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Note: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s column 18 May 2013 column in Kannada Prabha. An incident comes to mind. The incident is recorded in Shanti Bhushan’s autobiography, Courting Destiny. The incident occurred sometime in 1978. Morarji Desai had completed an year as Prime Minister. He began to face threats to his chair. The powerful Janata leader and Home Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh was eyeing Prime Ministership from the beginning. Another leader, Babu Jagjivan Ram too had Prime Ministerial ambitions. Rebellion was brewing at a steady pace. There wereRead More
Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s column in Kannada Prabha entitled, Menake Bandu Kuniyuvavaregu Vishwamitra Mahatapaswiyaagidda. BJPya katheyu haage aaytu! published on 11 May 2013.  Who do we need to blame amongst these: B.S. Yeddyurappa, K.S. Eshwarappa, Jagadish Shettar, Ananth Kumar, Sushma Swaraj, Lal Krishna Advani, and Nitin Gadkari? Who do we hold accountable? Was the Karnataka BJP reduced to this pathetic state thanks to just one person? Or was it the combined “efforts” of these leaders that led to the ignominious end of the first BJP GovernmentRead More
This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s Kannada Prabha column titled Tippuvannu dweshisabekendalla, satya tiliyali endu, published on 9 March 2013. Comments and criticism welcome as always. Image courtesy: Kannada Prabha “I’ll give you a fresh sample of a lie uttered by a writer. In light of the opposition to the proposal to establish a University in Srirangapatana named after Tipu, this writer has falsely claimed that Tipu was a hater of Hindus, and that he had forcibly converted 71,000 Hindus to Islam. When I heard this, I immediately suspectedRead More
Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s piece entitled ??????? ????????? ???????? ????, ???? ???????? ?????????????? ??????? that appeared in Kannada Prabha on 23 February, 2013. Image Courtesy: Kannada Prabha 2 May, 2011 Osama Bin Laden who was hiding in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was flushed out by the United States and gunned down. Not only did the US extract its revenge, it didn’t cremate Laden’s body—it simply chucked his dead body in the sea. Predictably, everybody did expect Al Qaida to take their revenge against America in turn. Al QaidaRead More
Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s piece that appeared in today’s Kannada Prabha. Girish Karnad image courtesy: IBN Live.  The Mumbai Lit fest on Friday witnessed major drama when veteran actor and theatre artist Girish Karnad slammed Nobel prize laureate VS Naipaul and called him anti-Muslim. Karnad, who was present at the lit-fest on Friday to conduct a class on theatre, spoke at length about Naipaul. The first paragraph of CNN-IBN’s news report makes it clear that the purpose of Girish Karnad attending the Mumbai Literature Live! festivalRead More
Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s original Kannada Prabha piece titled Baaibittare Banna Bayalaaguttademba Bhayave Manmohan Singh published last Saturday.   Hazaron jawabon se acchi hai khamoshi meri  Na jaane kitne sawalon ke aabroo rakhe So please answer us: how did this loot of epic proportions, of Rs. 1.86 lakh crores, occur right under your nose? When someone asks, “will you please answer the voters who’ve elected you,” you respond with “my silence is greater than a thousand questions.” Does this how the Prime Minister of the world’sRead More
NOTE: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s piece titled Hindugale Haedigalaagiruvaaga Anyarannu Doori Phalavenu that appeared in Kannada Prabha on August 25, 2012. As always, comments and criticism are welcome. It has been called brain drain or flight of talent. Much noise has been made against it. It has been held responsible for this nation’s continued backwardness. But then, no matter what, in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s decades, people who had dreams of  building a bright future for themselves, people who embarked on a quest to find careerRead More
Note: This is the translation of Pratap Simha’s piece entitled Narendra Modi Haniyalu Congress Hidida Daari Yenthaaddu? that appeared in Kannada Prabha on 21 July, 2012. Translation is entirely mine and has the author’s approval. You may write me down in historyWith your bitter, twisted lies,You may trod me in the very dirtBut still, like dust, I’ll rise. Does my sassiness upset you?Why are you beset with gloom?‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wellsPumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns,With the certainty of tides,Just likeRead More