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Commentary on how Rahul Gandhi was caught in a catch-22 trap of his own making in light of the Supreme Court admonition against him. Read More
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An essay on Narendra Modi's recently concluded five-nation tour, what it means for India and how India's media and intelligentsia reacted to it. Read More
  In Bhitti, his autobiography, Dr. S.L Bhyrappa narrates an eyewitness account of a series of rallies held in Delhi during the infamous Syndicate vs Indicate episode towards the end of the 1960s. These rallies had but a singular aim: to show the “Syndicate” that Mrs. Gandhi enjoyed a massive and popular support. Dr. Bhyrappa recounts how different groups and unions and associations—the Shoemakers, Association, the Garlic Sellers’ Association, the Hawkers’ Association, the Daily Wage Labourers’ Association, and so on—used to take out massive rallies almost every day. Sometimes, multiple ralliesRead More
The one word that comes to mind each time the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s name is taken is betrayal. Betrayal of trust, decency, hope, values, and the ultimate betrayal of the nation itself. And like with most betrayals after Independence, the tone for this betrayal too, was set by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Perhaps the most decisive mandate was given to him on a platter by Gandhi who handed him the Indian Prime Ministership by favouring him over Sardar Patel. And as history is witness, Nehru squandered this massive opportunity to show hisRead More
Note: This is a translation of Pratap Simha’s original Kannada Prabha piece titled Baaibittare Banna Bayalaaguttademba Bhayave Manmohan Singh published last Saturday.   Hazaron jawabon se acchi hai khamoshi meri  Na jaane kitne sawalon ke aabroo rakhe So please answer us: how did this loot of epic proportions, of Rs. 1.86 lakh crores, occur right under your nose? When someone asks, “will you please answer the voters who’ve elected you,” you respond with “my silence is greater than a thousand questions.” Does this how the Prime Minister of the world’sRead More
Yet another annual August 15th where we celebrate yet another progressive step towards realizing Nehru’s tryst with tyranny. The nation calls it Independence Day but nobody asks, Independence from what? From British tyranny? To which I question in turn: do you prefer home-grown tyranny over foreign tyranny? Because that’s what we’ve been living under for the past 65 years. If you think tyranny is an extreme term to use, consider these.Read More
A Kannada proverb goes thus: It takes a year for the potter but a fraction of a second for the stick. For the last 60 odd years, the Congress party both at the Centre and in various states has done just that: clobbered the nation to pieces one successive term after the other until it has dragged India down to the abyss it currently finds itself in. Each time somebody has tried to pull it out of the abyss even by an inch, the Congress party has ensured that thatRead More
UPDATE:  In hindsight, I felt I was a tad harsh on B Raman. He has been replaced with a new and much more deserving candidate for said loathsomeness. Sigh. It’s that time of the year—the only time of every year where I make a list. A list of the who’s who that have contributed most to pushing this country a few more miles down on the road to hell. As with the previous years, some names remain unchanged and some are new entrants, the only qualification being their loathsomeness quotient.Read More
After dealing with how the creative mathematicians at Hindustan Times massaged the Bosserina’s ego, we move on to another vile “survey” conducted by Star News—Nielsen. The amazing part of this “survey” is the fact that it has published nothing about the survey itself except the following “results”: Number of respondents: 9000 odd people drawn from 28 cities across the country Congress party stands to win 30% of votes if elections were held tomorrow, a loss of 7% from its previous vote share percentage BJP’s vote share percentage is 23 ManmohanRead More
If you want to please your boss, the sky is the limit as far as the ways, means, and devices are concerned. You can throw him an elaborate (read: expensive) party, gift him a tuxedo, drop his children to school everyday, praise him in public as often as possible and create opportunities where none exist to inflate his ego. But we’re talking not about a boss, but a Bosserina, or if you’re a fan of the sick Harry Potter series, She Who Shall Not Be Named. The legions of Bosserina-pleasersRead More
This year’s Most Loathsome People of India Award Ceremony has arrived a month earlier. I had noted last year that people were vying really hard to outdo each other in loathsomeness and they haven’t failed to deliver. The list of awardees this year has been quite tough to compile…correction: the list was relatively painless to make but it was the ranking that got tough given the infinite hues, varieties and degrees of loathsomeness. Each one in this list is an emperor or empress in his/her own right. But then, weRead More

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My Oped in the Pioneer: Mockery of austerity

This was published in the Pioneer today. Comments welcome as always. Mockery of austerity Sandeep B It’s an attempt to cover up Government’s failures Our dharmashastras prohibit hoarding of food, or acquiring material possessions, beyond the bare minimum as one of the qualities of an ideal Brahmin. The reason: The more you possess, the farther those possessions divert you from the path of self-study (swadhyaya), penance, and spiritual realisation. A few thousand years later, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wore just a loin cloth to cover his modesty because he was appalledRead More