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Note: This is my translation of Pratap Simha’s column 18 May 2013 column in Kannada Prabha. An incident comes to mind. The incident is recorded in Shanti Bhushan’s autobiography, Courting Destiny. The incident occurred sometime in 1978. Morarji Desai had completed an year as Prime Minister. He began to face threats to his chair. The powerful Janata leader and Home Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh was eyeing Prime Ministership from the beginning. Another leader, Babu Jagjivan Ram too had Prime Ministerial ambitions. Rebellion was brewing at a steady pace. There wereRead More
What’s common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All are terrorists who’ve vowed the destruction of India and have at various points, taken violent steps to make this intention clear. What else is common to LeT, JuD, Yasin Malik, and Hafiz Saeed? All of ‘em terrorists have mourned the execution of the homegrown traitor cum terror mastermind, Afzal Guru. Guess who all else share the aforementioned commonality? Anand Patwardhan—One of the early scavengers of the Gujarat riots, he washed India’s dirty linen in the US and elsewhere inRead More
This man has caused great loss not only to the Muslim community but to the entire society. He may be occupying a very high office, but we will not spare him. He has committed grave and deliberate mistakes. I have ordered a detailed inquiry into the bank’s functioning. This is how Mumtaz Ali Khan, Karnataka Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority Welfare thundered in November 2009. Guess who he thundered against? The One Who Rightfully Got Elevated in True Congress Tradition of Rewarding the Corrupt. The One Who Now AdornsRead More
Yet another annual August 15th where we celebrate yet another progressive step towards realizing Nehru’s tryst with tyranny. The nation calls it Independence Day but nobody asks, Independence from what? From British tyranny? To which I question in turn: do you prefer home-grown tyranny over foreign tyranny? Because that’s what we’ve been living under for the past 65 years. If you think tyranny is an extreme term to use, consider these.Read More
Starting about two months ago, the spate of attacks in the media and elsewhere on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been relentless. Narendra Modi is no stranger to having all sorts of abuses, denunciation, and innuendo heaped upon him—for about a decade, he’s faced heat on exactly one issue. Now that the Gujarat riots issue cannot be milked any longer, he’s being attacked for his supposedly authoritarian style of governance, his “false” claims of Gujarat’s growth story, and even silly things that resemble a schoolboy’s complaint to his teacher.Read More
A Kannada proverb goes thus: It takes a year for the potter but a fraction of a second for the stick. For the last 60 odd years, the Congress party both at the Centre and in various states has done just that: clobbered the nation to pieces one successive term after the other until it has dragged India down to the abyss it currently finds itself in. Each time somebody has tried to pull it out of the abyss even by an inch, the Congress party has ensured that thatRead More
So the Narendra Modi baiter extraordinaire has been suitably rewarded. Social activists Teesta Setalvad and Shabnam Hashmi have been ‘rewarded’ by the UPA-II Government for what seems like their pro-Congress, anti-BJP  activities. The HRD Ministry has nominated them in the high-powered decision making body for education in India. Appointing Teesta to a panel that advises the government on education is like appointing Aurangzeb to manage Hindu temples. Not that the current dispensation is any different from Aurangzeb in matters that concern Hindus. Equally, this “appointment” is just the latest illustrationRead More
Are death anniversaries celebrated? “Celebrated” is an unfortunate choice of word to use in the same breath as “death.” And no, that word choice is not mine. It is the media’s. Somebody’s death anniversary is not celebrated unless that person is someone like Stalin. Speaking of which, Jawaharlal Nehru was the only head of a democratic state in the world who mourned the death of “Marshall” Stalin. Death anniversaries of the truly great and noble people rightfully deserve the label Memorial Day. Does anybody “celebrate” Jallianwallah Bagh? If the answerRead More
Give the dog a bad name and hang it. A variation of this technique, pioneered by Lenin in his infamous “stick the convict badge,” an old favourite of our now-languishing comrades on the Left—from calling Subash Bose a running dog of imperialism to various other customized slander—has been perfected by the Congress party. Of all political parties in the country, the Congress feels the most uncomfortable being out of power even for a few seconds and once there, feels compelled not to hide its tyrannical tendencies. Of all political parties,Read More
After dealing with how the creative mathematicians at Hindustan Times massaged the Bosserina’s ego, we move on to another vile “survey” conducted by Star News—Nielsen. The amazing part of this “survey” is the fact that it has published nothing about the survey itself except the following “results”: Number of respondents: 9000 odd people drawn from 28 cities across the country Congress party stands to win 30% of votes if elections were held tomorrow, a loss of 7% from its previous vote share percentage BJP’s vote share percentage is 23 ManmohanRead More
If you want to please your boss, the sky is the limit as far as the ways, means, and devices are concerned. You can throw him an elaborate (read: expensive) party, gift him a tuxedo, drop his children to school everyday, praise him in public as often as possible and create opportunities where none exist to inflate his ego. But we’re talking not about a boss, but a Bosserina, or if you’re a fan of the sick Harry Potter series, She Who Shall Not Be Named. The legions of Bosserina-pleasersRead More