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UPA’s Report Card

Is it too early to give a report card on the performance of the UPA non-government for its entire term? I’m not talking about the secularly-certified report cards and approval ratings that the media gives year after year to the UPA. It’s the report card of two broad categories of people. The aam aadmi and the class of people who were reprimanded by our Prime Minister "to cut down on their spending." This report card is way before the actual examinations slated to occur within a year. Not that it’llRead More

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Will He Stick to His Words

Stung bitterly, Prakash Karat has thundered that he will not support the Congress ever. Prakash Karat has discounted the possibility of the CPM supporting the Congress after the next general elections… Let’s revisit this post after the 2009 Election results are out.Read More

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Maut ka Saudagar?

Elections in India is fun time because you can mudsling at will and get away with it. That was the case when the Italian bosswoman christened Modi as Maut ka Saudagar (Death Broker). Now that the actual maut ka saudagars have struck in the same Modi’s state, will the bosswoman call a spade a spade or are those words too costly? (Image Source: Indian Express)Read More
My Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh, I don’t care if you read much less respond to this. You are after all, another inconsequential pawn who might be remembered by posterity in the same breath as Ambhi , and Jaichand. I’m writing this because it is still not too late for you to develop a spine. I’m writing this more because I have immense faith in this nation as I’m aware of, and in touch with the ethos that has shaped it, sustains it still, and I have faith that it willRead More
Rajdeep Turdesai tries his hand at damage control-by-diversion. His need is urgent for it comes in the wake of widespread suspicions about the intent of a certain media whore of the Congress party to ensure that the UPA won the trust vote. Turdesai climbs atop the moral mountain and begins to ponder about the “events of this week” with a weighty question: …is parliamentary democracy being strengthened by what we have observed this week? He doesn’t answer that. Instead, he points us to the various curves and vales and trapsRead More

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The King Stripped Naked

The UPA’s trust vote victory has once again proved why it pays to be cynical. I firmly go by this diktat in watching Indian politics: never underestimate the Congress party’s potential for scurviness. It is an art the party has perfected for a few decades with singleminded dedication. It is hard to find any other political party that can match this talent. The Congress party plumbs lowlives across parties, institutions, and people. It ropes in political pimps like Amar Singh, offers its bed to the willing in the media (countlessRead More

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Nuclear Numbers

The Nuclear non-deal is quickly making the UPA (or whatever is left of it) a nuclear family. The N-deal might well be the costliest blunder for the Congress party, specifically. It badly underestimated the Left, and despite Amar…er.. Mulayam Singh’s reassurances, July 22 will likely be its Fall Day. First, two interesting reports: Countdown UPA: 4 MPs give Cong the headache: Their pound of flesh and all the assorted jazz. JD(S) unlikely to support UPA in trust vote: Deve Gowda’s party has exactly 3 MPs, of which one is aRead More

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Media Games

Forget politics. Media watching promises to be a jolly activity. Rajdeep Sardesai’s fiery journalism leads the charade. CNN-IBN seems to change colours almost every other second. From sounding out the Left in a piece that is shockingly pro-capitalist one day to cozying up to Amar Singh yet another day, the media house is zigzagging big time. Sardesai’s glorification of a third-rated power broker as a “trendsetter” is a study in ethical depravity. Not long ago, the selfsame IBN had reported Amar Singh as saying: When Prakash Karat goes to meetRead More

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A Must-Read Editorial on the Left Pullout

When I wrote about the run-up to the polls, I had no idea it’d be this close. This Pioneer edit puts it well and powerfully. The end to four-and-a-half years of non-governance seems close. A must-read.Read More
About three years ago, Dilip D’Souza concluded that liberalization had done little to improve India’s economy. I had pointed out that his conclusion was fantastic because it was based on just one train journey and a few anecdotal evidences.Read More

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In the Name of the Aam Aadmi

Or how the Congress Party Screwed the Aam Aadmi Cut to 2004 when an euphoric Congress party declared its victory over the dark forces of communalism, rich-centric politics and related evils. It declaimed that its Aam Aadmi slogan had done in the India Shining slogan etcetera. Cut to present. Consider the state of India’s economy, which the UPA had inherited. Check the growth of subsidies. Check loan waivers. Check prices of essential commodities. Check inflation. Check aam aadmi. Enough said. Related Reading: Economic Terrorism and Energy Security | Inflation: RevisedRead More
Rediff describes Ashis Nandy–who has been suitably psychoanalyzed on this blog earlier–in glowing adjectives: thinker, political analyst, but above all, he is India’s most famous liberal thinker, in this five–part interview where Nandy shares his expert views on Sonia Gandhi’s performance as the chairman of the UPA. Having read the entire interview–much against the counsel of my inner voice (bless Mata Maino)–I feel compelled to add another adjective to Nandy: Sonia’s personal psephologist.Read More