousy, good sense advisesRead More
A timeless line from Dr. S.L Bhyrappa’s multi-layered and philosophical novel Saakshi (Witness) reads as follows: There is no greater arrogance than the arrogance wrought by a sense of self-righteousness. This quote accurately describes Yoginder Sikand’s textual barrage flowing over a course of 4373 words. So do we really need to care or pay any attention to his—with due respect—outpouring? No and yes. No because he’s not relevant anymore in the same sense as Ram Puniyani or Genocide Suzie aren’t relevant anymore, and paying him attention gives him undeserved andRead More
Introduction I’d have been surprised if this hadn’t happened at Osmania university. It was past midnight on Sunday when the organisers of the festival located one of the students who strongly opposed inclusion of beef in the menu and stabbed him. They also torched a media van deployed at the university for covering the beef festival. Early on Monday, the protesting students set on fire a state road transport bus passing through the campus. And I won’t be surprised if it happens again and again in future—either at Osmania orRead More

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Return of the Academic Tyrants

Let’s not pretend that the soul-crushing shrillery of the academic mullahs of Delhi—led mainly by the mini-mullahs of the history department—has anything to do with academic freedom or “curbing our freedom of thought” or “censorship of education” and such other arrant nonsense.  It’s anything but that. It’s simply the latest instance of their decades-long ritual of opportunist sniffing to find out just how much damage their rabble-rousing can inflict. It’s the most recent manifestation of their insane loathing for everything Hindu, which prompted some of their elites to pervert IndianRead More
It couldn’t get any worse for the vile galaxy that comprises the media, intelligentsia, academia and the usual gang of Gujarat Cottage Industry freebooters. Let’s call it the media in short because it’s the media that gleefully opens its legs pages and studios and helps spread the poison. The Supreme Court today has delivered them a body blow by exonerating the object of their collective hatred. The Supreme Court today directed a Gujarat trial court to examine the report of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the amicus curae’s reviewRead More
My wait didn’t go in vain. I knew it the moment the world learned that the Norwegian lunatic-killer took inspiration from a vast range of literature critical of Islam, Marxists and their fellow travellers and that literature included writings that emanated from people sympathetic to Hinduism. I knew someone would make a connection between Anders Behring Breivik’s heinous deed and Hinduism and everybody who’s ever spoken or written in support of Hinduism. And so, the JNU-visiting Gorgon emerges once again on the pages of Open magazine to regurgitate her HinduRead More
Do you know who Gita Ramaswamy is? No? Neither do I. Put that in the past tense: neither did I until I read this vacuous assault on intelligence masquerading as a book review. The sheer imbecility of the “review”—hereafter referred to as asssault—rebels against sensibility so badly that you don’t know where or how to begin deconstructing it. I mean, here’s what she thunders at the very outset of her assault on the scholarly Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines (Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan), which hasRead More
Introduction A pattern seems to have emerged over the past decade or so in the US. Each time any U.S-based Hindu organization(s) hosts a fairly well-attended event, alarm bells sound off from the expected quarters. These expected quarters wake up and emit a major stink about the–yawn–dreaded Hindu communalism/fascism/quest for revenge… The yarn is the same, only the hues are different. And so it is with this latest piece de disgrace (requires free registration to read) by Vijay Prashad, a well-known Hindu baiter, and rabid Marxism-retching machine stationed in theRead More