Top 10 Best Selling Vitamin E Supplement Brands Philippines 2021


Is vitamin E important? Many of you always ask this question, and the answer is yes. Do you know this is good for your health? This is why; you should know that vitamin E is eight elements grouped together to form one beneficial compound. Among these compounds, only one alpha Tocopheryl is beneficial to humans.

This nutrient is a fat-soluble compound that has anti-oxidizing properties. It’s found in some plants that have proven to contain high levels of it such as vegetables. When ingested, vitamin E supplement is absorbed, and it acts by protecting the body cells from toxins. When the body processes is in action, it releases oxygen, which in turn enters the free radicals. Toxins cause cardiovascular diseases and even cancer when they go to their oxidative state.

It prevents blood cells components from clogging blood vessels by attaching themselves on their walls. It stimulates the release of enzymes that prevents platelet aggregation and this, in turn, leads to dilation of blood vessels. And you know when the blood vessels are dilated there is a smooth flow of blood which is healthy.

Apart from being ingested, this can be added to your skin or hair oil. This will protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun radiations that brings with them aging elements. With its anti-oxidizing property, this will inhibit toxins from oxidizing. And you have read how harmful they can be when they oxidize.

There are several brands of vitamin E supplements that are made from natural extracts as well as made by well reputable companies. In this article you will discover the top 10 best selling vitamin e supplement brands in the Philippines market today, these brands have proven to be effective from the testimonials received from clients who have used them. They are safe since they are made purely from natural extracts and do not contain a substance that is toxic to your system. These are list of the top 10 best selling vitamin e brands in the Philippines.

10. Dear Natura Vitamin E Supplement Reviews


This Supplement is manufactured in Japan. Dear Natura Vitamin E Pills has 60 capsules plus each capsule constitutes 2.39kcal of energy, carbohydrates 0.016, fats 0.21, Sodium 0.01mg and proteins 0.11g. It’s made from vegetable oil, gelatin also glycerin. It’s a nutritional supplement that should be taken one capsule per day, which is enough requirements in a day. It’s used by many because of its anti-oxidative state, which will prevent toxins in your system to oxidize. You will be at lower risk of getting cancer as well as other chronic illnesses when you make it a habit of consuming this product everyday and thanks to it being an antioxidant. Your blood vessels will be well dilated, and blood will flow with ease without constriction from factors that clog the vessels lining. It helps relief post-menstrual plus menstrual cramps by correcting hormonal imbalances. Clients have brought back positive feedback after using Dear Natura Vitamin E. They have attested to their health improving in a great way also no side effects have been reported in connection with its use. It is tested and approved by health experts for its safety and efficacy. It’s derived from natural vegetable extracts, and this makes it safe for use.

9. Windmill Vitamin E Soft Gels Reviews


This Vitamin E Oil brand is made by a reputable and recognized company that is there for more than 40 years. This brand is formulated with soy bean oil, glycerin plus gelatin among other natural extracts which have added benefits to your system. It contains 90 dispersible pills that contain 400 IU alpha-Tocopheryl per pills. Windmill Vitamin E Soft Gels is an antioxidizing agent that protects your heart from a heart attack. It prevents components found in blood cells from attaching themselves to the wall of blood vessels. These components clog the vessels and hinder the flow of blood in your system. It increases your immune function by preventing and protecting toxins from becoming oxidized. When these free radicles that idle around your system are harmless, but the moment they become oxidized they more than harmful because they wake up the dormant cancer cells plus other chronic diseases.

Windmill vitamin E had no artificial additive or preservative and made under the supervision of health experts. It is gluten free and approved by health experts to be safe for consumption. Consume one soft gel per day as a dietary supplement or as directed by your health care giver. Clients are happy, and they have given positive feedback on its effectiveness and no adverse effects on their body.

8. Swanson Vitamin E Supplement Reviews


Swanson Vitamin E Oil is manufactured by a company that is there for ages plus has a great reputation regarding the high quality of products they process. It’s packed in a container that constitutes softgels, and the number depends on what you have bought. The one that has 60 softgels in it has a 1000IU Tocopheryl in each softgel. It’s a natural d-Alpha Tocopheryl with anti-oxidizing properties. It’s a fat-soluble component and is easily absorbed and stored in your system tissues if consumed in excess. This vitamin E Supplement has the properties to protect the cardiovascular system from infections caused by free radicals.94% of clients who bought this product would recommend it to friends and family because it has proven to be effective and convenient. Consumers who use this product have rated it to be of high quality and value, and they are satisfied by it.

Swanson Vitamin E supplement is derived from soybean oil also has gelatin, glycerin plus purified water. It should be taken as a dietary supplement; it’s a requirement for you to take only one softgel per day plus do not exceed the stated dosage. This product is processed under health expert supervision to ensure hygiene and safety are on point.

7. Nature Made Vitamin E 1000 IU Reviews


This Brand is a nutritional supplement that aims to improve your overall health. This is probably the best vitamin e supplement in the Philippines market. This will boost your immune system by protecting your whole body from a disease that has not yet set in. This is brand recommended by professionals, and for this reason, you can have an assurance of getting your vitamin E oil from a trusted manufacturer. Nature Made Vitamin E Supplement is extracted from the rich source of vegetable and nut oil.

It constitutes 50 softgels that have an IU of 1000 in each. It has antioxidizing properties that will protect your cells from free radicals that have already transformed to their oxidative state. This will also prevent those free radicals that have not oxidized from oxidizing. Apart from protecting your cardiovascular system, nature made vitamin E oil will improve your skin health by promoting blood circulation to the skin and scalp. It does not contain any artificial additive or preservative plus made purely from natural extracts that are safe for use. It is believed that it can protect you from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and also boost your cognitive ability. Some people add it to their hair oil or body lotions because of its value advantage on the skin plus scalp.

6. Alaska Vitamin E Capsules Reviews


This vitamin e supplement is formulated from vegetable oil that is packed in a container of 100 softgel capsules that is full of nutritive and protective elements. This formula is an antioxidant and will protect your heart by preventing blood elements from clogging the blood vessels which will ensure smooth blood flow to your heart. It restores the normal balance of hormones which will inhibit post menstrual cramps plus hot flashes in menopausal women. With its preventing attributes, it will stop the oxidation of free radicals, which will cause the existence of diseases that are chronic. Your skin will be protected from these free radicals that accelerate development of early aging such as wrinkles, skin sagging, and fine lines. With Alaska Vitamin E your skin will be protected from the UV radiations that weaken the skin fibers that are responsible for skin elasticity. This will heal the burns caused by UV rays and at the same time give a soothing effect on your skin. It also boosts your immunity by strengthening the white plus red blood cells to make your body capable of fighting incoming infections. Alaska Vitamin E oil is manufactured by a company that has a good reputation of bringing in qualified experts to verify their products before it is released to the market. This is an assurance that when you buy it, you will have no reason of doubt about its safety and effectiveness.

5. Prolife Atlas Vitamin E 400 IU Capsules Reviews


This brand is a dietary supplement that constitutes 100 softgel capsules with 400 IU in each capsule. This product has been approved by the FDA to be safe for consumption by humans. This formula is recommended by health experts for its effectiveness and as a dietary supplement. Prolife Atlas Vitamin E will take good care of your body systems with love; even your system will love it back.

This formula is made purely from oil extracts derived from nature and has antioxidants, which will protect toxins from the oxygen released as a result of body processes. This oxygen will bond with the free radical to make them reactive and harmful to your system. It will protect the skin from the effects of the sunrays, which brings about wrinkles, skin chapping, redness plus fine lines.

It has been proven to protect your cardiovascular system. It will boost your immunity by promoting white blood cells and red blood cells production. It will correct hormonal imbalances, and this will prevent menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. There are no associated side effects from its use and Prolife Atlas Vitamin E oil be used by all genders. It encourages blood flow to your scalp, and this will promote healthy hair.

4. Myra D-Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E 400 IU Pills Reviews


This Vitamin E Supplement is a d-Alpha-Tocopheryl that contains 30 softgel capsules, and each gel constitutes 400 IU. This formula is a product that has been there since time immemorial and has many praises about its effectiveness and safety. This vitamin is for both men and women who are above 18 years of age. Myra D-Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E oil supplement is best taken with meals also not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers because it has a higher IU level that is not safe for this group of people. It should be taken one capsule per day and should not exceed this dosage.

It is highly recommended for those women who are using contraceptives since their vitamin levels are lower. When taken in the right doses it is not harmful to your body and advisable you take it on a daily basis to experience its benefits. Myra D-Alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E will take good care of your body system such as protect your cardiovascular system from stress and strain brought about by clogged blood vessels. It boosts your immunity by stimulating the production of the required amount of blood cells responsible for protecting and defending the body from infections.It has been tested by health experts and proven to be safe and effective. It does not contain any toxins that bring about adverse effects.

3. GNC Natural Vitamin e with Selenium Reviews


This brand is a supplement that is also called t-Alpha Tocopheryl. It contains 90 softgel capsules that have an IU of 400 in each capsule. It’s formulated with vegetable oils that are from a nuts origin and has other added advantage of selenium, which boosts the antioxidizing property of vitamin E oil.

GNC Natural Vitamin e with Selenium has antioxidants that will protect the body system from harmful free radicals by inhibiting them to oxidize. When these free radicals are inhibited, your skin will get the nourishment, as well as premature aging, will be stopped. Your heart will have a normal function because your blood vessels will be clear from blood cells that like attaching themselves to the blood vessel walls. For those women who experience post menstrual and menstrual cramps will have a reason to smile. This soft gel will act on your hormones by balancing them and this in return will stop the cramps; it’s, for this reason, it’s also suitable for those women who are in their menopausal stage as well as experience hot flashes.

GNC Natural Vitamin e with Selenium has been tested and approved by health experts to be safe for consumption. It does not have any side effects since it’s purely natural. It can be used by both genders.

2. Kirkland Signature Vitamin E Pills Reviews


This brand is one of the best vitamin e supplements in the Philippines market today, this is in a form of d-alpha Tocopheryl and is extracted directly from natural oils. It’s formulated without preservatives, yeast, starch, gluten, artificial colors, and flavors. Kirkland Signature Vitamin E is a safe product that has been tested and approved by a health specialist. It’s packaged in a container that carries 500 soft gel capsules with an IU of 400 per capsule. You should seek medical advice if you are nursing, pregnant or taking any medication before using this product.

It is suitable for both men and women. It should be consumed one soft gel per day orally plus should not exceed the stated dose. It should be kept at room temperature since it gets denatured and ineffective when subjected to temperatures above room temperatures. It will take care of your skin by providing the desired protection against UV radiations and its effects. It will alleviate hot flashes caused by menopause and period cramps in women. It will boost your immune system. It works by preventing oxidation of free radicals that are harmful to your body. It will prevent the blood cells from attaching to the walls of blood vessels, and this ensures smooth flow of blood. There have been no side effects reported since its development, and therefore Kirkland Signature Vitamin E is safe for consumption.

1. Puritan’s Pride Premium Natural Vitamin E Reviews


This brand is a USA manufactured product with its ingredients sourced from different parts of the world. It undergoes a series of tests throughout the manufacturing process, and it’s for this reason you are assured of its safety that is why this vitamin e brand is very popular in the Philippines market and all over the world. It contains a mixture of Tocopheryl that will provide all the benefits your body needs.

Puritan’s Pride Premium Natural Vitamin E does not contain any artificial additive or preservative. It has been made from pure natural extracts that are safe for consumption by humans. It should not be given to children since it was made for an adult. It should not be taken with other medications before consulting with your health care provider. It’s not suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers. Those who are on contraceptives are highly recommended to use it. This vitamin should be taken one capsule per day every day and do not exceed the required dose. It’s packed in a container that carries 100 softgel capsules with a potency of 1000 IU.

Many Filipinos have used Puritan’s Pride Premium Natural Vitamin E, and there are no side effects reported on its use. You should even know that this product is approved by relevant authorities to be safe for human consumption since it does not contain any toxic substance in it.


Now that you know the top 10 best selling vitamin e supplements in the Philippines market, it’s up to you which Vitamin E brand you will get but always remember it has to be consumed in the right dosage and regularly for it to protect your body. As you have heard, prevention is better than cure; this vitamin is used to shield your body organs and not treat a disease that has already set in. You will spend less money when you are preventing a disease from occurring but spend huge amounts on treatment. You should not exceed the stated amount of intake per day unless advised otherwise by your health provider.

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