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Mahabharata Question

For those of you who are generally pessimistic about the political scene in India, I have some good news. The state of India in the period described in the Mahabharata was to put it mildly, catastrophic. Explain how/why.Read More

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Forum Post: The Best and the Worst

With highly-probable portends of an early election visible on the horizon, I’ve created a new category called Elections 2009. Beginning with this post, I plan to record–very irregularly–a sort of a run-up of events, news, and other gossip–I’ll even create quizzes–leading up to the actual elections. It promises to be an interesting retrospect.Read More
I had concluded the previous post with a note on AKR’s understanding of Hindu ethics and traditional expositions on Dharma. He notes that Each addition is really a subtraction from any universal law. There is not much left of an absolute or common (sadharana) dharma which the texts speak of, if at all, as a last and not as a first resort. They seem to say, if you fit no contexts or conditions, which is unlikely, fall back on the universal. This is completely the opposite interpretation of what theRead More
Preface In an interesting article on Narendra Modi, TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan (link courtesy Nitin) concludes that contextual morality is the one magic explanation for all ills that have plagued India for more than 100 years. He says …Narendra Modi is our own creation, of liberals, conservatives, fascists, communists and every other man jack of us. He is not the problem, we all are. By this token, we can source every problem to our collective selves and call–like TCA–for introspection. However, he derives this conclusion from what he calls the Ramanujam TestRead More

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What Does this Mean?

The BJP’s election victory is expectedly the hot subject of discussion on the streets, restaurants, darshinis, paan shops, and bus stops of Bangalore. Yesterday, I was an uninvited party to one such discussion. A BJP worker was extolling his stellar campaigning work. In the middle of explaining how the leader of his constituency made money, he said, “given the kind of promises they have made, if my leader does at least 40% of ‘development works’ this time, we’ll more than double the victory margin in the next election.” Discuss.Read More
Many thanks to a reader who brought to my notice M.F. Hussain’s interview with Tehelka. Readers of this blog know my views on Hussain. The interview is interesting because this is the first piece I have read where Hussain gives us a bit of insight on his own understanding of his art. This is a departure from the Page 3 pieces replete with hurriedly-stitched quotes by the painter–all gloss and full of vacuum–and designed to reinforce the stereotype of the man–barefoot, weird, and the rebel-painter.Read More

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The Devil in the Advocate

The award for Hate Speech of the Century goes to this piece. The self-styled swamis of secularism have transcended all boundaries of reason. The reason: F-E-A-R. But this one is dangerous… This blogger chanced upon a hush-hush Devil’s Advocate with the Devil’s Advocate himself. It unravelled the Devil in the advocate.Read More

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Redefining Fundamentals

Thanks to reader Kaanganeya for pointing me to this excellent interview where S.N. Balagangadhara (Baalu) shares his thoughts on certain fundamentals, which he says need heavy redefining. I’ll add my random bits here. The current theoretical framework is firmly embedded within Western cultural history and proves inadequate when it comes to studying non-Western traditions. The framework therefore needs rethinking. And I agree with a lot of things he says. He begins well by asking the right questions: The definition will only come later. We would first need some kind ofRead More
Our cops seem to be eager to perfectly fit the mould that Bollywood/Indian cinema has set for them. The Hyderabad police have registered a case against controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who was recently attacked by workers of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) in Hyderabad, for allegedly creating ill-feeling among communities. The writer has been booked under IPC Section 153 (A) (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, language etc) on a complaint registered by MIM legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi, police said. The best we can say in theirRead More
Communism through the backdoor. Praful Bidwai style. Cars are an extremely inefficient form of transportation. According to a US researcher, the average American spends so much time looking after, parking or repairing his car and stopping at signals, etc, that its average speed is roughly 10-12 kmph. […] Runaway automobilisation must be curbed through higher taxation (Indian buses are taxed 2.6 times higher per passenger-kilometre than cars), stiff parking fees, Singapore-style bans on use of odd- and even-numbered cars on alternate days, encouragement of carpools, and extensive creation of pedestrian-onlyRead More
Most Indian regional languages use Tattva Shastra as an equivalent of Philosophy. The word Philosophy–meaning love(r) of knowledge or wisdom–is quite inadequate to define or explain the full import of Tattva Shastra. One of the fundamental aphorisms that embodies the whole of Sanatana Dharma in it is Tat Tvam Asi (You are That). The Tvam or Tva concerns us here.Read More

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The Debate Continues Here

My questions to Amit Varma‘s fascism post stirred up quite a debate. Work kept me from responding to Amit’s responses. While I cannot respond to every comment on that post, I’ll try to address as many as I can. Starting with Amit.Read More