Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack Reviews

Back in the day, my granny would advise yours truly to eat tomatoes if you want that healthy and glowing complexion. Not just any tomatoes but fresh tomatoes. That’s what granny would say except I hate tomatoes; they’re just weird to eat. Having tomato ketchup is normal but eating fresh tomatoes is just not my skin-care regimen. So, why not generously spread those tomatoes on my face like Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack.


What is Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

By what miracle of science is this product? It is a pack that takes away that dirt, as well as excess oil off your face. In other words, it is a facial mask with deep cleansing and exfoliating properties. Basically, wash your face with cool water and gently massage your tired complexion. Then, leave it on your face as instructed on the box for the science to happen. After a while, wash your face with water. All the dead cells, plus dirt is washed off with this. This creates a layer absorbing all the nasty stuff from your face and leaves you with a healthy complexion. But deep cleansing, plus exfoliation can drain our complexion of nutrients, plus leaves you dry and wrinkly. So, the products compound tomato extract, and all the antioxidants, with this pack. Also, we shoot two birds with one stone—scraping off that dirt, plus dead skin while infusing moisture and nourishment on our complexion.

How does it work

The layer made by this cleanses, exfoliates, protects, nourishes, also preserves healthy skin. It protects your growing cells from harmful ultra-violet radiation and, at the same time, locks moisture, plus nutrients. It can delay aging by neutralizing your skin’s pH level, prevents skin infection, irritation, inflammation, plus allergy. While taking away dirt and blemishes, this formula creates a protective layer for your complexion to heal and grow naturally. Hence, you will have fresh, smooth skin with that youthful radiance sought after by many. What makes this work? With a lot of science, plus inspiration, The company blends together Tomatoes, Squalene, as well as Chamomile Oil. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which blocks harmful ultraviolet radiation. No wonder fresh tomatoes taste bad; I was practically eating sunblock. Also, the tomato extract prevents skin-aging by balancing your skin’s pH level. Aside from tomatoes, their company added Squalene that moisturizes your complexion, plus locks vitamins in. Not only this preserves moisture, but also takes its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-irritant, and anti-inflammatory properties from Chamomile. In a single formula, you have excellent protection, nourishment while washing off dead cells and unclogging pores.

Main Ingredients

Again, this has Tomatoes, Squalene, as well as Chamomile. And much more antioxidants, plus safe plant-based ingredients which are good for you.

Advantage and Benefits

While other cleansers and exfoliants do more damage than good to your complexion, this Company made a product that does not. They made a cleansing formula with added value. Other cleansers do deep cleaning but exposes your complexion to environmental stressors, plus chemicals. Other exfoliants remove dead cells but does not replenish new, plus growing cells with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Other cleansing cream and exfoliants can even irritate sensitive skin. They got you covered with this wonderful product.

Why use Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

If you want a deep cleansing, plus exfoliating pack without the dryness and irritation, try this. The protective layer infuses delicate and sensitive skin with nutrients, moisture, antioxidants while shielding your skin from harmful elements. It whitens your skin while trapping moisture, also binds new cells together leaving you with youthful looks. This takes away blemishes, plus excessive dead cells but aids new skin cell growth. They even thought of sensitive skin by adding Chamomile Oil.

Who Can Take this

Anyone can use this. Those with sensitive skin can trust that Chamomile Oil prevents irritation and inflammation. If you have uneven skin pigmentation, like dark, also thick elbows, the exfoliating effect of this stops excessive dead skin cells. Just like any cleanser, this does the job effectively unclogging pores, plus prevents acne.

Are there Side effect

Recently, the Taiwanese Government banned the distribution of Tony Moly’s massage pack. Under their product requirement, 2% Hydrogen Peroxide may damage cells after a long term use. Now, that’s overstating it. Your on-the-shelf hair bleach contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, and your on-the-shelf antiseptic contains 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, also only damages exposed wounds. The 2% Hydrogen Peroxide does actually remove dead skin and unclog pores. Duh! Even other cleansers, plus exfoliants have Hydrogen Peroxide. Just think, the anti-oxidants in this already protects your growing cells. With the tomato extract, Squalene, and Chamomile Oil, Hydrogen is kept in check.

Conclusion and Recommendation

They did a great job with putting out this on the market. Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack just works. Anyone who wants an effective cleanser, also exfoliant but fears the side effects can use this. Just remember, if you want to protect, plus nourish growing skin cell without inflammation and irritation, all you need are tomatoes, Squalene, plus Chamomile Oil. I doubt other cleansers and exfoliants can do what this can.

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