Top 10 Best Selling Vitamin C Supplement Brands Philippines 2021


In nature, vitamin C is considered the purest and safest natural ingredients. A good proportion of Vitamin C otherwise known as L. Ascorbic acid can be sourced from fruits like oranges, Straw Berries, Grapes as well as from vegetables. A lack of a proper diet can lead to a deficiency, which is quite rare because of its abundance. Today, there are supplements that are made up of Vit. C in an appropriate quantity and that have undergone adequate research and are known to supply the most balanced form of Vitamins without having to take it from its natural sources. Supplements comprise the best diet boosters available in the Philippines market, and they are very affordable. These are the Top 10 Best Vitamin C Supplement brands in the Philippines that are trusted by beauty agencies, top skin Philippines experts, and celebrities in the Philippines with very positive feedback for these vital tablets. Vitamin C tablets are produced by different brands that are located in different parts of the world each with different levels of vit. C in them and each with different claims with what they can achieve when used. These supplements are not associated with any negative reactions, and no such reports have been given by consumers who make use of these tablets. Some benefits of taking Vitamin C brands of supplements include but are not limited to- increase in our body’s defense mechanism, normalizing our blood pressure, provide a healthier skin among others. In selecting the Top 10 Best Vitamin C Supplement brands in the Philippines, we will look at the source of Sodium Ascorbate, whether it’s synthetically derived, obtained from natural sources or from its mineral ascorbates like Sodium and Calcium, the amount of vitamin c they contain ( if it’s above, below or just the right amount that a person can take) and what each brand professes to do and if they can give the expected results effectively.

10. JC PREMIERE CALVIT 500 mg Vitamin C Capsules Reviews


With this brand, a regular intake of Ascorbic Acid in its most natural form is guaranteed. This product can assist our body in replenishing any calcium loss from our body and this, in turn, helps to improve the strength of all the bones in our body. With JC PREMIERE CALVIT 500 Capsules, our skin’s ability to reduce the actions of oxidative free radicals as it contains an abundance of antioxidants this achieving a healthier looking skin. JC Premiere Calvit C dietary supplement is packed in a box like a packet. The packet contains ten (10) sachets with each sachet containing ten (10) capsules each with five hundred (500) milligram. This supplement contains a combination of calcium ascorbate and sodium ascorbate which is all natural forms of Ascorbic Acid. Many people purchase this vitamin C pills because it’s affordable. Also, it does not contain acid as such; its actions on our stomach are very mild. JC PREMIERE CALVIT 500 mg Capsules is also available in a lot of stores as well as online in different countries. This pills instills confidence in its consumers because to start with; it contains an Ascorbic Acid which gives overall benefits vitamin c capsules for our entire body.

9. Royale C Sodium Ascorbate 500 mg Capsules Reviews


This Capsules has a higher success rate in our body than Vitamin C proper. This product does not contain acid and because it does not irritate the stomach when it’s absorbed and digested. This supplement is capable of highly increasing the performance of our body and its overall ability to fight against diseases. Royale C Sodium Ascorbate 500 mg Capsules contains a good proportion with Sodium Ascorbate, one of the active mineral forms of Ascorbic Acid. This wonder working supplement comes in a sealed bottle with a total of fifty (50) capsules in each bottle. Its effects on our body are very mild but are very noticeable as well. It’s Ascorbic Acid concentration is also mild and consists a total of five hundred (500) milligrams a lot of Vitamin C supplement consumers are comfortable taking Royale C Sodium Ascorbate 500 mg Capsules because it’s main ingredient is a natural form of Sodium Ascorbate which makes it most easily digested so that it works its way taste in our body. Also used to treat Vitamin deficiency diseases as well and is effective in supplying strength to bones as well as joints. Also good for people with diabetes and It addresses infertility.

8. Relumins Advance Nutrition Vitamin C Complex Capsule Reviews


This supplement in the Philippines contains a mix of different ingredients each with the unique ability to lighten our skin. Designed to affect a brightening effect on our skin, the Relumin’s Vitamin C is made of an abundant amount of Rose Hips and Bioflavonoids complex which all work together to enhance and improve its content from the supplement. Relumins Advance Nutrition Vitamin C Complex Capsule is also known for its superb anti oxidizing properties and a necessary supplement that gives an improved amount of blood circulation. This supplement contains Ascorbic Acid in its mineral form as Calcium Ascorbate with a total concentration of 1000 milligrams. The total amount of Rose Hips concentration is 60 milligrams while that for Calcium Ascorbate is 940 milligrams. Relumins Advance Nutrition Vitamin C Complex Capsule is in high demand by customers worldwide because it’s considered the most effective Vitamin C tablets in the Philippines market today. Apart from its top rated best Vitamin C benefits, also able to effectively work from within to whiten or brighten our skin thanks to its high performing mix of ingredients. Also highly purchased because it’s suitable for vegetarians and It has mild agents like Quercetin and Hesperidin that contribute to its brightening properties and all its ingredients are sourced for naturally.

7. UPLift Smart C The Smarter Vitamin C Pills Reviews


This brand is a derivative of both Calcium Ascorbate and Alpha Lipoic acid. It is mild and gentle on the stomach and is easily absorbed. UPLift Smart C Capsule is useful for people of any age group. It is made of Calcium, with this ingredient, it can assist our body in strengthening all the bones as well a s the teeth. It’s Alpha Lipoic Acid content makes it to effectively penetrate the blood brain barrier and this in effect makes it suitable and effective in the regulation of sugar in our body. Produced by the United States of America (USA), the Uplift Smart C supplement is made of a very suitable and recommended amount one of the mineral forms of Calcium Ascorbate. A lot of trusts is placed on this vitamin C product because it does not contain any acid or acid containing the substance. This makes it to be as mild as possible on the stomach. UPLift Smart C Capsule contains the best of ingredients that are capable of fighting cold effectively. It improves the strength of the bones and teeth and the overall productivity and function of the brain thus, keeping it healthy always. It is very cheap and can be shipped worldwide to different countries.

6. Acorbic C 1000mg Vitamin C Tablets Reviews


This brand is made and endorsed by top supplement and health experts located in United States of America (USA). Ascorbic C 1000mg Tablets fictions by properly healing wounds and preventing the harmful oxidation of free radicals because it was designed with a sufficient supply of beneficial anti oxidizing agents. With this supplement, this is equipped to increase and boost the function of the defense. With a regular and judicious use of this Vitamin C supplement, only quality is assured. This product is packed in a bottle, and each bottle contains a total of thirty (30) tablets. The Ascorbic Acid concentration in each tablet sums up to one thousand (1000) milligrams. The major reasons why these vitamin c tables are highly rated is because it can be taken by all whether those who have high sensitivity to Vitamin C tablets and It is even Vegan-friendly. Acorbic C 1000mg Tablets is probably the most sought after Sodium Ascorbate supplements because, it can be easily purchased anywhere in different parts of the world, and it helps to fight against Ascorbic Acid related diseases like Scurvy. Also used in boosting the collagen level of our skin that makes it good for skin care.

5. Nature Made Vitamin C 500 mg Softgels Reviews


This brand is among the top rated and pharmacist recommended product. This can reduce the on going oxidation process that harmful free radicals tend to undergo and It also helps our system to increase the absorption of iron. It is 100% pure and does not lead to any allergy. Ascorbic Acid concentration in each capsule is 500 milligrams (a minimal amount), and a consumer is required to take just one tablet a day with a proper meal to get its benefits. Nature Made Vitamin C 500 mg Softgels claims to be totally free of any artificial product like- Color, flavors, preservatives as well as Gluten and Yeast. This supplement is verified by USP as the best Vitamin C supplements in the Philippines. Also rich in Vitamin E know to strengthen our skin and reduce signs of aging. In general, many people take Nature Made Vitamin C 500 mg Softgels because as its name implies, it’s made from only natural ingredients and works its way in our system so that it can improve the overall our immune system function. Also widely used because it’s probably the best supplement to use in accompanying food that is not too rich with vit.c supply.

4. Ester C 500mg Vitamin C Capsules Reviews


This supplement in the Philippines has a slight difference from the known Ascorbic Acid proper. One of such slight but obvious difference is that it has a very mild effect on our stomach and its walls. It claims and asserts to have a superior bioavailability, unlike Sodium Ascorbate proper that is acidic and can injure the stomach. Ester C 500mg Capsules can be used for people who have frequent stomach upsets with the Vitamin C proper since this does not harm our stomach. Ester C is seen to be a neutral product when measured using a pH scale. It gets Vitamin C from Ascorbic acid in its mineral form- calcium ascorbates. Ester C 500mg Capsules claims to offer twenty-four (24) hours immunity against diseases that can affect our system. This comes in a bottle with 120 capsules, and each capsule is enriched with 500 milligrams of vit.c concentration. The American Health endorses it. This Vit. C Supplement is purchased by a lot of persons because unlike vit.c proper; it acts gently on our stomach without resulting in a potentially dangerous side effects of vitamin c. Also liked because of its ability to boost the level of collagen this restoring the form feels of our skin.

3. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C 1000Mg Caplets Reviews


This brand supplement comes with a tablet that is coated in the Philippines. This makes it very easy to swallow. This is enriched with a good antioxidants supply, Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C 1000Mg Caplets makes it suitable for fighting free radicals. Also beneficial for the proper general functioning of both our skin and 5he heart. This supplement is packed with two hundred and fifty tablets (250) in a bottle. It is meant to be taken once a day so that it doesn’t exceed the daily amount of Vitamin intake our system is supposed to get. This supplement derived its Sodium Ascorbate content from vit. C with 1000 milligrams concentration. It also contains Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex in addition to Rose Hips. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C 1000Mg Caplets is also very suitable for vegetarian and Gluten free. People regularly turn to this vitamin C supplement because it comes at a cheaper price compared to some other products. Again, apart from the regular vit. C benefits that it gives, this Vit. C Supplement is also a good choice for many since it’s a good whitening agent for our skin. It is not just limited to a particular country to purchase but, it’s available in many local shops as well as online.

2. Emergen C 1000 Mg Vitamin C Drink Mix Reviews


This brand has a suitable antioxidant content, and as such, our skin and the entire body are always kept healthy. Emergen C 1000 Mg Drink Mix can be taken by all (usually from age 14 to adult hood). This supplement comes in packets with each having just 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C (a very suitable amount). It is powdery in nature and requires that this is dissolved in water before taking (some persons also prefer to take it without dissolving it). Consumers of this are very confident and bold when using this Vit.C Supplement since it doesn’t only act as a Vitamin supplements rather, this is packed with essential electrolytes as well. These essential electrolytes include- Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicabonate and ions like Magnesium, Chromium, and Calcium. All these work together to increase or boost muscular activity, and they help in replenishing any lost ions and balance the hydrogen ion concentration(pH) of our system. Purchasing Emergen C 1000 Mg Drink Mix is on the high side because, it supplies the Sodium Ascorbate function in a milder way. Its active ingredients were not genetically engineered in a laboratory and were made following the regulated standards and also, it contains a healthy Caffeine amount for boosting energy.

1. Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 500Mg Tablets Reviews


This Brand comes with a very acceptable amount of Ascorbic Acid that our system can absorb quite easily. In order to lead to an increase in a total level of absorption of this Vitamin C supplement by our system, this supplement has bioflavonoids complex as one of its components. Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 500Mg Tablets are very tasty( the taste is attributed to naturally derived flavors only). Its flavor is gotten from oranges and as such, it doesn’t have a bitter taste when chewed ( it was actually designed to be chewed to suit the needs of those who find it very difficult to swallow tablets. This Vit.C Supplement is considered the cost effective supplements that work wonders in our human body. These tablets are packed in a plastic bottle, and each bottle contains a total of five hundred (500) tablets. Each tablet has a Sodium Ascorbate concentration of five hundred milligrams. A lot of persons make use of this supplement since it’s able to boost our immune system of our body. Again, this is easily absorbed and digested. Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 500Mg Tablets gets its natural vitamin c from Rose Hips with this; This is fully equipped to stop regular chills.


This top 10 best Vitamin C supplement brands in the Philippines actually provide real, noticeable results in real time. They may be derived from natural sources as well as produced in the laboratory. With regular use, it helps to keep the Vitamin C content of our body in check. It does not result in any negative reaction when taken. It is quite inexpensive for the benefits it gives and recommended by top skin experts and beauty agencies for use by all.

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