Top 10 Best Selling Amino Acid Supplements Philippines 2022


Protein is an essential macro-nutrient required for the build-up and maintenance of muscles as well as overall healthy life. When this nutrient is digested, it’s further broken down into specific amino acids that are then put together for various uses. The new proteins formed in our body are what make up a majority of solid matter in our body including our heart, skin, eyes, bones, muscle, among others. As such, getting more of this nutrient in your diet is highly beneficial to reaching various goals including muscle building. Since Amino-acids form the building blocks of proteins, consuming plenty of them is paramount. The consumption of supplements is highly recommended as the best alternative means of obtaining this potent nutrient. Our market is, however, full of supplements making it difficult for the consumers to make proper choices. The following are the Top 10 best selling Amino Acids supplements in the Philippines market. These supplements are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with strict adherence to the good manufacturing practices. They are made using purely natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, color, sweetener or other toxic chemical additives. Besides, they have all been clinically tested as well as proven 100% risk-free, plus their use does not result in negative side effects. These formulas have been used by many people around the world without complaints regarding adverse side effects. Moreover, they have a lot of positive customer reviews and testimonials from satisfied users around our world.

10. Swanson Multiple Amino Acids Capsules Reviews


This brand is a comprehensive combination of eighteen different amino acids. It’s manufactured by Swanson using a blend of potent organic ingredients that have all been clinically tested for quality and effectiveness. Swanson Multiple Amino Acids Capsules features high-grade dairy protein also helps maximize muscle mass. Its consumption is strongly recommended especially for serious bodybuilders or any nutrition-conscious dieter seeking a quality source of protein. This powerful supplement comes with a small-sized capsules form also packed in a portable bio-friendly container that keeps it fresher for longer. Its probably the most popular supplement due to its extra health benefits including the ability to support abdominal fat loss, helps make up for the protein lost in the diet, speeds up physical recovery, improve exercise performance among others. Additionally, Swanson Multiple Amino Acids Capsules is safe, and its consumption does not result in harmful side effects.

9. Weider Amino 6000 Capsules Reviews


This brand is a premium source of highly concentrated amino acids that is rich in I-valine, I-glutamine, I-leucine, I-isoleucine, I-arginine, among others. Weider Amino 6000 Capsules is best taken before, during, and after exercise. This ensures sufficient amino acids supply to your muscles during intense training. This product is stomach-friendly and is, therefore, easily digested and absorbed into the bloodstream for a quick functioning. It provides five grams of pure amino acids in a free-form state per serving. This great supplement is made in the USA with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices. Its highly popular and has a lot of positive customer reviews. Its users have reported an increased fat loss, faster gains in lean mass plus better recovery. None of its users has reported negative side effects cases. This has made Weider Amino 6000 Capsules the most trusted supplements of its kind. Despite its high-quality and effectiveness, this formula is readily available in various reputable stores around our world at a reasonable price.

8. Twinlab Amino Fuel 1000 Body Building Amino Acids Tablets Reviews


This powerful brand is a quick-acting, easily digested amino acids dietary supplement with numerous health benefits. It helps increase muscle mass, reduce fat gain, increase testosterone levels, enhanced muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness among other health benefits. Twinlab Amino Fuel 1000 Body Building Amino Acids Tablets is manufactured and marketed by Twin Lab Inc, a company that specializes in producing highly effective dietary supplements. It comes wth a kind of delicious fast-acting liquid plus has 15 grams of high-quality branched-chain aminoacids per serving. Additionally, it contains carbohydrates, B complex vitamins, and pure crystalline fructose. This potent formula has gained worldwide popularity since its launch and has been used by millions of people from the Philippines. It’s freshly packed in a bacteria-free air-tight container with all the vital information and instructions clearly labeled. Twinlab Amino Fuel 1000 Body Building Amino Acids Tablets does not require special storage conditions, making it even more popular.

7. CobraLabs Amino Energy Powder Reviews


This brand holds a special place for our Top 10 best selling Amino Acids supplements in the Philippines market. CobraLabs Amino Energy Powder is a delicious, refreshing energy formula specially designed for active individuals seeking to gain the most out of their day. It’s manufactured as well as marketed by Cobra Labs plus comes in a kind of a delicious drink. This drink contains micronized free-form amino-acids that are rapidly absorbed into our bloodstream. This great supplement has various health benefits including muscle recovery (before, during and after exercise), quick energy boost among others. As such, This formula can be taken throughout the day to help increase concentration together with energy levels, especially during busy times. This delicious energy drink can be taken by anyone regardless of their health status. CobraLabs Amino Energy Powder is made using natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, color, or sweetener. Besides, it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and free of harmful chemical additives.

6. Musclepharm Amino Fuel 1 Reviews


This brand is a quick absorbing formula specially formulated for the athletes. Musclepharm Amino Fuel 1 is made using all natural scientifically backed ingredients that support lean body mass, expedite muscle recovery and support hydration. This potent product has a powerful blend of electrolytes and amino acids that help an athlete push past muscle soreness. Additionally, it has various other health benefits including regulation of proper electrolyte balance, greater nutrient delivery, prevention of muscle wasting and muscle degradation, among others. This effective product comes in powder form and is freshly packed in a bio-friendly container. It’s easily made into a delicious drink by mixing it with cold water and consumed before, during and after training. Musclepharm Amino Fuel 1 is banned-substance tested making it the most popular products of its kind.

5. GNC Pro Performance Amino 1000 Softgels Reviews


This powerful brand is one of the most reliable sources of essential amino acids. GNC Pro Performance Amino 1000 Softgels is manufactured and marketed by GNC using 100% organic ingredients each of which is backed by science. It comes with a form of soft gels that are small in size and easy to swallow. This formula was formulated after a long period of extensive research by a team of qualified nutritionists and has a lot of health benefits. It helps support protein synthesis, muscle repair, and growth as well as the maintenance and recovery of lean muscle. GNC Pro Performance Amino 1000 Softgels contains no fillers, binders or other chemical additives making it 100% risk-free. So far, none of its users from the Philippines has raised complaints regarding negative side-effects. Despite its high quality, this great formula is sold at a pocket-friendly price giving you value for your money. This soft gels can be digested and absorbed quickly.

4. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Powder Reviews


This brand holds a position for our Top 10 best selling Amino Acids supplements in the Philippines market. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Powder is an effective energy drink that helps you exercise harder and longer with intense energy and focus. This formula combines a powerful blend of natural energizers and rapidly absorbed free-form. Additionally, it contains arginine to help support intense vascular pumps. Most importantly, this supplement offers only ten calories per serving. As such, it is a perfect addition to your daily routine without messing up your diet. This powerful formula helps boost mental focus, Nitrogen Oxide production, physical energy, recovery support among others. The powder mixes easily to form a delicious energy drink that is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. As such, it gives its users their desired results within a short period. As a result, it’s highly popular and trusted by millions of people from various parts of the world. With all these and other extra benefits, Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Powder is. Indeed, one of the most advanced supplement ever formulated.

3. Animal Amino Acids Juiced Reviews



This great formula is not only the first but also the best amino acid supplement that contains the correct ratios of the essential amino based on human muscle protein. Animal Amino Acids Juiced contains complex called Human Muscle Protein Complex. As such, it delivers controlled dose that is efficiently targeted to enter systemic circulation through a novel transport system. This product is formulated using natural ingredients and is, therefore, pure, efficient, potent, and highly effective. As such, it has widely gained popularity since its launch and has a lot of positive customer reviews and recommendations. Animal Amino Acids Juiced comes in a fine-powder form that is easily made into a delicious juice that is easy to consume during, before or even after training. It’s probably the best lasting amino ever formulated and has been clinically tested and proven 100% natural and safe.

2. Mutant Amino Acids Powder Reviews


This popular brand is a high-quality concentrated dietary supplement that provides the best alternative source of essential and branched-chain amino acids for muscle repair and regeneration. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. Moreover, they help create and maintain a positive nitrogen balance which is essential for the growth of new muscle. Mutant Amino Acids Powder helps support lean muscle growth and promotes faster recovery. The supplement comes in a kind of smooth-coated, easy-to-swallow caplets that are easily digested and absorbed by the body. It provides approximately 2000 milligrams of high-quality amino acids per serving. This makes it even more popular than other products of its kind. This high-quality formula is packed in a bio-friendly container and is available in 300 caps and 600 caps. Mutant Amino Acids Powder is one of the most effective amino acid supplements that will help you efficiently repair and re-build Mutant muscle.

1. BSN Amino Acids For Better Endurance and Recovery Powder Reviews


This powerful brand holds the number 1 spot for our Top 10 best selling Amino Acids supplements in the Philippines market. BSN Amino Acids is a stimulant-free branched-chain amino acid formula that is specially designed to aid in post-training muscle recovery and to support endurance during your workout. This great product is manufactured and marketed by Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition Inc, a global leader in sports nutrition, using carefully selected natural ingredients. It contains no artificial preservatives or chemical additives making it safer than other brands. This potent formula features a ten-gram blend of branched-chain amino acids and essential that helps the body recover from the day’s workout and prepares it for the following day. BSN Amino Acids comes in powder form that is mixed with water to form a delicious drink that provides you with versatile, nutritional support for any type of workout. The refreshing beverage is sugar-free and mixes easily without clumping. This powerful formula is particularly popular due to its ability to promote endurance and recovery throughout the workout.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Amino acids are essential building blocks of protein and are the second most abundant substance in your body. Without them, your body cannot produce the proteins that make up your skin, muscles, hair, blood, and organs. As such, the consumption of these fundamentally vital nutrients is paramount for an overall healthy life. That’s why we created this Top 10 best selling Amino Acids supplements in the Philippines market. The consumption of aminoacid combination supplements is strongly recommended especially for athletes and bodybuilders for natural muscle building.

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