Tamanu Skinaid Reviews

Tamanu Skinaid is a scar removing solution that works as a first aid ointment and moisturizer. It is quickly becoming a first aid kit cure all for moms across the country. This is a little-known secret that the ingredients in this can cure anything from a pimple on your face, to burns from boiling water.


What is Tamanu Skinaid

It is a cure all solution that has been proven to be a skin protector, moisturizer and anti bacterial solution to clean out cuts as well as scrapes. It’s an oil from a seed known in the Philippines as Bitaog. When oils from this seed are broken down, it has been applied to some skin problems and has been seen to cure them all making it the ideal solution for first aid boxes, moms and the everyday person who might have a need or want of clearer skin. If you have a scar you want to be removed, or you are looking for an all-natural solution to put on cuts as well as scrapes instead to the chemical ridden ointments you can buy at the supermarket, then you need to buy this. It has even been said to help cure athletes foot and take the sting and itch out of bug bites. If that is not enough to convince you that you need this in your medicine cabinet, please keeping reading.

How does it work

This works because it has one ingredient that has proven anti bacterial properties that are as effective as any antibacterial ointment in the store. But rather rubbing on you cream, this comes in a small bottle with a rollerball onto for easy application. While it’s oil, it dries on your skin keeping it moisturized but without the distinct oily feel that you would otherwise expect.

Main Ingredients

oil from the Bitaog seed.

Advantage and Benefits

This has been used in the Philippines as a multi-purpose skin care oil for years. The advantages of this product are that it is only one ingredient and only a small application once a day is needed to see results. It can be used to clean a wound, clear up acne, take away athletes foot, and reduce scars to simply something of the past.

Why use Tamanu Skinaid

Instead of asking, why you use this, you should be asking why not! In the world’s new craze of using essential oils for all kinds of ailments, it’s a logical solution to start using one that has been used for centuries. There have even been studies done on this that proves that it’s effective for use as a scar reduction oil, as well as to prevent infection from the most common of viruses. Using this product for anything and everything involving the skin is a no brainer.

Who Can use this

This is safe for everybody. Since it’s all natural essential oil, you can use it on your skin if you’re a little kid or old. It’s safe for people of all ages.

Are there Side effects

There are no side effects to using this product. It clears your skin and prevents infections without fear of any sort of adverse reaction. You can place this on your skin every day to reduce a scar, or as needed to clean out cuts and scrapes. It only has one ingredient and it is totally safe for anyone and everyone without fear of any side effects.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Usually, I am not one to tell people about what products to keep in their medicine cabinets. I have found that most Moms have their preferred favorites and that is about it. But once I started using this, and saw that really, all I needed to keep in there was the skinaid, I started shouting from the rooftops that everyone needs to keep this with them for life’s little problems. It’s nothing in the course of my day to need to clean up my littles skinned knees and elbows as they play and explore on our farm. So if I can just keep on a solution for all of their many cuts and scrapes that are all that I need. If you have littles, or just in general, I recommend keeping Tamanu Skinaid, in your first aid kit, in your car, or in your medicine cabinet for all of the life’s little messes. As far as the skin goes, you can’t go wrong with this.

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