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An examination of Sadanand Dhume's inveterate rants against Subramanian Swamy and Dhume's untenable defence of Raghuram Rajan.Read More

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The Rape of Our Epics: Part 2

Is Draupadi Rarely Referenced? After failing to show how Sita’s abduction by Ravana and her abandonment by Rama qualify as “rape” and/or “sexual assault,” Nilanjana Roy turns to Draupadi whom she characterizes as follows: Draupadi’s story is rarely referenced, though it is powerfully told in the Mahabharata. Draupadi’s reaction, after Krishna rescues her from Dushasana’s assault while her husbands and clan elders sit by in passive silence, is not meek gratitude. She berates the men for their complicity and their refusal to defend her; instead of the shame visited onRead More
I know, I know. The title of this post will only rile up Salil Tripathi further because he’s big on things like “tone,” and “civility,” which he cites are the reasons he doesn’t engage with me. Isn’t that a jolly way to wriggle out of an open invitation for debate? And poor me, despite being snubbed thus repeatedly, offered to take him up on his terms: of politeness, civility, and even asked him to set the terms of the debate. The constantly-travelling Londoner responded to this offer with…silence. There. SnubbedRead More

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Brazen Bias

It looks like Salil Tripathi, of late, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. First it was this piece on Center Right India that examined his claims of being a libertarian, pro-free market, etc that led to some delightful exchanges on Twitter. And then he wrote an opinion piece in Mint titled Incredible Impunity, which should actually be titled Brazen Bias. Of all the responses I read to this piece, only Kanchan Gupta’s two–part series that takes apart Salil’s hitjob on Modi is the best.Read More