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Demonstration in Europe

Posted On April 7, 2016By SandeepIn Media Watch

Contours of a Demographic Siege

A defining characteristic of our Secular-Left-Liberal academics is their incredible felicity to theorise reality. This theory is then injected into public discourse by their handmaidens in the media. As a consequence, we now have an entire generation of academics who sit in the lawns and lounges of India International Centre and spout out the “real” reason for say, the Muzaffarnagar riots and reel off reams of “analyses.” Equally, we have an entire generation of journalists whose faculties rebel against even the notion of stepping out their TV studios. And inRead More

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A Nightmarish Legacy

This piece was first published in Center Right India. Posted here in full. Of all “Days” that India celebrates every year, only Engineers’ Day is meaningful, and Children’s Day, the most wasted. It stretches the limits of even fantasy to find a link to Jawaharlal Nehru and children. It boggled my brain way back in primary school when the lesson told me that November 14, Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday was celebrated as Children’s Day because “Nehru was fond of children” and “he gave a red rose to every child he met”Read More
Preface Let’s call things by their proper name. What is continuing to unfold in Assam is soft Jihad. It isn’t an ethnic strife, much less a riot. It is soft Jihad not in terms of the scale or intensity of violence but because it is not explicitly unleashed by an Islamic state—or by an Islamic terrorist-superstar like Bin Laden—against a non-Islamic state. It follows a theological dictum from which emerged a time-tested pattern, which has been consistently repeated across both world history and geography. I argue that: What we’re seeingRead More
A timeless line from Dr. S.L Bhyrappa’s multi-layered and philosophical novel Saakshi (Witness) reads as follows: There is no greater arrogance than the arrogance wrought by a sense of self-righteousness. This quote accurately describes Yoginder Sikand’s textual barrage flowing over a course of 4373 words. So do we really need to care or pay any attention to his—with due respect—outpouring? No and yes. No because he’s not relevant anymore in the same sense as Ram Puniyani or Genocide Suzie aren’t relevant anymore, and paying him attention gives him undeserved andRead More

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Brazen Bias

It looks like Salil Tripathi, of late, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First it was this piece on Center Right India that examined his claims of being a libertarian, pro-free market, etc that led to some delightful exchanges on Twitter. And then he wrote an opinion piece in Mint titled Incredible Impunity, which should actually be titled Brazen Bias. Of all the responses I read to this piece, only Kanchan Gupta’s two–part series that takes apart Salil’s hitjob on Modi is the best.Read More
Are death anniversaries celebrated? “Celebrated” is an unfortunate choice of word to use in the same breath as “death.” And no, that word choice is not mine. It is the media’s. Somebody’s death anniversary is not celebrated unless that person is someone like Stalin. Speaking of which, Jawaharlal Nehru was the only head of a democratic state in the world who mourned the death of “Marshall” Stalin. Death anniversaries of the truly great and noble people rightfully deserve the label Memorial Day. Does anybody “celebrate” Jallianwallah Bagh? If the answerRead More

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The Lion that Became a Lamb

The Indian media overall is a whore with none of the ethics of a whore, a fact that’s pretty much self-evident now. Yet there are very few exceptions, and once in a long while somebody in this well-oiled and smoothly-functioning corporatized whoredom gets stung by the call of conscience and for a change, begins to tell the truth. That’s when the carrot-and-stick trick, as old as mankind, is employed. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: India is not a democracy and the Indian media is only asRead More

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Return of the Academic Tyrants

Let’s not pretend that the soul-crushing shrillery of the academic mullahs of Delhi—led mainly by the mini-mullahs of the history department—has anything to do with academic freedom or “curbing our freedom of thought” or “censorship of education” and such other arrant nonsense.  It’s anything but that. It’s simply the latest instance of their decades-long ritual of opportunist sniffing to find out just how much damage their rabble-rousing can inflict. It’s the most recent manifestation of their insane loathing for everything Hindu, which prompted some of their elites to pervert IndianRead More
It couldn’t get any worse for the vile galaxy that comprises the media, intelligentsia, academia and the usual gang of Gujarat Cottage Industry freebooters. Let’s call it the media in short because it’s the media that gleefully opens its legs pages and studios and helps spread the poison. The Supreme Court today has delivered them a body blow by exonerating the object of their collective hatred. The Supreme Court today directed a Gujarat trial court to examine the report of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the amicus curae’s reviewRead More
Pakistan or some of its localized bigots have played Diwali on the soil of Mumbai once more. A possible clue as to how we got to this state of affairs may lie in the following words: Gandhiji’s letter to Viceroy Lord Linlithgow, written early in June 1940, as Hitler had just overrun Holland, and Belgium was about to fall. The letter read, “This manslaughter must be stopped. You are losing. If you persist, it will result in greater bloodshed. Hitler is not a bad man. If you will call itRead More

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December 8, Vir Sanghvi for Dummies

Vir Sanghvi takes an (un)welcome break from his culinary columns and embarks on a noble mission of educating fellow Indians about the virtues of secularism in the tenor we are familiar with. The occasion is rather fitting: December 6, the 17th anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition. His heartwarming approach actually melted my heart. Really. For all your characterization of this blog as full of hate-spewing “right-wing” writing, I must confess that this singular piece by Vir Sanghvi converted me. December 6, Ayodhya for dummies, made me realize what aRead More

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How the Hatred Oozes

Newspapers give space to writers like Khushwant Singh mostly for antique value. I read this piece with the same mindset as I approach an antique piece: possibly priceless but I won’t risk buying it. Singh has made no secret of his support for the Congress party and hasn’t protested when he was termed an establishment liberal. Equally, he has been quite open about his distaste for the RSS/BJP “brand of politics” citing the usual “secular” reasons. However, nothing quite explains the hatred that oozes from the piece I linked above.Read More