Top 10 Best Selling Vitamin K Supplements Brand Philippines 2021


The Vitamin that is popularly known for clotting is Vitamin K. In its absence; blood is not capable of clotting. It is required for wounds to heal properly. For this to happen, this nutrient passes through a series of events that activate it (it is initially inactive) so that a clot can form to initiate the healing process. In nature, it is sourced from green vegetables as well as in oils made from vegetables. It can also be found in minute amounts in farm-derived products. The daily K vitamin requirement in your body is about 123 micrograms for females and about 138 micrograms for males. Vitamin K is present in two kinds, as Vitamin K1 or Phylloquinone and K2 or Menaquinone. There is also a K3 variety referred to as Menadione. K1 Vitamin variety is found in abundant supply in Plants and plant-derived foods whereas the K2 variety is formed by Vitamin K1 and K3 actions respectively. K2 also has two types, the Mk-4 and Mk-7 respectively and this classification is based on their sources. Mk-4 is a K2 kind that is derived from animals while Mk-7 is formed by the bacterial fermentation. Although K Vitamin can be gotten from a lot of diets, due to inability to well absorb this as a result of some health condition could lead to a Vitamin K deficiency in your system. Thus, Vitamin K Supplements are made to be incorporated into the diet as a vital choice for balanced health. For the stronger bones provision that resists fracture of any kind as well as overall bone health, this should be included in your diet. K2 Vitamin-K variety does not have any toxicity record attached to it, and this is essential for all. This article discusses in detail the top 10 best selling Vitamin K Supplements in the Philippines market reviews and its varieties to enable a consumer to choose the right one when purchasing this brand of products, so that it will cover your vitamin-k deficiency that you are facing.

10. InnovixLabs Full Spectrum VITAMIN K2 Capsules Reviews


As earlier mentioned, with K2 calcium can stay away from the vessels like arteries and remain actively deposited in your bones. K2 is packed with InnovixLabs Full Spectrum VITAMIN K2 Capsules. This is to ensure that at no point in time is there a deficiency of this essential nutrient. This product contains both K2, Mk-4, and Mk-7 types respectively. Mk-4 is able to work your brain actively, correcting any abnormality in functions. This variety of K2 is also able to find its way to the growing fetus. Mk-7 Vitamin K2 variety, the type that can be absorbed effectively, which is derived from natural sources. The transform makes it more easily absorbed and digested by your system. This formula is favored by many because its price can be easily afforded. It was designed with a highest of stands and with best combination of ingredients. InnovixLabs Full Spectrum VITAMIN K2 Capsules has been tested by top pharmaceutical laboratories located in the United States of America (USA) and even by independent laboratories to ensure that it does not contain substances that can inhibit its actions but it contains only potent and pure end products get to the consumers, also small in size as such it is easily swallowed.

9. Sports Research Natural Mk-7 Vitamin K SoftGels Reviews


When this formula is ingested and absorbed, the active K2 form is released that is Mk-7 which prevents calcium from blocking arterial blood vessels. It’s able to channel calcium to where or it’s supposed to be deposited. Sports Research Natural Mk-7 Vitamin K SoftGels has a unique K2 mix with Coconut Oil. This helps to increase your rate at which it’s absorbed by your system. This brand manufacturer asserts that it does not contain any genetically altered constituents and thus only quality is assured with the use of this formula. With an intake of just softgel, a consumer’s general health is supervised with efficiency. Purchase of this formula is on the high side because its Vitamin-K is gotten from a natural source as such it does not contain any synthetic product. Sports Research Natural Mk-7 Vitamin K SoftGels is certified to be suitable all people and has been clinically tested to prove its quality or worth to your human body.

8. Davinci Labs of Vermont Vitamin K2 Plus Capsules Reviews


To cater for the bones in respect of density, strength, etc. Davinci Labs of Vermont Vitamin K2 Plus Capsules is a mix of Inulin, the D3 Vitamin, and Mk-7 variety or Menaquinone-7. Its manufacturer has experienced in research about nutrition while they are regularly updating standards to ensure top quality and well informed of any changes. They only make use of natural or naturally derived constituents. With intake, a consumer is guaranteed of only essentially natural products that are not found to contain any artificial and unnecessary constituents or enhancer-like colors, flavors, chemically prepared preservatives that may be of harm to your body. Davinci Labs of Vermont Vitamin K2 Plus Capsules is super affordable, and it can be purchased from trusted online shops it’s a simple but effective product that is highly recommended for use by all.. it does its job in an exact way its brand claimed it would and no side effects have been recorded with using this.

7. Best Naturals MK-7 Vitamin K-2 Vcaps Reviews


Want healthy bones, a disease resisting cardiovascular system together with proper kidney functioning, Best Naturals MK-7 Vitamin K-2 Vcaps is a right product for use its part of top 10 best selling Vitamin K supplements in the Philippines market today. This formula is made up of the biologically active K2 form, Menaq-7 that is gotten from naturally derived products. The brand suggests that no component used in making this formula was derived by modifying other organisms. Each 120 vegetarian capsules contains 100 micrograms. People make use of Best Naturals MK-7 Vitamin K-2 Vcaps because it is responsible for the regular absorption and calcium direction so that it does not form lumps that block fluids passageway and nutrients in vessels that is, it keeps vessels stretchy at all times. Also to promote a healthy body and prevent quick aging, plus stamped for purity and consistency. No consumer complaint has ever been received associated with using this product.

6. Natures Plus Source Of Life Garden Vitamin K2 Reviews


This formula is composed of only organic components. In fact, Natures Plus Source Of Life Garden Vitamin K2 is standardized with a compatible amount of organic products only. The brand claims that this formula has gone through different researched and has been certified by both independent forms and others to be healthy for intake. It has a good K2 amount, an essential for bone health. It contains 120 micrograms of Mk-7, which suggests that one tablet does its job effectively. Also included in this brand is organic rice which is also essentially beneficial in your body. This product is listed among the top ten Vitamin K supplements because it does not contain synthetic materials of any kind. It also has certifications from both independent laboratories and associations as well. The manufacturing process as explained can boost confidence in purchasing this product, and it is free of any allergens such as milk, yeast among others. Natures Plus Source Of Life Garden Vitamin K2 is available at a reasonable price and can be purchased trusted online shops, also vegan-friendly and free from any artificial substance. Fear of purchasing a product that can cause damage in your body is also removed as this brand contains only essential organic ingredients that can get the job done in time and efficiently.

5. Mason Natural Vitamin K Tablets Reviews


Vitamin K is well known to support and regulate the formation of clots that stop bleeding and is responsible for the healing of wounds. With Mason Natural Vitamin K Tablets, this ability is accelerated. It fostered bone repair and formation of healthy bones and regulated your liver so that its actions are unmatched, also capable of decreasing the calcium level in urine. The brand asserts that it is composed of only natural components and it has the guarantee by its brand to show an efficiency of its actions, plus also claimed that in manufacturing this product, all the proper regulations stipulated for making such products were followed to the letter according to the set and approved standards. Also claimed that when taken according to prescription (normal daily dosage is one capsule a day) and with meals, this brand works at its best. There are only natural constituents in this brand, and no harsh and unnecessary element was added to enhance the efficiency of Mason Natural Vitamin K Tablets as a result, it’s widely used by a lot of persons especially vegetarians because of it can easily be bought (found in a lot of shops and is price friendly) and effective.

4. Solgar Natural Vitamin K2 Extract Capsules Reviews


This supplement contains calcium together with the active VitaminK2form, which is a good variant for forming strong bones and clotting of blood. The concentration of k2 in this product sums up to 100 micrograms which is average for the total amount required by your body. Solgar Natural Vitamin K2 Extract Capsules comes in the form of pills, which makes them easily swallowed. It’s its VitaminK2 source is from fermented soybeans also referred to like natto. There is no gluten added from producing this product. Its ingredients are a perfect blend for the general health of your system. Some sources claim that when Solgar Natural Vitamin K2 Extract Capsules is taken with Vitamin D3, it works at its best. It’s free of sugar and salt, and its ingredients are not genetically engineered. This makes it a good choice for all. Also, contains 50 vegetable derived capsules which means that it’s to last for longer periods and it was designed especially for vegetarians and with a mild Vitamin K2 concentration of (100 micrograms) the daily requirement is well taken care of. Again its mix of components puts it as one of the top 10 best selling Vitamin K supplements in the Philippines for purchase.

3. NOW MK-7 Vitamin K-2 Capsules Reviews


With a taking this, perfect results with regards to health and stronger bones, adequate bone mass, etc. Is guaranteed as It’s to properly coordinate the activities of Calcium. ALso required to improve your body’s metabolic processes and promote a healthier Cardiovascular System, protecting the heart and its associated structures from any invader. NOW MK-7 Vitamin K-2 Capsules manufacturer exerts that with regular intake of this product as prescribed, the risk of being or remaining K2 deficient is reduced to the bare minimum. It’s comprised of the most active form of the K2, Mk-7 that is known to stay active for longer periods in your system while performing its different tasks. A good number of people recommend NOW MK-7 Vitamin K2 Capsules because for it actions are fast in your body and they do not fade away easily because of the presence of Mk-7 which is very active. Also very affordable and it contains a lot of pills, a total of sixty (60) vegetarian capsules with each pills with a suitable concentration of Mk-7, 100 micrograms ensuring that they last for long and that the daily requirement for this nutrient is not exceeded with just one capsule being the daily dosage.

2. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin K-2 SoftGels MenaQ7 Reviews


This supplement plays an all too important role in caring for the bones of your system and maintaining their strength and overall sustaining their health. It’s designed with customers in mind as it features a total of thirty easily swallowed gels. It’s made with a unique K2 form known as the MenaQ7, which is natural and is to perform its duties effectively. Its brand claims that this product was made for everyone to use. In fact, no sweetening agent, for example, sugar, coloration, or any harsh preservative was used in producing Puritan’s Pride Vitamin K-2 SoftGels MenaQ7. With MenaQ7 present as the most active Vitamin K form, consumers can be sure that they are getting better solutions for both cardiovascular system problems as well as bone diseases. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin K-2 SoftGels MenaQ7. With MenaQ7 is placed among the top rated and is valued by a large number of people worldwide because all its ingredients have been tested clinically and are shown to be true to their claims. It has also been recommended by physicians because it’s long-lasting benefits, also highly recommended for vegetarians to make use of. It’s 90 capsules per bottle is also a good investment as the benefits overshadow the cost.

1. Lifeextension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex Reviews


This supplement is unique in that it not only offers the rich benefits of just having only one Vitamin K form, rather it’s complete because it contains a suitable lo of all the most important Vitamin K form. One soft gel of Lifeextension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex is rich in Vitamin K1 (derived from a plant), as well as the other two K2 forms that is Mk-4 and Mk-7 forms respectively. The brand, LifeExtension asserts that with the presence of the Mk-4 K2 type works by helping to actively adjust and maintain a suitable amount or Vitamin K level in your system while the Mk-7 Vitamin K2 type, being the most active Vitamin form because of its to resist metabolism and degradation so that it can work for longer periods. A lot can be achieved with the use of Lifeextension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex, and they include being able to promote healthy arteries by ensuring that substances that can block these important blood vessels for example deposits of calcium are prevented from doing so. It also has a history of successfully being able to sustain healthy bones by ensuring that at no point in time would they undergo degradation or become weak.


Based on the Vitamin K varieties present in nature, the choice for the right supplement may not come too easy even though they can be derived from natural sources. Now you know the top 10 best selling Vitamin K supplements in the Philippines Market. Taking these supplements is of great benefit because it is able to sufficiently heal a wound by promoting coagulation of blood, giving strength to bones and providing a healthy cardiovascular system.

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