Top 10 Best Selling Buah Merah Mix Brands Philippines 2022



Buah Merah (red fruit) is a fruit that is produced by Buah Merah plants found among the density of tropical forest mostly found in Papua, Indonesia. This fruit is 100% natural plus looks like a Giant Corn or Carrot. The fruit can be consumed a long time and has a lot of proven health benefits. Because this fruit is not found in many parts of our world, the consumption of Buah Merah Supplements is the best alternative way of obtaining all the vital nutrients associated with the consumption of this fruit. The choice of the best and most authentic supplement brand is, however, necessary to ensure you obtain full nutritional benefits with no side-effects. Below are the Top 10 best selling Buah Merah Mix supplements in the Philippines market today. These products are of exceptional quality and effectiveness. They help prevent various health problems such as colon cancer, lung cancer, joint pain, diabetes mellitus, liver dysfunction, osteoporosis, eye disorders. Besides, these brands also help improve brain function, a lower uric acid in your system, as well as prevents stroke. They are the most popular brands in our market with thousands of positive customer reviews and testimonials from satisfied users around the world. Additionally, these brands are made in state-of-the-art GMP certified facilities and are made using all-natural ingredients making them safer than other products of the same kind. They are 100% safe with no side effects and can be integrated with medical treatment. This product has been used by thousands of people around our world since its launch also has helped many people live a healthy life. They are all a great source of carotenoids known as Beta-Cryptoxanthin that helps boost our body’s immune system plus prevents various degenerative lifestyle diseases. Despite their high-quality and nutritional value, these brands are readily available at pocket-friendly prices that give their users value for their money. With the huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, plus other essential nutrients, these products will definitely help you live a happier, healthier, longer life.

10. Wonder Herb Antioxidant 100% Pure Buah Merah Juice Reviews


This brand is a unique, highly nutritious, delicious herbal juice. Wonder Herb Antioxidant 100% Pure Buah Merah Juice is rich in antioxidants, which help promote the growth of cells in our liver making it healthier. This high-quality brand was formulated after thorough research by a team of highly competent nutritional experts. Additionally, it contains enzymes that help flush out toxic substances from our bodies leaving us even healthier. This product contains no harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients, no additives, no overdose, no preservatives and no contradiction. As such, this is safer than other products of this kind. Moreover, this is probably the most trusted as well as popular product of its kind available in the Philippines market. This award-winning brand is freshly packed in a bacteria-free airtight container that further preserves its quality. It can be consumed by anyone regardless of his or her age, gender, or health status. Wonder Herb Antioxidant 100% Pure Buah Merah Juice promotes a healthy organic way of living also will definitely help you alleviate illness into wellness.

9. 7 in 1 Buah Merah Ginger Tea + Probiotic Drink Reviews


This is an all natural health drink enriched with antioxidants plus other vital nutrients that help boost our immune system, build stamina, nourish and support the body’s daily function, and maintain optimal health. Besides, the delicious, healthy and refreshing juice drink can help cure and prevent high cholesterol, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, weak body, anemia, pimples, poor memory, ovarian problems, as well as many other degenerative diseases. 7 in 1 Buah Merah Ginger Tea + Probiotic Drink is guaranteed authentic, non-toxic, 100% organic, 100% halal, no overdose, and 100% no side effects. As such, it’s trusted by many people around the world. This product has continuously gained popularity since its launch and is probably the most popular brand available in the Philippines market. Its ingredients include BuahMerah extract, ginger extract, Luyang Dilaw, grape seed extract, stevia, plus probiotics (good bacteria that are good for our digestive health). 7 in 1 Buah Merah Ginger Tea + Probiotic Drink is easy to use plus well packaged with a clearly labeled container that makes it more attractive.

8. PMS Green Coffee with Buah Merah Mix Reviews


This formula is definitely a delicious highly nutritious coffee with a potent content of and several other nutrients that help promote an overall healthy’s an important weight-loss food supplement that helps you achieve the sexy body you have always been looking for. PMS Green Coffee with Buah Merah Mix is made using high-quality clinically tested and proven ingredients including green coffee extract, non-dairy creamer, stevia extract, red ginseng, robusta coffee powder, and spirulina. This product has continued to gain worldwide popularity and has been used by many people without a single complaint regarding side effects. This formula is particularly popular for its high quality, safety and effectiveness. Moreover, its halal certified and BFAD approved. It contains no caffeine and has a pleasant taste and smell. PMS Green Coffee with Buah Merah Mix may also improve glucose metabolism and reduce blood pressure. Its package is highly portable and bio-friendly with lots of information plus instructions making it very easy to use.

7. Buah Merah Soft Gel Capsule Made in Japan Reviews


This is a unique, high-quality supplement that comes in the form of easy-to-swallow, small-sized soft gels. Buah Merah Soft Gel Capsule Made in Japan is a great source of carotenoids and several other vital nutrients that will help you live a healthy life. It not only helps in boosting the immune system but also prevent many degenerative lifestyle diseases. This product was formulated after extensive research and is laboratory tested for quality and effectiveness. This soft gel content is easily absorbed into our bloodstream for a quick functioning. This formula comes in a unique airtight container that further maintains its freshness. Despite its high-quality also numerous health benefits, this powerful product is available in many reputable retail outlets as well as the manufacturer’s official website at a pocket-friendly price giving you more than just value for your money. Additionally, it contains no cholesterol or transfat making it even safer. Buah Merah Soft Gel Capsule Made in Japan is really a powerful natural supplement that will help you improve your health maintenance from our skin to vision, to good sleep and even stronger’s, indeed, a must-try product for a healthier longer life.

6. Vita Herbs 9 in 1 Buah Merah Coffee Mix Reviews


This brand holds a spot for our Top 10 best selling Buah Merah Mix supplements in the Philippines market. Vita Herbs 9 in 1 Buah Merah Coffee Mix is really a highly delicious and nutritious green coffee with lots of health benefits. It was formulated after a long period of extensive research as well as comes in a form of finely ground powder packed in airtight sachets. Besides, this brand is easy to prepare (simply mix with hot water, stir and enjoy this drink).it’s made using 100% organic ingredients including Buah-Merah, barley, wheat grass, moringa, green tea, non-dairy creamer, and’s non-toxic, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and 100% no side-effects. This product contains probiotics that help stimulate smooth digestion. It also helps fight free radicals and toxins through cleansing. As such, this popular brand is an efficient way to achieve ideal’s one of the most powerful plus technologically advanced supplements ever formulated. Vita Herbs 9 in 1 Buah Merah Coffee Mix is highly popular as well as trusted plus has helped many people around the world live a happier healthier longer’s therefore, worth trying for a healthful life.

5. Essensa Naturale ONA Buah Merah Ganoderma Coffee Mix Reviews


This is a perfect blend of Buah Merah oil, carefully selected Robusta coffee beans and Ganoderma extracts. Essensa Naturale ONA Buah Merah Ganoderma Coffee Mix comes in powder form freshly packed with vitamins and minerals. Ganoderma, one of this product’s active ingredients helps stimulate this production of various types of white blood cells that fight against various infections. As such, it helps the people undergoing chemotherapy and those with HIV (who are more susceptible to infectious diseases) live a healthy and stable life. Apart from the earlier mentioned health benefits. Red fruit also helps improve enthusiasm and fertility. It also contains omega 3, 6, including 9 as well as linoleat acids. All these are active medicinal compounds that help Essensa Naturale ONA Buah Merah Ganoderma Coffee Mix prevent various’s delicious, smooth, and aromatic. Two or three cups of ONA Coffee “The Healing Coffee” goes a long way towards ensuring that you live the healthy life you have been hoping for.

4. EonGold 12-in-1 Advanced Buah Merah Drink Mix Reviews


This brand is really a refreshing, healthy juice drink enriched with natural anti-oxidant and other essential nutrients that help boost our immune system plus promote overall healthy life. EonGold 12-in-1 Advanced Buah Merah Drink Mix is probably the best health drinks with maximum health benefits, plus this has made it one of the most popular supplement ever’s a synergy of twelve supernatural antioxidants, i.e., Buah-Merah, Green barley, Gojiberry, Silymarin, moringa, mangosteen, Guyabano, Agaricus mushrooms, spirulina, Glutathione, stevia and Sodium Ascorbate. This juice is 100% organic, non-toxic, halal, no overdose and no side effects. As such,it’s one of the most trusted brands of its kind. EonGold 12-in-1 Advanced Buah Merah Drink Mix is not only refreshing but also helps prevent a lot of diseases making you livelonger and feel happier. Moreover, this is one of the most recommended health drinks available on the Philippines market with thousands of positive reviews from its healthy, satisfied users from many parts of Philippines.

3. Kaizen Buah Merah Gold Instant Drink Mix Reviews


This formula is a super anti-oxidant drink that is ten times better than the ordinary drink. Kaizen Buah Merah Gold Instant Drink Mix has a lot of health benefits including the provision of defense against free radical attack, prevention of oxidative stress and premature aging, promoting the digestive tract function including regular bowel movement, maintaining a healthy metabolism, among many others. As such, it’s popular and trusted by many people across the world. Direct consumption of this health drink is perfect ways of obtaining 100% natural Red fruit benefits that will, among others, boost your immune system also help you start a healthy life. Kaizen Buah Merah Gold Instant Drink Mix is worth trying for a better life.

2. Original 12 in 1 Buah Merah Max Juice Reviews


This 12 in 1 formula is considered the best health drinks for maximum health benefits. Original 12 in 1 Buah Merah Max Juice is definitely a rich source of natural Vitamin E, omega 3, 6, and 9, and beta-cryptoxanthin that promotes the destruction of free radicals. It has a combination of ten clinically tested and proven botanicals and gives a refreshing taste and nourishment. This product is easy to prepare also can be used by anyone regardless of gender or health status. Besides, it does not require special storage condition (just store at room temperature out of reach of children). Original 12 in 1 Buah Merah Max Juice contains super green combination of essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and phytochemicals in their natural, non-toxic’s, undoubtedly, a great herbal health drink available in our market.

1. Essensa Naturale Original Buah Merah Mix Juice Reviews


This brand holds the number 1 spot for our Top 10 best selling Buah Merah Mix supplements in the Philippines market. Essensa Naturale Original Buah Merah Mix Juice is a powerful synergy of six natural antioxidants, i.e., Green barley, Moringa Wheatgrass, Guayobano, Buah Merah, and mangosteen. Its manufactured and marketed by Essensa Naturale Inc., a company that is famous for this production of high-quality, nutritious’s one of the best health juice drinks ever formulated. This product is particularly popular because of its natural and organic composition that helps boost the immune system resulting in improved quality of life. Essensa Naturale Original Buah Merah Mix Juice is non-toxic and helps lessen various discomfort and is, therefore, trusted by its many users around the’s delicious, refreshing and freshly packed, and all natural with lots of vital nutrients that support a healthier happier life.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Buah Merah (red fruit) is a highly nutritious fruit with the highest concentration of beta-cryptoxanthin and several other nutrients that help prevent various health problems. Several brands of Buah Merah supplements have been formulated to enable these health benefits to reach many people around the world (this fruit is not readily available in many parts of the world). Many Filipino people are confused which one is the best that’s why we created this Top 10 best selling Buah Merah Mix supplements in the Philippines market. The choice of high-quality and authentic brands is, therefore, necessary for one to enjoy its full benefits.

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