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Seriously Sandeep Mobile Edition

Just a quick note to inform all my readers that this blog now has a mobile edition. You don’t need to do anything other than typing the URL in your Mobile Web Browser. Technorati : Blog, General, Mobile, Sandeepweb, Weblog : Blog, General, Mobile, Sandeepweb, WeblogRead More

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Happy Deepavali

This blog wishes you all a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Deepavali. Celebrate this festival of lights without crackers. Enough have exploded in four years.Read More

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Pragati October 2008

This month’s Pragati is out! Although I’m in the middle of reading it completely, I highly recommend that you download it pronto. It carries a potpourri of power-packed articles from the disaster that the US economy has become to strategies on combating terrorism (a personal favourite) right down to some hard-nosed analysis on policy.Read More

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Blog Announcement

There seems to be a problem with my site’s bandwidth. I’m working on resolving it so that it doesn’t recur. Thanks for your patience. Regular programming continues.Read More

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The Story of the Indian Freedom Struggle

Has the real story of the Indian freedom struggle been told? If no, why do you think it is so? And how have so many people for so many years uncritically accepted the version of this story in currency even to this day?Read More

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Reason for Fundamentalism and Biogtry

So this is both a question and a test of how well you know your Hinduism. 🙂 What according to Sanatana Dharma is the root cause of religious fundamentalism/bigotry? Technorati Tags: hinduism,sanatana dharma,question,quiz,india,indian philosophyRead More

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Pragati August 2008 Edition is Out

Professional knowledge and professional competence have to be acquired by hard work and by constant study. In this fast-moving technologically developing world you can never acquire sufficient professional knowledge. You have to keep at it, and at it, and at it. Can those of our political masters who are responsible for the security and defence of our country cross their hearts and say they have ever read a book on military history, on strategy, on weapons developments? Cam they distinguish a mortar from a motor, a gun from a howitzer,Read More
What’s worse than bomb-blast-a-day? Media and intellectual terror attacks. Have the fulminating columnists–Ram Puniyani, Sardesai, Shekar Gupta, et al, begun their orgasmic orchestration of–hey look! BJP cries about security but look at what has happened in the BJP-ruled states? As I have repeatedly stressed, the real cleanup work needs to start by weeding these wolves out of public discourse. They have already badly mangled public discourse. National interest obliges us to prevent them from injecting more poison.Read More

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Blog Outage Announcement

For about two days, this blog was inaccessible due to a malicious attack that spiked my traffic and jammed my bandwidth usage. Life is normal now. I have disabled all trackbacks until I resolve this.Read More

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How not to Hear

Dear Abhishek, Thanks for investing your time to respond to my post on the recent judgement relating to M.F. Hussain. You misread my entire post by asking me not to speak for you. Upon reading your post, it seems that I should speak for you because you haven’t correctly heard whatever I spoke. What I find more amazing is that given your penchant for investment number-crunching, you have utterly failed to read my post completely. Else, you wouldn’t have selectively quoted what you call my “conclusion.” Before the said “conclusion,”Read More

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Pragati: May 2008

The May 2008 issue of Pragati has hit the stands. Liberal nationalism is the theme of the month. Grab your copy now.Read More

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Pragati: April 2008

The April 2008 edition of Pragati is out. Read online or download for your monthly dose of policy, politics, and economics.Read More