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Disclaimer: This piece is going to piss off a lot of people. I mean no offence but if you do take offence, I consider it a deed well done. One of the defining sentences in the various analyses of post-Independence Hindu revivalism, which is also original is this: Hindus have been playing the game by the rules set by their enemies. [Ed: Paraphrased] Elst wrote this in his masterful Decolonizing the Hindu Mind in 2001. More than a decade ago. As we see, very little has changed since then. IfRead More
My wait didn’t go in vain. I knew it the moment the world learned that the Norwegian lunatic-killer took inspiration from a vast range of literature critical of Islam, Marxists and their fellow travellers and that literature included writings that emanated from people sympathetic to Hinduism. I knew someone would make a connection between Anders Behring Breivik’s heinous deed and Hinduism and everybody who’s ever spoken or written in support of Hinduism. And so, the JNU-visiting Gorgon emerges once again on the pages of Open magazine to regurgitate her HinduRead More

Posted On September 14, 2009By SandeepIn Commentary

How the Hatred Oozes

Newspapers give space to writers like Khushwant Singh mostly for antique value. I read this piece with the same mindset as I approach an antique piece: possibly priceless but I won’t risk buying it. Singh has made no secret of his support for the Congress party and hasn’t protested when he was termed an establishment liberal. Equally, he has been quite open about his distaste for the RSS/BJP “brand of politics” citing the usual “secular” reasons. However, nothing quite explains the hatred that oozes from the piece I linked above.Read More