Top 10 Best Selling Cayenne Pepper Supplement Philippines 2022


A lot of you use cayenne pepper as a spice in your meals, but what you probably didn’t know is that it has the power to positively alter your health. For over 9000 years this spice has been used both as food and as medicine. This pepper can stimulate your body to boost circulation while also reducing acidity in our body.

This wonderful gift of nature comes with immense benefits for you. It helps to boost digestion and relieve other gastrointestinal discomforts. It provides natural relief for pains in our joints and nerves while also boosting metabolism, which translates into weight loss. It also contains some essential nutrients our body also needs it provides effective cardiovascular support- Cardiovascular diseases are commons problems today plus prevention is a very hot issue. Undoubtedly, it’s the hottest of them all. While it packs extreme degrees of hotness, it comes with excellent benefits for cardiovascular health.

Owing to an upsurge in demand for cayenne supplements by Filipino users, different brands have been popping up here also there that now the number of brands on grocery stores is ridiculously getting out of hand plus most of them are of poor quality. Thankfully, you have us to help you cut through the clutter also help you choose the cayenne products with the highest quality.

The truth is that not all brands are equal in effectiveness & potency plus some even make claims that they cannot deliver on. In view of this, we have consolidated plus ranked today’s top products based on different criteria including, but not limited to their potentials to help users attain desired results, their popularity in Philippines market, how pocket-friendly they are, the quality of their ingredients, safety for users, dosage, customer reviews/testimonials and expert reviews.

With these Top 10 best selling Cayenne Pepper supplements in the Philippines market products, you can never go wrong.

Ready or not, here they come!

10. Now 500mg Cayenne Capsules Reviews


This brand holds a position for our Top 10 best selling Cayenne Pepper supplements in the Philippines market. Owned by a family since 1968, NOW has been helping people spice up their lives for over 4 decades plus still counting. Their cayenne supplement is also a powerful one even though it packs lesser heat units compared to other brands- It’s put at 40,000 Scoville heat units.

NOW happens to be the premier manufactures in natural products industry and owns and operates a number of manufacturing and distribution facilities in Canada plus the USA and is produced in a GMP facility.

Now 500mg Cayenne Capsules contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. So, if you are allergic to any of these, then this is the ideal cayenne supplement for you. It’s also suitable for vegans.

It comes in two quantity levels (100 & 250 capsules), each at a pocket friendly price. You can get the 100 caps bottle & 250 caps bottle at affordable prices, what cheaper way to turn up the heat, right?

Now 500mg Cayenne Capsules provides adequate support for healthy digestion as well as support for healthy blood circulation in your body. It also comes with the benefits cayenne pepper has to offer as it’s completely natural. Little wonder why consumers go on raving about it.

9. Solgar Food Supplement 520mg Cayenne Vegetable Capsules Reviews


This brand is another powerful but affordable cayenne supplement produced by Solgar. This is one of their premium quality botanical formulas. With 7. Solgar Food Supplement 520mg Cayenne Vegetable Capsules Reviews you get 40,000 Scoville Thermal Unit (STU) per gram.

Each capsule contains 520mg (Capsicum annuum) powder made from the fruit to help stimulate blood circulation in our body within seconds after ingestion. It does this faster than any herb.

Also efficient at enhancing digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices while also providing anti-inflammatory support to our body. It boosts metabolism, provides relief from cold as well as chills plus comes with many other benefits you hope to get from consuming it.

Solgar is a company known for the premium quality and the high potency of their products besides the fact that they have been providing innovative natural supplements to consumers market at affordable prices since 1947. Their facilities are of top quality & their products meet the highest pharmaceutical standards- you have nothing to fear with Solgar.

Solgar Food Supplement 520mg Cayenne Vegetable Capsules contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It’s free of starch, salt, plus sugar. It is kosher approved & fit for vegans/vegetarians- its capsule is composed of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

8. Solaray 40000 Heat Unit Cayenne Capsicum Annuum Capsules Reviews


This brand is a potent supplement crafted in labs of Solaray, a top notch company known for quality since 1973. Solaray 40000 Heat Unit Cayenne Capsicum Annuum Capsules gives 40,000 STU per 515 mg vegetarian capsule.

The manufacturer has made significant contributions to health industry through their products which are sold in over 60 countries. This company has actively played a role in creating a healthier world for 35 years.

In these years, they have built a solid customer base and trust among consumers as they just crave for more of their products. Solaray is not about to break that trust anytime soon. According to information available on their website, each of their products is subject to rigorous testing and screening protocols- what better way to guarantee quality for you!

Solaray 40000 Heat Unit Cayenne Capsicum Annuum Capsules supports normal, healthy blood circulation. Also effective in easing pains (including rheumatoid arthritis pain). It also boosts metabolism and aids digestive functions. This means it can play an important role in your weight reduction process.

This one also comes with a cheap price. It is green screened, contains no GMOs, free of allergens, is completely organic, and you don’t have to fear side effects as it has none.

7. Swanson Premium Brand Super Cayenne Supplement Reviews


For those who wish to have more than in their supplement, it’s a very good product for you. This one does not only contain organic, but it also contains hawthorn berry, lecithin, together with ginger root to improve cardiovascular health.

Each of these additional ingredients is known for their terrific benefits to our human health, and this combo provides a powerful heart health support. Each capsule of Swanson Premium Brand Super Cayenne Supplement is composed of 225 mg of purely organic (significantly lower than the previous ones mentioned above) while other ingredients (organic) all add up in different quantities into 225 mg.

Swanson is also an industry leader and has been ‘bringing wellness to the world since 1969.’ It’s a premium brand with an impressive track record.

With this, you can be sure to rev up your metabolism, ease pains (including osteoarthritis), and increase your metabolic rates among other benefits you stand to get.

Swanson Premium Brand Super Cayenne Supplement can effectively help you in your weight loss journey as it’s packed with nutrients such as capsaicin (the active substance obtained from cayenne. It’s responsible for the hotness and for the health benefits you get. Carotenoids ( a powerful antioxidant), flavonoids, as well as vitamins A & C.

This is a sure way to keep your heart going at an affordable price with no side effects.

6. Spring Valley 40000 STU Cayenne Metabolic Support Reviews


This brand holds a special place for our Top 10 best selling Cayenne Pepper supplements in the Philippines market. This is another way to get the ‘biting’ sensation characteristic plus the many positive health implications it has on you. Spring Valley 40000 STU Cayenne Metabolic Support, unlike others is whole herb made which means it contains the fruit as well as the leaf and all other herb parts.

This one also provides healthy metabolic support to our body in addition to boosting blood flow and enhancing our cardiovascular system. It eases pains and improves digestion as well while also providing relief from chills and cold.

Each capsule has a heat power of 40,000 STU (Scoville Thermal Units) and contains 455 mg while each bottle contains 100 vegetarian capsules.

It contains no gluten, lactose, sugar, flavors, colors, or salt- it’s pure. This effective product is suitable for different categories of people and just like all others is not with side effects and can be used by those with allergies and vegans or vegetarians.

Spring Valley 40000 STU Cayenne Metabolic Support is used worldwide and enjoys popularity in many different countries. Consumers hold a high opinion of it, and it’s received a lot of positive reviews especially from consumers who can’t seem to have enough of it.

5. Greenspark Cayenne Capsules 350mg Reviews


This brand holds a spot for our Top 10 best selling Cayenne Pepper supplements in the Philippines market. Greenspark Cayenne Capsules 350mg is a supplement that lives up to its name. It is well loved plus well suited for different categories of people.

This powerful supplement is made up of a full spectrum of pure plus each capsule contains 350mg of extreme hotness to help boost slow digestion, boost blood circulation (which translates into healthy blood pressure), ease pains, also provide anti-inflammatory support among other benefits you get from using this effective product.

It’s completely organic plus contains only one active ingredient- cayenne fruit. Each pill is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free. This effective product is kosher certified to provide a secure feeling you get from knowing that you are consuming a pure product.

It contains no preservatives, no fillers, no magnesium stearate, no Sodium Benzoate, and no GMOs. It contains only organic cayenne pepper together with nothing else. Greenspark Cayenne Capsules 350mg works naturally with your body and comes with no side effects.

It’s quite affordable and thus cheap compared to the benefits it offers. This is probably the reasons among many others why it is loved by many.

4. Capsinesis Capsicum Annum Cayenne Weight Loss Capsules Reviews


Produced by Capsinesis with a track record of many years in health industry, Capsinesis Capsicum Annum Cayenne Weight Loss Capsules is a high concentration of hotness packaged into a single pill. Just like a other brands, Capsinesis Capsicum Annum Cayenne’s capsule contains 500mg of cayenne which gives you 300mg of capsaicin (the substance that gives cayenne pepper its hotness) and about 70,000 Scoville heat unit- it’s not your average pill.

With this formula, you get good value for your money plus comes with an affordable price you can be sure to have boosted your energy and enhanced your immune system for three whole months.

It induces a thermogenic effect which accounts for increased metabolism, increased energy production as well as output in our body plus weight loss. It will also provide cardiovascular support effectively and prevent a blood clot in our body. You get all these with no side effects on users.

Capsinesis Capsicum Annum Cayenne Weight Loss Capsules is manufactured in USA and is certified free of gluten & GMO. According to the information available on the manufacturer’s website, each ingredient in any of their formulations (including this one) has been studied and published in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, all their ingredients are third-party tested for gluten, pesticides, & metals.

In fact, you are in safe hands with this great product, and customers attest to this fact.

3. GNC Herbal Plus 500mg Cayenne Pepper Supplement Reviews


This brand is a product of GNC and was produced utilizing advanced botanical fingerprinting. This technology is based on the fact that all plants have their unique characteristics, natural patterns, and markings that can be used to identify them just like humans have fingerprints.

This makes it possible to analyze the quality and cayenne purity used in GNC Herbal Plus 500mg Cayenne Pepper Supplement to completely help assure users that it what they are paying for is of the highest quality ingredients. This is definitely one to trust to pepper you up safely!

This one also provides 40,000 STU per 500 mg capsule to support digestive health and functions relevant to it. It also provides support for our cardiovascular system.

This whole herb product contains no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no sodium, no corn, no gluten, no yeast, no dairy, no soy, no wheat, and no sugar making it incredibly safe for different categories of people especially vegetarians.

GNC Herbal Plus 500mg Cayenne Pepper Supplement is completely natural and is free from GMO. It only contains cayenne (Capsicum annuum) as its active ingredient while other ingredients include cellulose and gelatin. At an affordable price, you can get a bottle of this potent supplement.

2. Puritan’s Pride 450mg Cayenne Capsules Reviews


This happens to be the most potent and trusted cayenne supplement on the market. Puritan, the manufacturer of this particular product, has been in business for 40 years and reportedly served over 19 million customers in its years of revitalizing the world.

According to the information found on the manufacturer’s website, each ingredient is tested and inspected as many as 15 times in course of production to ensure it remains safe for consumption. This is enough to make you feel your best!

Each bottle of Puritan’s Pride 450mg Cayenne Capsules contains 100 capsules each holding 450 mg of pure milled red hot goodness in its shell. It contains only naturally occurring capsaicin and the most effective and hottest natural weight loss supplements.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, this formula contains the whole cayenne herb including the ground plant parts to provide you with the fullest potentials this spice has to offer.

Puritan’s Pride 450mg Cayenne Capsules is completely free of allergens and will not produce adverse effects on you. It contains only cayenne as an active ingredient while its capsule is made of gelatin.

At an affordable price, you get to give your cardiovascular and digestive health a boost. And you could even open the capsule and prepare it as tea- this is one feature that distinguishes it from the others.

1. Nature’s Way Premium Formula Cayenne Garlic Capsules Reviews


This brand holds the number 1 spot for our Top 10 best selling Cayenne Pepper supplements in the Philippines market. Nature’s Way Premium Formula Cayenne Garlic Capsules is a premium formula rated at 40,000 STU per capsule. Each capsule holds 450 mg of cayenne. With this product, you are guaranteed of 0.25% of capsaicin to support normal and healthy blood circulation, to provide warmth (especially when cold or when you have the chills), to boost digestive function and improve the gastrointestinal health organs, provide relief from different kinds of pains amongst other benefits.

Produced by Nature’s Way, one of the most renowned brands in herbal and dietary supplements industry, this supplement is a fine blend of traditional remedies with modern science. This can only mean a completely natural & trusted way to support the wellbeing of you and your family.

It is made up of only the purest & high quality ingredients to make sure you get value for your money. It composed of only carefully grown plus tested cayenne. It contains no GMO and is a safe way to fire up your system.

Nature’s Way Premium Formula Cayenne Garlic Capsules is suitable for different kinds of individuals and contains no allergens whatsoever. It produces no adverse effects on users. You can also get this powerful supplement at an affordable price.

Conclusions and Recommendations

This Top 10 best selling Cayenne Pepper supplements in the Philippines market list has provided you with the top brands approved across board & loved by Filipino consumers for various reasons not limited to the ones mentioned in introductory parts.

This piece does not only to acquaint you with the different products that make a great supplement, but it’s also to familiarize you with the immense health benefits has to offer which is linked to capsaicin it contains.

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