Top 10 Best Selling Potassium Supplements Brand Philippines 2021


Are you experiencing muscle cramping, weakness, and tiredness in our legs and arms? It is likely you are ailing from hypokalemia. This means the levels of potassium in our body are low causing your muscles to function abnormally. This condition is mostly seen in individuals with eating disorders and alcoholics among others.

Potassium is an electrolyte and a micro-mineral found in various foods. It’s an essential mineral that provides several benefits to your system. It’s necessary to consume it because it’s not produced by your system but found in some plants of the fruits and leaves variety. It does impart your nerves, digestion, muscles, heart, water balance and blood pressure positively.

Various concerned and reputable companies found out the need to meet the daily dietary intake of this mineral. They formulated potassium supplements that are derived from nature to meet the daily requirement of it. Even though potassium deficiency is not common because it’s found in some of the food you eat, there are a few individuals who lack this beneficial mineral.

Potassium Vitamin deficiency is common mainly in athletes, those who have digestive disorders, smokers, alcoholics and those who have eating disorders. Abuse of laxatives can also lower the levels of it.

Now, let’s know the top 10 best selling potassium supplements in the Philippines market so that you will know which Potassium Vitamin Brand that will give you the best benefits that you need.

10. Spring Valley Potassium Gluconate Caplets 595 Mg Reviews


This is one of the reputable companies that make products which are safe and up to standard. Spring Valley Potassium Gluconate Caplets 595 Mg is formulated from various plant extract which been sourced from the best. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

This is packed in different amounts depending on what you want, and also it has different potency levels depending on the severity of your condition. This capslets should be consumed one tablet a day; do not exceed the stated dosage because excess intake it can be dangerous.

This is an electrolyte that transmits nerve impulses to the muscles for them to contract normally. If potassium is not present in our system, you may have heart problems. Our heart contains muscle cells which are responsible for pumping blood in and out of our heart. It’s for this reason that Spring Valley supplement will prevent you from having a heart attack.

Because this product is responsible for the normal muscles functioning, it’s a basic requirement because your system is filled with muscles which perform different work. Your digestive system will work within a normal way by eliminating body waste out. You will be able to walk, run and perform your daily work because of your muscle cells.

Spring Valley Potassium Gluconate Caplets 595 Mg is good for athletes who lose their potassium through sweat and those people who have poor dieting regimen.

9. Mason Natural Potassium Gluconate Tablets Reviews


A dietary supplement that has been tested by relevant health experts. Mason Natural Potassium Gluconate Tablets is not used to diagnose or treat any disease. The potassium in this product is formulated with safe and natural ingredients. This brand is processed facility that follows strict manufacturing regulations.

This potassium supplement comes from a plastic bottle that contains 100 tablets. Each tablet has a potency level of 595mg with being 99mg. It should be taken one tablet per day and should be taken preferably with meals. Store the remaining tablet at room temperature to retain its potency.

Those people who are under other form of medication, pregnant and lactating mothers should seek advice from a medical doctor before using this product. Mason Natural Potassium Gluconate Tablets will make your body function in its normal way by making the muscles to contract and relax. This, in turn, will stop the cramping of your muscles.

It will provide the necessary support for the muscles that are responsible for the pumping of blood in your heart, and this will prevent the heart from having an attack. It regulates the blood pressure to normalcy especially when the blood pressure is high. This brand is formulated without sugars, gluten, and wheat.

8. Natural Factors Potassium Citrate Tablets Reviews


A dietary supplement with a form of citrate, which provides 99mg of potassium needed by your system for digestion and absorption. This formula is manufactured by a well-known company which been producing this product among others for a decade. It’s processed under strict manufacturing guidelines and laws, which make it safe for consumption.

Natural Factors Potassium Citrate Tablets is packed with a bottle that holds 180 tablets with each tablet constitute 99mg of potassium, and the rest are other mineral additives. There is no wheat, gluten, milk products, yeast, corn, artificial colors or sweeteners added to it. Many people who have had issues with their muscles cramping have given positive feedback about its efficacy and mildness. There have not been any side effects reported on its use.

Natural Factors Potassium Citrate Tablets is for those people who do not get enough potassium in their diet and athletes who lose their electrolytes through sweats. This Potassium Citrate supplement is not suitable for those people who have kidney ailments because they already have an excess of this Potassium Citrate supplement and their kidneys will not be able to eliminate the excess.

It should be taken preferably with meals as a supplement one tablet per day and do not exceed the stated dose. Lactating and pregnant mothers should not take any form of supplement without consulting their health care providers.

7. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate Pills Reviews


Formulated from the best organic nature. This formula is manufactured in a facility that follows strict manufacturing practices. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate Pills is tested and approved by health experts to be safe for human consumption. This product is a USP certified.

It’s packed 100 tablets in one container with each tablet having 550mg and potassium constitutes the only 90mg. This supplement should be taken one tablet per day, especially during meal times. The electrolytes in potassium will aid normal contraction of your body muscles allowing your system to function without hindrance.

Your heart will be healthy because the flow of blood will be smooth because the muscles in your heart can contract and pump blood to other parts of your body without interference. The electrolytes in potassium will stable the blood pressure, and the issue of high blood pressure and heart attack will not arise.

Nature Made Potassium Gluconate Pills is free from gluten, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and starch. This brand is all natural, and thousands who are satisfied by its results have used it. These same clients have proven it to have no side effects because of its natural ingredients, that is why this is part of the top 10 best selling potassium supplements in the Philippines market.

6. Carlson Potassium Supplement Reviews


This is a whitish tablet that constitutes 550mg of gluconate with having 99mg. This brand is formulated with natural extracts that are rich in beneficial minerals. Carlson Potassium Supplement is manufactured under strict guidelines that are generated by relevant bodies. It should be consumed as a dietary supplement and should not be used to treat or diagnose any disease.

The electrolyte aids synthesis of proteins contained in amino acids. It will convert glucose to glycogen, which then is stored in your liver and used in future to provide energy. It’s responsible for muscle building and growth. The electrolytes will help to balance water in your system to its normalcy.

The electrolytes in potassium will bring high blood pressure to its normal range and maintain it. Your heart muscle will have the required elasticity to pump blood throughout your system without fail. Because athletes lose this electrolyte by sweating, they need this supplement to maintain required levels.

People who are on medications are not eligible to take Carlson Potassium Supplement because some drugs may contain potassium, you should consult with the doctor first before taking it. Those women who are expectant and breastfeeding should not take this supplement before the approval of a medical doctor.

5. Puritan’s Pride Potassium Pills Reviews


It is a vegetarian potassium supplement that has gluconate 550mg, and 99mg of its potassium. This product is made purely from plant extracts and does not contain any animal ingredients. Puritan’s Pride Potassium Pills was made for everyone especially the vegetarians. It’s packed in a container that holds 100 tablets.

It has undergone a series of inspection throughout processing, and this can assure you of its safety and effectiveness. It portrays no side effects whatsoever since it’s purely natural. This product has been approved and passed several tests by the healthy bodies. It is in tablet form and should be consumed one tablet daily during mealtime.

It has the ability to regulate body fluid balance. It contains an electrolyte that will convert glucose to glycogen, which will later be stored in your liver for future use. It restores muscles contractions, which is important in your body especially when the heart is performing its work.

It will restore your muscles and stop cramping and muscle pain. This is especially for the athletes who lose their electrolytes through sweating when exercising. If you are under any medications, lactating or pregnant consult a doctor before taking Puritan’s Pride Potassium Pills.

This is one of the top 10 best selling potassium supplements in the Philippines market because there are a thousand positive reviews from Filipino clients who have purchased these pills with most them praising its efficacy.

4. Swanson Ultra Potassium Citrate Capsules Reviews


A mineral supplement formulated from nature. This brand is manufactured by a company that is keen to deliver high standard product by subjecting each of their products in a series of tests to ensure quality is met. It’s in capsule form with 99mg potency. Swanson Ultra Potassium Citrate Capsules should be taken with a lot of water during meals.

According to reviews received from clients who have bought and used this product, there are no side effects associated with it. Clients have written back to give positive product efficacy reviews.

It stimulates the normal functioning of your muscles, which will result in your heart running smoothly without difficulty. You will not experience any more aches and pains from muscle cramps because Swanson Ultra Potassium Citrate Capsules will correct that. Your blood pressure levels will be normal throughout because it regulates it to required levels.

It will bad cholesterol take care that causes overweight and abnormal functioning of your heart. This pills best suits those individuals who do hard work that result in profuse sweating like athletes and field workers. Also best for those who experience muscles cramp often. This pills is not recommended for people under medication, breastfeeding or pregnant.

3. Twinlab Potassium Citrate Capsules Reviews


A mineral supplement packed in a bottle that contains 180 capsules with each tablet having a potency of 99mg. Twinlab Potassium Citrate Capsules is packed in a glass bottle to ensure stability and freshness and quality. This supplement is formulated without artificial colors, sweeteners, coatings, flavors, salicylates, binders and preservatives.

The company that makes this capsules will provide you with quality and outstanding product which been subjected to several lab tests before going to the market. It is a compliant regulatory company that is well known for producing quality products.

It makes your heart function in a normal way by eliminating the bad cholesterol that likes depositing itself on the walls of your heart. It will ensure your heart muscles are contracting normally. Your blood pressure will not rise with the presence of potassium in your system because it does inhibit the increase of blood pressure.

Your muscle cells will contract normally, and you will not experience any form of cramping or pains associated with it. Vulnerable individuals such as those who are on certain medications should not take Twinlab Potassium Citrate Capsules before consulting with a doctor. Some drugs may contain or hinder the performance of potassium.

2. Solgar Potassium Tablets Brand Reviews


A dietary supplement that is packed in a glass bottle, which consists of 100 tablets. Made by a company that has been manufacturing natural supplement for decades, this potassium supplement promises a lot of health benefits to your body as a whole. Just like a machine depends on every bolt in it to work, so is your body depended on every system in it to function.

Solgar Potassium Tablets Brand is a certified brand that has been manufactured under strict laws. It has been tested several times during manufacturing processes to ensure the end product is safe and effective. Because its ingredients are sourced from nature solgar potassium does not manifest any form of side effects. Thousands of people have used it and confirmed this.

This supplement is an electrolyte that promotes healthy function of neuromuscular which will result in a smooth transmission of impulses from the brain and spinal column to the muscles. This supplement will ensure normal fluid balance in your body, which will cause nutrients to get attracted to the cells.

Solgar Potassium Tablets Brand potency can be altered by heat and some drugs. Some medication may contain potassium, and you might overdose if you use it together with this supplement. It is advisable to store it at room temperatures and consult with your doctor if you are in any form of medication before starting on this supplement. It is important for expectant and lactating mothers to consult first with their care providers before taking this supplement.

1. NOW Potassium Citrate Capsules Reviews


An essential mineral that has been formulated from the rich source of nature and has health benefits which are important to your whole body. NOW Potassium Citrate Capsules is packed in a bottle that consists 180 capsules with each capsule having a potency of 99mg. It is formulated without gluten, yeast, wheat soy, dairy products, egg, fish products or tree nut ingredients. Filipinos loves this brand that is why it is the Number 1 on our top 10 best selling potassium supplements in the Philippines market.

It has undergone a series of tests during and after manufacturing to ensure the end product does not contain any harmful compounds. Health experts to be effective on what it does have approved it. It is used by thousands of people in most parts of the world, and they have brought positive feedback.

If you have any ailment or are on any medication consult with your doctor before you start taking any form of supplement. The same applies to expectant and breastfeeding mothers. According to feedbacks received from clients who have used NOW Potassium Citrate Capsules, there are no side effects experienced.

With just one capsule per day, this supplement offers a variety of benefits. It will help in maintaining the heart health by preventing accumulation of bad cholesterol on your heart. The nerve will be able to transmit impulses to and from the spinal and brain to the muscles.


Now that we are done with our top 10 best selling potassium supplements in the Philippines market, please keep in mind that these supplements should be stored away from children and under room temperature to maintain its potency levels. Some medications contain potassium and should not be taken together with these supplements to avoid overdosing. Potassium is excreted by the kidneys, and if they are not functioning well they might not be eliminated resulting in retention, and it is for this reason individuals with kidney problems should not take this supplements.

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