Top 10 Best Selling Matcha Green Tea Brand Philippines 2022


Matcha Green tea is finely ground, high-grade concentrated green tea with numerous health benefits. It contains Catechins, i.e., a type of antioxidant that is usually found in apples, cocoa, green tea, and other superfoods. It helps promote weight loss, speed up recovery (especially for athletes), may help prevent cancer, among other health benefits. However, this supplement is not always available to many people around our world. As such, consumption of Matcha Green Tea Supplement provides a great alternative source of this vital product also its healthful benefits. To get full essential formula benefits, the choice of a great also paramount, especially because our market is full of Matcha Green Tea brands (some of which are substandard and does not, therefore, offer full benefits). Below are the Top 10 best selling Matcha Green Tea supplements in the Philippines market. These brands are produced in reputable companies with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices plus contain no artificial preservatives, color, stimulants or sweeteners. Besides, they are sugar-free, gluten-free and free of toxic chemical additives. They are safer than other same kind brands. This has made the most popular and trusted brands with millions of customer reviews plus recommendations from satisfied users around our world. Despite their high-quality, these products are sold at reasonable prices. These products will definitely help you achieve your weight loss dreams alongside other healthful benefits. Moreover, consumption of these products does not result in negative side-effects (so far, no users has reported complaints regarding side-effects). These brands have been clinically-tested & proven for quality and effectiveness. They are all packed in air-tight, bacteria-free, bio-friendly containers that further preserve their quality plus freshness.

10. The Republic of tea Double Green Matcha Tea Powder Reviews


This best quality product brings together fine organic leaf and the exquisite organic green powder (also known as Matcha). This high quality formula is produced and marketed by the Republic of Tea, a company that is famous for this production of some of the best tea brands. Every sip of The Republic of tea Double Green Matcha Tea Powder offers a smooth, clean, plus refreshing experience which has made it a sought-after brands ever formulated. This comes with a fine-powder form with smooth character that makes it even popular. Besides, it contains minimum caffeine & can be consumed hot or iced. This popular brand carb-free, zero calorie plus sugar-free making it safer than other brands available in Philippines market. This brand has a variety of healthful benefits including improved cognitive functions, greater immunity, plus reduced stress, among others. According to a recent research from Shandong University, consumption of this kind of drink may even help ease depression. Combination of stone-ground Japanese Matcha leaves and 100% organic China green tea is processed in a state of the art facility to create an optimal blend of springtime flavor. The Republic of tea Double Green Matcha Tea Powder is highly popular, also trusted by many people around our world. Because of its immense nutritional benefits, this great product was featured in Men’s Health among top 125 foods for men.

9. Oishi Tea Matchi Matcha Milk Tea Drink Reviews


This is a sweet and soft milk drink that comes in two delicious flavors, i.e., Matcha and Premium Milk Tea flavor. Oishi, is probably the best beverage producers in the Philippines, produces it. As beverages are all about the taste, Oishi tea Matchi has continuously gained popularity since its launch primarily due to its better taste profile. Oishi Tea Matchi Matcha Milk Tea Drink is made using carefully selected organic green leaves imported from Japan which is then perfectly combined with the highest quality fresh milk and other natural ingredients. This is probably the most nutritious brands available in Philippines market. Moreover, its use has been associated with good health plus this has been supported by scientific research. It comes with ready-to-drink liquid form also packed in unique bio-friendly 250 milliliters portable containers that maintain its high-quality. Its supper container designed with attached straw makes it even easy to use on-the-go. Additionally, this great product does not require special storage condition also sold at a pocket-friendly price. This popular also highly trusted plus has a lot of positive reviews and ratings by satisfied customers from various parts of Philippines. Moreover, this brand has several other health benefits derived from milk plus other nutritious ingredients apart from the drink itself. It has a sweet aroma, it’s kind to our stomach, & can be used by anyone regardless of age or health condition. Oishi Tea Matchi Matcha Milk Tea Drink is not just a sweet beverage but a product that helps you live a healthier life.

8. Nestea Maccha Latte Powder Drink Reviews


This brand holds a spot for our Top 10 best selling Matcha Green Tea drink supplements in the Philippines market. Nestea Maccha Latte Powder Drink is a unique brand that brings together typical flavor of matcha (from Japan) and high-quality soft fatty milk. This comes with fine powder form that can easily be diluted to make a delicious as well as highly nutritious tea. This perfectly mixed blend has numerous healthful benefits that help support today’s hectic life. Its probably the most popular brands in the Philippines & all over the world. This premium drink has high nutritional value with minimal amounts of caffeine. Moreover, it contains no stimulant or any form of toxic chemical additives. Nestea Maccha Latte Powder Drink is freshly packed in a bio-friendly bacteria-free container that preserves and maintains its quality and freshness over a long period. Besides, it’s durable and does not require special storage condition. A cup of this superbly blended drink helps decrease risk of cardiovascular diseases, also slowing down aging process. In other words, its daily consumption leaves you healthier, happier, plus younger than ever before. Unlike your ordinary cup of drink, this brand has additional healthful benefits also a perfect way to introduce green tea into your morning routine. Its unique package contains complete details about its ingredients including nutritional facts. As such, it’s trusted by thousands of its users. Also easy to prepare & can be enjoyed hot or iced.

7. Uji Matcha Green Tea Drink Reviews


This formula is an extraordinary highly delicious Matcha Green Tea brand imported from Uji, Kyoto (the heartland of the Japanese tea tradition). It within the form of fine sweet-scented powder in a triple-sealed container with a reasonable air-tight inner lid that ensures the maintenance of ultimate freshness. It’s considered the most delicious nature’s superfoods that are loaded with phytonutrients, antioxidants, including L-Thiamine. Moreover, this product contains137 times more antioxidants than the most popular superfoods and the traditionally brewed drink. Its direct consumption delivers over ten times the nutritional content of steeped drink. As such, it’s probably the most trusted brands ever produced. This delicious supplement is manufactured and marketed by a family-owned company with 40 years experience in this production of certified organic Japanese tea brands. Its consumption helps promote mental clarity and deliver clean, slow-released and sustained energy. Additionally, its 100% risk-free making it highly popular. Also a certified USDA as well as JONA ORGANIC. This high-quality drink is easy to make and can be consumed by anyone regardless of age, gender, or health status. It’s best enjoyed unsweetened (as a traditional straight matcha). Moreover, this delicious product helps promote detox, lowers bad cholesterol, stimulates metabolism, plus burns fat. As such, it helps reduce excess weight (enhance proper weight management). Uji Matcha Green Tea Drink is, undoubtedly, a great green tea brands available in our market.

6. Nitto Tea Matcha Green Tea Reviews


This popular also a premium Japanese milk drink with numerous health benefits. Nitto Tea Matcha Green Tea is manufactured and marketed by Nitto, a company that is famous for this production of purely natural plus highly delicious products. It’s a genuine brewed green tea with poured milk traditionally. It’s sweet, satisfying, and great & can be enjoyed hot or iced. This high-quality supplement is considered the best selling, top rated plus highly nutritious brands ever produced. Besides, it’s sold at an affordable price despite its numerous benefits. As an effective fat burner, the use of this beverage is ideal for proper weight management. With its amazing benefits, its consumption leaves you slimmer, healthier, and happier more than ever before. So, if you are seeking to maximize power of your daily routine drink, simply brew up and enjoy a nice hot or cold cup of Nitto Tea Matcha Green Tea. With all the health benefits and thousands of positive customer reviews, ratings, together with recommendations, this delicious beverage is, probably the most celebrated and trusted brands available. Moreover, it’s easy to prepare (simply mix with fresh, filtered, boiled water).

5. Sarah Matcha Green Tea Reviews


This is a powerful highly nutritious brand that is loaded with amino acids, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. It’s delicious and can be consumed hot or cold. Sarah Matcha Green Tea is made using premium quality matcha from the source of Kyoto, Japan (some brands are made using cheaper Chinese blend). It’s vegan-friendly plus certified organic by JAS. It combines the respect for matcha’s traditional roots with accessibility, affordability, plus ease of use. This product has continuously gained popularity since its launch and has an ever-growing community of over 1000 stockists as well as thousands of positive reviews and recommendations. It’s particularly popular due to its distinctive flavor as well as its remarkable antioxidant plus nutritional properties. It with a form of very fine powder, freshly packed in an air-tight container that maintains its quality. Besides, this product is highly trusted also popular for its ability to prevent various health problems. It’s easy to prepare and can be consumed by anyone without the risk of side-effects. Sarah Matcha Green Tea was formulated after extensive research and has revolutionalized the way the delicious and nutritious powder (Matcha) has been perceived by the world changing it from a simple old-fashioned drink to a high nutrition superfood. It’s naturally gluten-free and contains no artificial sweetener.

4. Ito En Matcha Green Tea Jasmine Tea Bags Reviews


This popular also an authentic Japanese premium beverage with a delicious taste and an array of health benefits. It’s an exclusive blend of Japan’s celebrated green tea powder, matcha, and jasmine. Ito En Matcha Green Tea Jasmine Tea Bags offers a perfect balance of a floral and fragrant flavor of Jasmine leaves and fresh taste beverage. This smooth tasting ceremonial grade matcha is produced and marketed in Japan by Ito En, a company that is famous for its commitment towards bringing new tea lifestyles as well as value to its customers. It comes in the form of fine powder packed in 20 premium tea bags in each box. These bags are designed to preserve the clarity of taste and color of a fresh, pure, and vibrant nature’s finest green tea leaves. This finely ground high-grade product is a powerful source of antioxidants also exceptionally rich in nutrients that help support an overall healthy life. It’s perfect for cold or hot brewing and features a beautiful aroma and mellow (yet bold) taste. This high-quality product helps prevent various problems, and this has made it even more popular. It’s all you need for a lifestyle of enjoyment, peace, & tranquility of mind. Ito En Matcha Green Tea Jasmine Tea Bags is made using purely organic ingredients that are closely monitored from harvest throughout this production process to ensure its quality is maintained. As such, it gives a vibrant and rich green infusion like no other.

3. Caffe D’Vita Matcha Green Tea Blended Smoothie Reviews


This formula is a delicious blend of Arabica coffee, unique creamer, and other premium ingredients. Caffe D’Vita Matcha Green Tea Blended Smoothie is a product of Caffe D’vita, a company that is continually striving towards meeting and exceeding customer expectation by maintaining its standard of excellence. It comes in a form of powder that is freshly packed in a bacteria-free airtight container to preserve its quality. Additionally, it does not require special storage conditions. This is a superior antioxidant, energy booster, & detoxifier. As such, it helps promote proper weight management & overall healthy life. This healthy beverage helps our body fight off various diseases & infections making it a preferred and trusted brands available in the Philippines market. Moreover, it’s easy to make (simply mix with water and ice to blend a delicious, smooth plus creamy beverage). It contains no hydrogenated oils, low fat, gluten-free, & no trans fat. It’s therefore, safer than other products of its kind. Whether hot, cold, or iced, this creamy light sweetened matcha drink can give your health a real boost. This product comes in a clearly labeled container with details regarding its ingredients, storage conditions, expiry date, among other relevant information. Additionally, it uses non-dairy creamer making it even more popular. Caffe D’Vita Matcha Green Tea Blended Smoothie is 100% natural skin care superfood that also helps reduce stress. This product is, therefore, worth trying for a healthier life.

2. Kirkland Original Matcha Green Tea Bags Reviews


This popular formula is probably the healthiest beverages on our planet. It’s made using sancha green tea from Japan’s lush plantations where a great teas in the world come from. With the popular Japanese tradition, this nutritious product is gently steamed, rolled and then dried. Kirkland Original Matcha Green Tea Bags undergoes minimal processing to ensure aroma, freshness, and color of the leaf is maintained. It comes in fine powder form that is freshly packed in an airtight sachet that further preserves its quality. This beverage is easy to prepare also good for both cold and hot brewing (it takes approximately 20 to 30 seconds to brew a hot drink). This has a cool aroma that is highly relaxing and refreshing. Besides, it’s very smooth and has no bitterness making it a popular green tea brands ever formulated. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse also loaded with nutrients that help offer protection against various health problems. Its main content, i.e., antioxidants helps our body to get rid of free radicals that damage and even kill our body cells leading to various diseases. Kirkland Original Matcha Green Tea Bags also supports detoxification by helping our liver to support normal detox system. It’s purely organic with no artificial preservatives or other toxic chemical additives. As such, it’s safe and a trusted brands available in Philippines market.

1. ITO EN Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Traditional Reviews


This brand holds the number 1 spot for our Top 10 best selling Matcha Green Tea supplements in the Philippines market. ITO EN Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Traditional offers a unique combination of traditional flavors of Sancha (whole green-tea leaves), Matcha (powdered green-tea) and other essential complementary ingredients. This high-quality product is designed to enhance the smooth sweet taste of Japanese tea and its health benefits. The combination of Sancha, most popular brand in Japan, and matcha, a ceremonial green tea powder produces a unique nutrient-rich, mellow taste, and vibrant green colored product that will definitely provide you a special teatime. This aromatic drink is easy to brew and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Its consumption not only helps create relaxation, refreshment, and rejuvenation but also prevents various health problems. The modern variety has gained widespread popularity not only in Japan but also in various parts of the world. This premium natural green-tea comes in authentic Japanese style tea-bags that are easy to use. It comes in an attractive well-labeled package with brewing instructions, active ingredients, and storage conditions, among others. ITO EN Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Traditional is particularly trusted by many people across the world due to its safety and the fact that it’s made using high-grade green-tea leaves. These bags are designed to allow the expansion of tea-leaves for optimal enjoyment. Antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin C are some of the vital nutrients obtained from this formula. With all its health benefits, This product is undoubtedly help promote a lifestyle of enjoyment, tranquility, and peace of mind.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Tea has been associated with good health for many years. Drinking this not only brings about pleasurable experience but also help prevent various health problems. Some of the main benefits associated with drinking include reduction of stress, improved cognitive functions, less fatigue, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, greater immunity, and slowing aging process. The ceremonial preparation and presentation matcha (powdered green-tea) was practiced by Japanese as early as the 16th Century. Modern innovation and advanced methods have since helped promote green-tea quality making it a popular beverages around our world. We hope you enjoy our Top 10 best selling Matcha Green Tea supplements in the Philippines market.

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