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Posted On October 26, 2008By SandeepIn Commentary, Indian Politics

The Game of Bogeys

I spent most of the last week working behind the scenes to foolproof my blog against its periodic bursts of becoming not reachable. Hence I haven’t really dwelt upon the new mischief concerning Malegaon. Meanwhile, here’s Chandan Mitra, on how the media and secular fundamentalists creates bogyes because they have no concrete evidence to brand Hindu groups as “terrorists.” Required reading.Read More

Posted On October 20, 2008By SandeepIn Commentary, Indian Politics

The White Tiger Redux

Meera beautifully weighs in with an open letter to Aravind Adiga. It proves one my pet-peeve theories that the biggest intellectual celebrity is also the one with zero commonsense. I have read much about how you came to write this book. You have been quoted as saying,” So, where’s this Shining India everyone’s talking about? It was time someone broke the myth,” and that “The world needed to see the other side of India.”Read More
The media machine with the full backing of the secular establishment is furiously spitting in the hope of running away. The Outlook front page is dripping with hate-everything-Hindu articles. It has fittingly roped in that house nigger par excellence, Pankaj Mishra to idyllically speculate on Kashmir and a Modi-ruled India. And a long-buried Rajinder Puri (who?) who asks some “tough” questions to the Nanavati Commission. As is also the Outlook-regular, Saba Naqvi who shames our consciences by asking why the Indian state is “quick to nail minority offences but myopicRead More
This post is more an addendum to Barbar Indian’s brilliant analysis of the Slimes’ shocking duplicity in covering the persistent violence at Kandhamal. For more than a few weeks, the Slimes has been running a relentless campaign on Kandhamal on its front page (in the printed edition) with the focus always on the plight of the poor Christians facing the merciless swords of murderous Hindu mobs. It devoted at least two “Sunday specials” to “examine” the issue. We know of course, what the said “examination” means. This record led meRead More

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Blog Announcement

There seems to be a problem with my site’s bandwidth. I’m working on resolving it so that it doesn’t recur. Thanks for your patience. Regular programming continues.Read More

Posted On August 24, 2008By SandeepIn Abrahamism, Commentary, Indian Politics

From Sardar to Shivraj

This post is just one of the reasons why Nitin is a blogger par excellence. Let there be no mistake—Shivraj Patil is an unmitigated disaster. The worst part is that he is just one of a constellation of individuals in the UPA government who will vie for the infamous position of having done the worst damage to India’s national interests. Are any Sardar Patels left in India anymore? Technorati Tags: India,Indian Politics,Sardar Patel,Shivraj Patil,Kashmir SeparatismRead More
Chop Kashmir off India so that I can party in Bombay seems to be Amit Varma’s mantra. Varma’s hypothetical equation of India=British Empire or whatever is a mere diversionary couch to rest his laziness to learn, if not in depth, at least the outlines of the Kashmir problem. That in itself is not a huge issue except when he starts making presumptuous statements based on the above equation. I suspect that your sentiments will then appear rather similar to those expressed by Winston Churchill when he opposed India’s independence. TheRead More

Posted On August 15, 2008By SandeepIn Commentary, Indian Politics, Media Watch

Revenge of the Turd

Turdesai employs Sagarika Ghose to wreak vengeance against the BJP for railing first, against his open unscrupulousness and then, boycotting his channel. It truly makes for ridiculous reading. Yet, with such a strong tailwind of middle class approval, on such an important mission of creating the democratic opposition to the Congress, what was the public image we saw of the BJP on the fateful day of the trust vote against the Manmohan Singh government? We saw LK Advani deliver a rather rambling half-hearted speech. We saw him look on inRead More

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Public Service Announcement: Indian National Interest

The Indian National Interest (INI) blogs were down due to server outage. They’re up and running now. Rest reassured. 🙂Read More

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Academic Terrorists

Goes by the name of Denise Spellberg. Starting in 2002, Spokane, Wash., journalist Sherry Jones toiled weekends on a racy historical novel about Aisha, the young wife of the prophet Muhammad. Ms. Jones learned Arabic, studied scholarly works about Aisha’s life, and came to admire her protagonist as a woman of courage. When Random House bought her novel last year in a $100,000, two-book deal, she was ecstatic. This past spring, she began plans for an eight-city book tour after the Aug. 12 publication date of "The Jewel of Medina"Read More

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Pragati August 2008 Edition is Out

Professional knowledge and professional competence have to be acquired by hard work and by constant study. In this fast-moving technologically developing world you can never acquire sufficient professional knowledge. You have to keep at it, and at it, and at it. Can those of our political masters who are responsible for the security and defence of our country cross their hearts and say they have ever read a book on military history, on strategy, on weapons developments? Cam they distinguish a mortar from a motor, a gun from a howitzer,Read More

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More Mountain Weed Turd

Turdesai is not content with smoking Mountain Weed alone. He feeds it to his staff as well by making them write an “explanation” for why his channel didn’t telecast the damaging tapes. From trying to assuage his non-existent conscience to enforcing his guilt upon his staff, Turdesai sinks to newer and newer lows. Owe it to panic over the BJP’s boycott of CNN-IBN or to a late realization of his blunder, he CNN-IBN offers justification an explanation about the decision to not telecast the sting operation tapes. The “explanation” isRead More