Top 10 Best Selling Vitamin B Supplement Brands Philippines 2021


Vitamin B is a complex water soluble. It consist 8 vitamins, thiamin(B1), riboflavin(B2), niacin(B3), pantothenic acid(B5), pyridoxine(B6), biotin(B7), folic acid(B9) and cyanocobalamin(B12). It is naturally found in food products that can be affected by over cooking. Due to its water soluble nature, vitamin b complex is not stored in your human system, and it is for this reason you need to take a supplement to meet the daily requirement. There are several best vitamin b supplements that are manufactured by reputable companies. These products are made purely from natural food extracts that are safe and contain no toxic substances.

On this article you will discover the top 10 best selling Vitamin B Supplements in the Philippines market, they are the top best products with pocket friendly prices. They are used and preferred by thousands of people, and this makes them popular among other vitamin B supplements within the Philippines market. They do not manifest any form of side effects, and therefore it’s safe for human consumption. They help you to utilize your energy provided from carbohydrates and fats by breaking them down. It also boosts production of red blood cells, which are liable for blood creation. They will encourage normal healthy functioning of your nervous system, digestive system, skin, and hair health and hormonal balancing.

This group of family nutrients functions almost same, but each has a unique way of functioning. Pregnant women and children are at risk group of developing vitamin B deficiency. It boosts replication of cells, which brings about new DNA creation. Qualified health experts have formulated these vitamin supplements with strict safety measures in place. Because of its water soluble nature, it’s advisable to consume it on a daily basis since it’s completely used by your human system and not stored. When vitamin B complex is depleted, these symptoms are manifested; losses of appetite, weight loss, loss of vision, constipation, smooth tongue and pale skin among others.

10. Rite Aid Pharmacy Natural Vitamin B 12 Supplements Reviews


This product is a vitamin B12 compound that is packed in container that constitutes 60 tablets with each tablet containing 1000mcg per serving. It’s a dietary supplement formulated with natural extracts that contains no form of toxic substances. This product should be consumed on a daily basis to achieve the desired effects. Having a feeling of fatigue is normal especially when you have been working hard and sleeping less, but it becomes a medical condition. This product will convert food ingested into energy; your organs for its normal daily functions then use this energy.

Rite Aid Pharmacy Natural Vitamin B 12 1000 MCG Tablets prevents neurological disorders, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It assists a smooth flow of blood to your system. It protects your nerve cells from damage by stimulating creation of myelin sheath, which is liable for covering your nerve cells. Infertility and spontaneous abortion is related to deficiency of vitamin B 12 thanks to this supplement these conditions can be corrected. Rite Aid Pharmacy Natural Vitamin B 12 1000 MCG Tablets is suitable for those women who are using contraceptives since their vitamin B 12 levels are low.

When there is high level of amino acids within your blood, they result from a blood clot formation. They eventually clog your blood vessels making them narrow and make the flow of blood difficult. This supplement will help to breakdown this amino acid and prevent diseases caused by it.

9. NOW Vitamin B2 Capsules Reviews


This is vitamin B2 supplement brand that is made from natural extracts that are pure and free from any toxic substances. It’s produced in a facility that manufactures wheat, soy, gluten, milk, fish products and tree nut but it does not contain these ingredients in its composition. Your system needs energy to carry out the daily activities. This energy acts as fuel, and without it, you will not be able to perform your daily work. Riboflavin will aid a conversion of food consumed into energy required by your system to perform its processes.

Toxins occur naturally in your system and are not harmful, but they become volatile when they are oxidized. They destroy your system cells and tamper with you DNA. Riboflavin will prevent oxidation of these radicals and protect your cells from those radicals that are already oxidized.

When toxins are controlled, you will have a healthy heart and beautiful skin. This is liable in converting vitamin 6 and folates into manageable forms. NOW Vitamin B2 Capsules is suitable for alcoholics and elderly because of poor diet. This product is for adults and should not be given to children. Consume one capsule per day preferably with meals. Each capsule of NOW Vitamin B 2 has a serving of 100mg.

8. Windmill Vitamin B Tablets Reviews


This product is a B1 compound, which is manufactured by a reputable company that has been there for many years. Windmill Vitamin B Tablets is one of the best selling vitamin B supplements in the Philippines Market today. It’s highly recommended by health experts because of its manufacturing processes and how they have sourced their ingredients. It’s packed in a container that carries 100 tablets (this varies) with each tablet constituting 100mg of thiamin. This formula is manufactured within the United States under FDA inspection. This product is formulated without preservatives, artificial flavors, and color.

It aids the breakdown of sugars ingested to a simplified manageable form so that your system can utilize it as energy. It’s an antioxidant and will prevent your system from harmful effects of Toxins in your system. When the Toxins are immobilized your skin becomes healthy and beautiful without aging elements. It stimulates creation of hydrochloric acid, which is liable for breaking down ingested food into small absorbable particles. It will prevent or delay cataracts occurrence. It provides a substantial impact on your mental health and nervous system which intern improves your concentration and memory. Red blood cells are responsible for the creation of hemoglobin. Windmill Vitamin B Tablets will stimulate the production of your red blood cells which in turn raises your blood levels to its required amount. Use one tablet per day with meals.

7. Natures Bounty Super Vitamin B Complex Capsules Reviews


Nature’s bounty vitamin B Complex Capsules is a combination of all the 8 vitamin-B complex components with added benefits of vitamin C. this dietary supplement is packed in a bottle that contains 150 tablets that should be taken preferably with meals. This brand is formulated from natural extracts, and this makes it safe for consumption. This brand is on the list of the best Vitamin-B Complex Capsules in the Philippines Market Today. It aids conversion of protein, carbohydrates, and fats into energy. Your body utilizes this energy during body processes. It will stimulate the creation of white blood cells, which are responsible for body defense during an infection. This is liable for the creation of your red blood cells. Your red blood cells are required in manufacturing of hemoglobin.

When the creation of red blood cells is enough, there is no need to worry about being anemic. It’s an antioxidant that will protect your organs from oxidized free radicals and at the same time prevent oxidation of free radicals, which are harmful when they become oxidized. Natures Bounty Super Vitamin B Complex Capsules are made purely from plant extracts, and vegetarians can also consume it. When you consume this, your hair will become thicker and scalp healthy preventing hair breakage. It will facilitate the activity of your hormone responsible for regulating your blood sugar levels in your body. It is, for this reason, it suits those who have diabetes.

6. Carlson Labs Vitamin B Tablets Reviews


Many Filipinos use this brand of Vitamin B Supplement. It is in a container that carries 250 tablets with each tablet containing 100mg of this. Carlson Labs Vitamin B Tablets is made from natural extracts which are safe and do not have any adverse effects on your body. This supplement formulated under strict manufacturing guidelines with you in mind. Since all humans need vitamin B2, it is suitable for both genders. This supplement should be ingested one tablet per day during mealtime. Carlson has several benefits to your body; it protects your body from harmful compounds and nourishes your body with beneficial nutrients.

It takes care of your skin from the inside by stimulating creation of elastin, which is responsible for skin elasticity. It is, for this reason, it’s an anti-aging agent. When your skin regains its elasticity, it becomes tight and wrinkles, fine line, and sagging fades away. It breaks down carbohydrates proteins and fats to energy, which is then used by your body to perform its work. It breaks down other vitamin-B compounds into manageable forms for your body to utilize them. Your eyes become healthy and protected from eye infections such as cataract. Thousands of people in the Philippines who have used Carlson Labs Vitamin B Tablets have proved it to be effective and safe with wonderful results.

5. Nature’s Blend Vitamin B Complex Reviews


This Vitamin B Complex Brand contains the entire 8 vitamin-B compounds. It is an American manufactured product that has more than one benefit. It’s packed in a dark container that consists of 250 capsules and has a double seal for protection. Nature’s Blend Vitamin B Complex in the Philippines is best for those people who experience frequent headaches and migraines. This will prevent a headache and cure migraines. Our skin requires collagen for its elasticity, and when the collagen levels are low, our skin tends to loosen and becomes saggy with wrinkles and fine lines. Nature’s Blend Vitamin-B Complex will boost the production of collagen and slow down premature aging.

Our immunity will improve when we start using Nature’s Blend Vitamin-B Complex since it aids production of our blood cells that are responsible for fighting infections. Anemia will never set in just because this will ensure the level of our cells responsible for blood production is enough. It protects our cardiovascular system from attacks. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are broken down to energy. This energy is utilized by body organs during their processes. It will prevent the oxidation of free radicals. These radicals bring about infections when oxidized. It reduces premenstrual syndrome, which causes cramps before menstruation begins.

4. Puritans Pride Vitamin B Complex Caplets Reviews


Puritans Pride Vitamin-B Complex Caplets is a food supplement derived purely from a plant extract and suitable for vegetarians. It consists of the entire 8 vitamin-B, and this makes it even better since our body’s nutrient daily requirement will be met by a single tablet. This is packed in a container that constitutes 60 caplets which should be swallowed one caplet daily. It plays an important role in conversion of sugars to energy which is required during body processes. This is responsible for the production of myelin sheath, which protects our nerve cells from external damage.

Puritans Pride Vitamin-B Complex Caplets will boost our immune system by encouraging production of white blood cells which are responsible for fighting infections in our system. Proper cardiac function is achieved when our nerve cells and muscles are coordinating correctly, and this is achieved by a neurotransmitter that conveys messages to and from our muscle and nerves. This transmitter is produced by the vitamin B1. The autooxidising agent in this will slowdown and correct the effects of aging making our skin looking younger than our exact age. It stimulates production of hydrochloric acid, which aids in digestion process. The antioxidant in vitamin C will boost our immune system by inhibiting oxidation of free radicals which becomes harmful to our system in their oxidative state

3. BeNerve-B Complete Vitamin B Supplement Reviews


BeNerve-B Complete Vitamin B is a food supplement that is a form of tablets that are packed in a box that contains 100 tablets. This formula is manufactured within the Philippines by a renowned company. This brand is approved by the food and drug administration, and this will assure us of it being safe for ingestion. It’s a food supplement, and we should take it during meal time. It’s a combination of three vitamin-B compounds that is; B1, B6, and B12. The co-enzyme in vitamin B1 will oxidize sugar to produce energy that is eventually utilized by our organs like heart, lungs, kidneys, and brains for it function smoothly. Irregular heart beat and congestive heart failure is caused by depletion of acetylcholine, which transmits messages to the nerve and muscle cells in our system. This is corrected by ingestion of this supplement, which will stimulate the production of this neurotransmitter.

BeNerve-B strengthens the nerve to improve memory and concentration and this, in turn, reduces progression of Alzheimer’s disease among other neurological disorders. It prevents development of cataracts by keeping our eyes healthy. The nerves have a layer called myelin sheath that protects them from damage. When there is depletion of vitamin B1, this sheath wears out exposing the nerves to harmful environmental factors. Vitamin B1 aids in producing myelin sheath.

2. Nature Made Super Vitamin B Complex Supplement Reviews


Nature made vitamin B complex has been formulated from natural extracts that contains the entire 8 vitamin-B. It comes in a container of 460 tablets, and we should take one tablet per day preferably with meals. Drink water before and after ingestion for ease of swallowing. This product is manufactured by a company that values their clients, and it is for this reason they take their time in selecting only the best and viable ingredients sourced from nature. They follow strict manufacturing guidelines by testing this product throughout the entire processes.

There are no artificial additives, preservative, gluten, yeast, starch, color or flavor in Nature Made Super Vitamin B Complex Supplement, in-fact this product has been satisfied by the United States Pharmacopeia. It contains vitamin C as an added advantage since it’s an antioxidizing agent that will provide the needed protection to our system and its organs. Our immune system will get the required support, and our body will be capable of defending itself from infections. When we take this supplement the food, our ingestion will be converted to energy, which is required for body processes. Free radicals oxidation is inhibited to protect our system from infections caused by them when they are oxidized. It provides nourishment and support to the growing fetus during pregnancy.

1. Kirkland Super Vitamin B Complex Pills Reviews


Kirkland vitamin B complex is a combination of the entire 8 vitamin B that contains 500 tablets in a bottle. Apart from having the entire 8 vitamin B. This brand is the best selling Vitamin B Complex Supplement in the Philippines market today; it contains vitamin-C as an added advantage. This should be consumed one tablet per day to meet the daily vitamin-B intake requirement. Metabolism of proteins and fats is aided by this. It supports our body to turn food into glucose, which eventually provides our body with the required energy for its functions. It provides the relaxation our body needs during a stressful period by rejuvenating the nervous system.

It lowers the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases the HDL (beneficial cholesterol) level, which prevents the heart arteries from hardening. During pregnancy, vitamin B supports the manufacture of new cells by our body, and it aids in formation of RNA and DNA, which are responsible for cell formation. Production of our red blood cells is aided by vitamin B, which in turn prevents manifestation of anemia. The vitamin C added to Kirkland Super Vitamin B Complex Pills will provide antioxidizing benefits to our body. The prevention of free radicals from combining with oxygen released during body processes is vital for good healthy organs. These free radicals when oxidized become harmful by causing infections.


Now we are finish in reviewing the top 10 best selling Vitamin B supplements in the Philippines market; it’s up to you which supplements you will choose but before consuming any supplement, it’s advisable you consult with your health care giver because you might be on other drugs that might suppress the potency of it. Pregnant and lactating mothers should also consult with their doctors to know if they require these supplements. All medicines should be stored away from children because they might overdose on them and this could be dangerous. Follow the instruction to the later and do not exceed the stated dose.

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