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Commentary on how Rahul Gandhi was caught in a catch-22 trap of his own making in light of the Supreme Court admonition against him. Read More

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JNU: A Toxic University

This is my translation of S.R. Ramaswamy’s original “Vishaakraanta Vidyalaya” published in Utthana. The events at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University continue to attract the nation’s attention. It didn’t take too long for the true intent of the organizers of the “cultural evening” to be revealed. Although permission for the event was denied, on the evening of February 9th, a procession was taken out, accompanied by the slogans of “Bharat tere dus tukde honge Inshah Allah,” “Jung rahegi Kashmir ki azadi tak,” “Pakistan Zindabad,” “Bharat murdabad,” “Afzal tere armaanon ko manzilRead More
Note: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s column 18 May 2013 column in Kannada Prabha. An incident comes to mind. The incident is recorded in Shanti Bhushan’s autobiography, Courting Destiny. The incident occurred sometime in 1978. Morarji Desai had completed an year as Prime Minister. He began to face threats to his chair. The powerful Janata leader and Home Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh was eyeing Prime Ministership from the beginning. Another leader, Babu Jagjivan Ram too had Prime Ministerial ambitions. Rebellion was brewing at a steady pace. There wereRead More
  In Bhitti, his autobiography, Dr. S.L Bhyrappa narrates an eyewitness account of a series of rallies held in Delhi during the infamous Syndicate vs Indicate episode towards the end of the 1960s. These rallies had but a singular aim: to show the “Syndicate” that Mrs. Gandhi enjoyed a massive and popular support. Dr. Bhyrappa recounts how different groups and unions and associations—the Shoemakers, Association, the Garlic Sellers’ Association, the Hawkers’ Association, the Daily Wage Labourers’ Association, and so on—used to take out massive rallies almost every day. Sometimes, multiple ralliesRead More
What’s common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All are terrorists who’ve vowed the destruction of India and have at various points, taken violent steps to make this intention clear. What else is common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All of ‘em terrorists have mourned the execution of the homegrown traitor cum terror mastermind, Afzal Guru. Guess who all else share the aforementioned commonality? Anand Patwardhan—One of the early scavengers of the Gujarat riots, he washed India’s dirty linen in the US and elsewhere inRead More
Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s original Kannada Prabha piece titled Baaibittare Banna Bayalaaguttademba Bhayave Manmohan Singh published last Saturday.   Hazaron jawabon se acchi hai khamoshi meri  Na jaane kitne sawalon ke aabroo rakhe So please answer us: how did this loot of epic proportions, of Rs. 1.86 lakh crores, occur right under your nose? When someone asks, “will you please answer the voters who’ve elected you,” you respond with “my silence is greater than a thousand questions.” Does this how the Prime Minister of the world’sRead More
NOTE: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s piece titled Hindugale Haedigalaagiruvaaga Anyarannu Doori Phalavenu that appeared in Kannada Prabha on August 25, 2012. As always, comments and criticism are welcome. It has been called brain drain or flight of talent. Much noise has been made against it. It has been held responsible for this nation’s continued backwardness. But then, no matter what, in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s decades, people who had dreams of  building a bright future for themselves, people who embarked on a quest to find careerRead More
Yet another annual August 15th where we celebrate yet another progressive step towards realizing Nehru’s tryst with tyranny. The nation calls it Independence Day but nobody asks, Independence from what? From British tyranny? To which I question in turn: do you prefer home-grown tyranny over foreign tyranny? Because that’s what we’ve been living under for the past 65 years. If you think tyranny is an extreme term to use, consider these.Read More

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Shame on You Madam!

This woman is the worst thing ever to happen to the Office of the President of India. Worse even than that deceased dynasty-server who pompously declared that “If my leader [Indira Gandhi] had said I should pick up a broom and be a sweeper, I would have done that. She chose me to be President.” Everything she’s touched in the past five years has turned to ashes. This nation has forgiven most of its past Presidents who invariably took sustenance from the peanuts thrown by the Dynasty, and behaved likeRead More

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Brazen Bias

It looks like Salil Tripathi, of late, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First it was this piece on Center Right India that examined his claims of being a libertarian, pro-free market, etc that led to some delightful exchanges on Twitter. And then he wrote an opinion piece in Mint titled Incredible Impunity, which should actually be titled Brazen Bias. Of all the responses I read to this piece, only Kanchan Gupta’s two–part series that takes apart Salil’s hitjob on Modi is the best.Read More
Are death anniversaries celebrated? “Celebrated” is an unfortunate choice of word to use in the same breath as “death.” And no, that word choice is not mine. It is the media’s. Somebody’s death anniversary is not celebrated unless that person is someone like Stalin. Speaking of which, Jawaharlal Nehru was the only head of a democratic state in the world who mourned the death of “Marshall” Stalin. Death anniversaries of the truly great and noble people rightfully deserve the label Memorial Day. Does anybody “celebrate” Jallianwallah Bagh? If the answerRead More
This was published today in the Pioneer. Comments and criticism welcome as always. By deftly using state power to promote the party’s first family, the Congress has created a unique political ecosystem. The media has collaborated. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly election has seen the media beaming footage of the Nehru-Gandhi family’s adventures in deception. Those who still harbour illusions about the media’s neutrality need to look at the Assembly election coverage. So why does the media stand so steadfastly by the Congress? And why does it portray the only otherRead More