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What’s common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All are terrorists who’ve vowed the destruction of India and have at various points, taken violent steps to make this intention clear. What else is common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All of ‘em terrorists have mourned the execution of the homegrown traitor cum terror mastermind, Afzal Guru. Guess who all else share the aforementioned commonality? Anand Patwardhan—One of the early scavengers of the Gujarat riots, he washed India’s dirty linen in the US and elsewhere inRead More
So we already saw how Angana Chatterji’s anthropological heart bleeds for every atrocity, brutality, and massacre committed in the name of liberating people and fighting against neo-imperialism. The fact that she finds America, not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan a very conducive place to pontificate on the liberating virtues of terrorism says a lot: use their money, their infrastructure, their media, and their government to help those who’ve sworn to destroy the US. Which brings us to the mountain of hate-filled literature she has written on Kashmir. Much of her fameRead More
I first heard about Angana Chatterji in connection with the Narendra Modi U.S Visa denial episode.  That was some six years ago at which time her name was one among the numerous folks who had ruthlessly worked behind the scenes to make sure that the US didn’t give Modi the visa. About a month ago, I saw this news report in Rediff, which said that she and Richard Shapiro, her long-time live-in partner (husband?) were suspended from work based allegedly on the complaints of some students. The same Rediff reportRead More
Pakistan or some of its localized bigots have played Diwali on the soil of Mumbai once more. A possible clue as to how we got to this state of affairs may lie in the following words: Gandhiji’s letter to Viceroy Lord Linlithgow, written early in June 1940, as Hitler had just overrun Holland, and Belgium was about to fall. The letter read, “This manslaughter must be stopped. You are losing. If you persist, it will result in greater bloodshed. Hitler is not a bad man. If you will call itRead More
35th attempt in less than a year. 132-plus infiltration attempts again, in less than a year. Says this Indian Express report. Less than a fortnight after Pakistan promised to stop cross-border firing, its troops on Tuesday shelled Indian posts, again violating the ceasefire along the Line of Control in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir…The ceasefire violation and firing by Pakistan is aimed at infiltrating militants into Jammu and Kashmir to target forthcoming assembly elections in the state, officials said adding that troops at the border are foiling infiltration attemptsRead More

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The Game of Bogeys

I spent most of the last week working behind the scenes to foolproof my blog against its periodic bursts of becoming not reachable. Hence I haven’t really dwelt upon the new mischief concerning Malegaon. Meanwhile, here’s Chandan Mitra, on how the media and secular fundamentalists creates bogyes because they have no concrete evidence to brand Hindu groups as “terrorists.” Required reading.Read More

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Kanchan Gupta on Iran’s Moron

Kanchan Gupta’s superb piece on why it won’t pay to give Iran the non-permanent security council seat. The foremost, nay only reason is the rabid Ahmadinejad, who thundered thus at the General Assembly. The dignity, integrity and rights of the American and European people are being played with by a small but deceitful number of people called Zionists. Although they are a miniscule minority, they have been dominating an important portion of the financial and monetary centers as well as the political decision-making centers of some European countries and theRead More
The news of “braveheart” MC Sharma’s tragic death is a few hours old now. Another story of a firehearted warrior dying on the call of duty, etc. Three points strike immediately. Was his death really necessary? How many more MC Sharmas are we prepared to lose this way considering that the current crop of clowns ruling us care nary about the free-for-all terror that stalks our streets? Think about if Sharma was alive and had caught the terrorists. How would the media, which now mourns his death in decent language,Read More

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Deepavali Gift

This attack is an advance Deepavali gift to the Indian people from the kind folks of the Indian Mujahideen. I can picture a top gun of the IM smiling victoriously at yet another successful operation of dispatching kafirs to hell. But to us kafirs what better gift can we get on the festival of lights? Only, instead of fake “atom” bombs, we’ve got the real ones. Seriously, I’m wasting my breath even writing this. The fact of an Indian Mujahideen points to something really sinister. Think about it. Technorati Tags:Read More
It’s the season of Minority drum-beating again. If you are a conspiracy theorist, you will link Shabana Azmi’s interview with Karan Thapar to the recent happenings in Jammu and Kashmir, given the timing of the interview. She is one of the darlings of the secular establishment for very eclectic reasons. More on this point later.Read More

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Superb Article on Islamofascism

Kanchan Gupta, in the Pioneerabout why it doesn’t pay to ignore and/or deny the real threat of Islamofascism, how it is similar if not the same, across the world.Read More

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Maut ka Saudagar?

Elections in India is fun time because you can mudsling at will and get away with it. That was the case when the Italian bosswoman christened Modi as Maut ka Saudagar (Death Broker). Now that the actual maut ka saudagars have struck in the same Modi’s state, will the bosswoman call a spade a spade or are those words too costly? (Image Source: Indian Express)Read More