The Face Shop Chia seed Reviews

The Face Shop Chia Seed is a cream that moisturizes and replenishes our complexion with the use of hydrating Chia Extract as well as Cotton Extract for mattifying. It also absorbs the excess sebum on our facial area. Special moisture sensor formula gives intense hydration to our skin.


What is The Face Shop Chia Seed Cream

It includes makeup, bath, skin care and body targeted at both men and women. Their company launched in December of 2003 in Myeongdong. By December 2005, Their Company became third largest skincare as well as cosmetics company in South Korea. They sustained to expand, plus accessed the markets overseas. November of 2009, LG Household as well as health Care purchased Their Company. Their slogan o is NATURAL STORY which represents about over 1,000 products of high quality also they are made of 600 natural ingredients like mineral water, fruits, various herbs, plants, plus rice. Their company acknowledges the value of health to their customers. This company brings forth perfection of nature and advancement of science to provide the finest products for our complexion. This product is a cream that moisturizes and replenishes our facial area with this extract that hydrates, plus cottonseed extract that mattifies our complexion. This cream gives outpouring moisture and soothes dehydrated skin at the same time sucks in the excess sebum. It gives extreme hydration due to moisture sensor formula of this product. It is made from South American chia seeds that is free from GMO. This is formulated without these 7 additives: parabens, tar colorant, mineral oil, talc, animal-sourced ingredients, polyacrylamide, and paraffin.

How does it work

This is made from chia extract and cotton extract. Chia is known as CHIAN in Aztec which means oil. It is classified to part of a flowering plant specifically the mint family. They are also a native of Mexico. The benefits of it to our skin are: since chai seeds are anti-inflammatory which helps repair the moisture of our skin, minimize the redness of our skin and stop acne breakouts. The oil that is being extracted from our complexion is proven to increase the hydration to our skin. It stops the moisture loss from our facial area, and it minimizes trans-epidermal water loss. Also, give our complexion a healthy glow, also prevents creasing of the make- up. Using this regularly help stimulate healthier cellular functions, plus increase the radiance of our face. Cotton extract is made from cotton plant seeds. The benefits of cotton extract to our face are: the extract helps speed up healing since it contains an antioxidant, which is Vitamin E. It moisturizes dry skin, improves the appearance of our face and avoids premature aging. This lessens the appearance of fine lines, plus wrinkles by eliminating oxidative stress from our facial complexion.

Main active ingredients

  • Cotton Seeds Extract
  • Chia Seeds Extract

Advantages and Benefits

The advantages and benefits of this formula that since it is made from chia extract and cotton extract which are natural ingredients, also it really helps rehydrate, plus moisturize your face. This helps soothe your complexion from dryness and dehydration. This is free from GMO.

Why use The Face Shop Chia Seed Cream

This is a cream that both replenishes, plus moisturizes your face while sucking in the excess sebum production of our face. This cream also has moisture sensor formula which gives your face an extreme hydration and is also free from GMO, talc, parabens, animal- sourced ingredients, mineral oil, paraffin, tar colorant, and polyacrylamide which can be really harmful to your complexion. The ingredients used in this formula help combat, plus prevent acne breakouts since it’s anti- inflammatory, reduces redness of your complexion, plus lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Who can take this

Those who can take this are preferably women 25 years old and above since your face can start to age prematurely due to exposure to free radicals, plus pollution.

Are there side effects

This does not have side effects on your complexion and its user since it is made with all natural ingredients, which help moisturize, replenish, protect and rehydrate your complexion to look healthier and youthful.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Therefore, after reading reviews and comments of customers who have used The Face Shop Chia Seed Cream, it really helps moisturize and replenish your skin and keeping it hydrated at the same time preventing your skin from acne breakouts, plus minimizes redness and appearance of fine lines, plus wrinkles on our face.

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