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Posted On January 21, 2013By SandeepIn Commentary

The Rape of Our Epics: Conclusion

Read the previous parts: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Why shouldn’t we be outraged, why shouldn’t millions be outraged, when a woman writes a piece that’s based on factual errors, falsification, and selective reading about women that millions of Indians regard as role models? What exactly gives Nilanjana Roy the right to insult the icons and role models of other people based on her worldview of how women should be? If Nilanjana Roy for example, calls Surpanakha a wronged woman based on convenient and/or selective readings, I can in theRead More
There used to be a time not too long ago when the most charitable thing that the media said about Modi went something like this: “Narendra Modi is no stranger to controversy.” The story of how that narrative changed after the courts exonerated him in the riots cases and with how the Gujarat economic juggernaut kept rolling doesn’t need repetition. Today, no matter how hard the media tries, it simply cannot find a single thread to bash Modi, even the flimsiest, which it can expand, elongate and editorialize enough toRead More

Posted On September 24, 2009By SandeepIn Commentary

My Oped in the Pioneer: Mockery of austerity

This was published in the Pioneer today. Comments welcome as always. Mockery of austerity Sandeep B It’s an attempt to cover up Government’s failures Our dharmashastras prohibit hoarding of food, or acquiring material possessions, beyond the bare minimum as one of the qualities of an ideal Brahmin. The reason: The more you possess, the farther those possessions divert you from the path of self-study (swadhyaya), penance, and spiritual realisation. A few thousand years later, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wore just a loin cloth to cover his modesty because he was appalledRead More