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Posted On June 17, 2010By SandeepIn Indian Philosophy

Introducing Prekshaa

An average, devout Hindu knows next to nothing about Hinduism while his Muslim or Christian counterparts know enough to defend their respective faiths. And so the average devout Hindu does one of these two: Feels ashamed and/or scared to admit in public that he is a Hindu Gets extremely defensive instead of using knowledge and cold reasoning to defend an attack on Hinduism You can cite historical attacks, mental and colonial slavery and a thousand other things to explain this. While all of them are true, after numerous repititions, theyRead More
Today is Makara Sankranti, celebrated across India to both herald the beginning of longer days, and reap the harvest of months of backbreaking work in the fields. But the greater significance of Makara Sankranti like most Hindu festivals, is to highlight another living instance of the amazing cultural unity of India. People in Karnataka exchange a mixture comprising sugarcane blocks–artistically moulded into various forms and figures and shapes of Gods, Goddesses, flowers, fruits, animals–white sesame seeds, jaggery, and a piece of sugarcane. In Andhra Pradesh, sugarcane is replaced by theRead More
We have several specimens of people who call themselves Hindus: Tearing-my-chest-Hindus: Firebrand Hindus whose commitment to, and faith in Hinduism is unquestionable but usually lack the intellectual rigour to defend attacks on Sanatana Dharma. Intellectual Hindus: Scholarly types who are up for a good debate anytime, and are willing to defend Sanatana Dharma on the strength of their erudition. Practising Hindus: May also be the scholarly types. These Hindus live Hinduism complete with all its rituals and injunctions. They may or not understand the meaning, rationale, or significance of theRead More