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  In Bhitti, his autobiography, Dr. S.L Bhyrappa narrates an eyewitness account of a series of rallies held in Delhi during the infamous Syndicate vs Indicate episode towards the end of the 1960s. These rallies had but a singular aim: to show the “Syndicate” that Mrs. Gandhi enjoyed a massive and popular support. Dr. Bhyrappa recounts how different groups and unions and associations—the Shoemakers, Association, the Garlic Sellers’ Association, the Hawkers’ Association, the Daily Wage Labourers’ Association, and so on—used to take out massive rallies almost every day. Sometimes, multiple ralliesRead More
The one word that comes to mind each time the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s name is taken is betrayal. Betrayal of trust, decency, hope, values, and the ultimate betrayal of the nation itself. And like with most betrayals after Independence, the tone for this betrayal too, was set by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Perhaps the most decisive mandate was given to him on a platter by Gandhi who handed him the Indian Prime Ministership by favouring him over Sardar Patel. And as history is witness, Nehru squandered this massive opportunity to show hisRead More

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Indira Gandhi: Never Forget

It is 25 years and three days after Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Expectedly, most prominent newspapers carried a “heritage” piece on arguably the most important political figure in post-Independence history. Of all pieces I read, two articles stand out as interesting for two different reasons. The first, by Subramanian Swamy. This piece is interesting only because he talks more about himself than Indira Gandhi’s “legacy.” Swamy’s piece is basically a disguised ego trip. The most telling sample: In the last three years before her assassination in 1984, after I hadRead More
When I landed in Delhi sometime in the January of 1967, Indira Gandhi was already ensconced in power…almost every other day witnessed hordes of “associations”–the Footpath Vendors Association, the Autorickshaw Drivers’ Association, the Slum Dwellers’ Association, the Onion Sellers’ Association and so on– parading on the streets of Delhi, petitioning her with a list of their respective grievances amid noisy slogans of Indira Mata Desh ki Neta!… In reality, this was a sponsored stunt to “prove” her superior popularity over Congress party veterans like S Nijalingappa. The press was well-versedRead More