Top 10 Best Turmeric Tea Supplements Brand Philippines 2021


Turmeric is a root tuber that belongs to the same family as ginger. It has been used for decades as a natural medicine to treat various ailments. It’s believed that it is safer than other conventional medicine because it is purely natural and does not manifest any side effects when taking right doses.

It is called ‘the spice of life’ by many because of its wide range of benefits. Apart from being used in culinary also used topically on your skin. There are various reputable companies that have realized its importance and have added value to it by manufacturing tea products formulated from turmeric.

These brand of products are the best in Philippines market because they contain pure natural plant extracts that are safe and do not have toxic elements or any side effects that may hinder your health. Ingredients used are sourced from best plants plus tested for its potency levels before formulation begins.

These products will boost your immunity and at the same time regulate cholesterol levels in our body. If you are that one person who is struggling with weight or even heart problems, these are the right products to use. It does select bad cholesterol as well as eliminates it plus retain good beneficial cholesterol.

It contains antioxidant that will take care of free radicals that cause infection. It will prevent them from being oxidized and protect your whole system from already oxidized radicals. Did you know that these free radicals sometimes make the dormant cancer cells to become active? Then you have known now.

You can use these products on a daily basis to prevent an occurrence of infections or treat infections that has already set in. They are mild yet effective plus there is no need to worry about its safety. Here is the Top 10 Best Selling Turmeric Tea Powder in the Philippines Market you should try.

10. Baguio All Natural Turmeric Tea Supplement Reviews


Formulated with 16 natural ingredients adding benefits to our body. Turmeric is its main ingredient. Also, it’s sourced plus manufactured in Baguio. There are no artificial additives or preservatives; Baguio All Natural Turmeric Tea Supplement is purely natural. This supplement can be used as an alternative to coffee because of its added benefits to your whole system.

Inflammation is good when it occurs due to white blood cells release to combat infection, but it becomes bad when your immune system starts to fight its own cells. This supplement has anti-inflammatory, which will prevent inflammation of immune cells.

It’s a painkiller and will stop the transmission of a message from the site of pain to brain. It will fight degenerative processes in your brain by increasing the levels of your brain hormone responsible for an increased growth of new neurons. Being an anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory agent, it boosts endothelium functions.

Molecular levels undergo several changes when you consume this turmeric tea supplement also this will prevent the occurrence of cancer. It can pass through the walls of blood brain plus improve Alzheimer’s pathological process. It is effective in the treatment of arthritis symptoms. Baguio All Natural Turmeric Tea Supplement is used by many Filipinos.

9. Delite Herbal Turmeric Ginger Tea Powder Reviews


A natural non-caffeinated tea that is packed in tea bags with no sugar or any artificial additive. It contains turmeric as its main ingredient; ginger is added as a booster ingredient while calamansi and tamarind will add a delightful flavor to your tea.

Delite Herbal Turmeric Ginger Tea Powder will provide your entire body with anti-oxidant, which will prevent toxins from going to their harmful reactive state, which may cause infections more so cancer. This will prevent harmful inflammation of the white blood cells and restores your entire body functions to normalcy.

When you are having a headache or even pain in your whole system consume this ginger tea powder supplement plus pain will go away. It has painkillers elements in it which blocks transmission of pain from the source to your brain. It’s good for those people who have Alzheimer’s disease because it can pass through blood brain wall and correct the defect.

Delite Herbal Turmeric Ginger Tea Powder contains a phenolic compound derived from ginger which will prevents contraction of gastric. It stimulates saliva plus bile production, which is important in digestion of food. It alleviates gastrointestinal irritation due to digestive processes. It does contain vitamins such as vitamins B and C, which makes it an antioxidant that boosts your immune system.

8. Pastatea Turmeric Powder Tea Supplement Reviews


A pack of important natural ingredients filled with nutrition and more. Pastatea Turmeric Powder Tea Supplement is an instant powdery tea made by the most reputable company that sources its ingredients from best. Pantas contains turmeric powder as well as several natural ingredients to give your whole system the health benefits it needs.

When you consume this tea a lot of nutrients plus protective agents are injected into your whole system making your entire body full of life. The antioxidants in it can protect your cells from the toxins that move around our body distributing infections. It can at the same time inhibit those toxins from getting into their infective state making them dormant.

It contains wild honey, which is good for athletes. Compared to other sweeteners wild honey will improve recovery time by maintaining glycogen levels. Your blood sugar levels will be regulated with the consumption of this tea because the honey in it has a balance of fructose plus glucose.

Pastatea Turmeric Powder Tea Supplement is 100% natural and does not contain any form of artificial additive that may hinder your health. It is safe plus approved by the FDA and other relevant health authorities. There are no side effects associated with its consumption. This tea is rich in flavor, and you will love its smooth sensational taste.

7. Cherbz & Spice Turmeric Powder Tea Brand Reviews


A health product made from 11 ingredients derived from nature that is purely organic. With its diverse ingredients, it gives your tea the wonderful flavor that you may not want to stop seeping it. Cherbz & Spice Turmeric Powder Tea Brandis an instant tea that requires less time for preparation, all you need is a cup of hot water plus a teaspoon of cherbz turmeric tea, and you are ready to enjoy its benefits.

Our body will absorb the benefits of this turmeric tea and become healthy by the day. Antioxidants will protect our body cells from infected toxins in your entire body and at the same time prevent free radicals that are not affected from being oxidized.

It has anti-cancer properties that will prevent dormant cancer cells in your entire body from becoming active and causing cancer. It can boost your immune system by stimulating production of white blood cells, which are responsible for body defense during an infection attack.

Cherbz & Spice Turmeric Powder Tea Brand will help to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by penetrating through the walls of the blood brain, which has proven to be impenetrable by other conventional drugs. Those individuals who consume turmeric tea are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from providing protection and prevention to your body, it also fills your entire system with nutrients and energy.

6. Villa Cosmetica Turmeric Lemongrass Ginger Tea Reviews


A combination of three powerful and beneficial ingredients with turmeric being its main ingredient. Villa Cosmetica Turmeric Lemongrass Ginger Tea is a brand made locally in the Philippines with its ingredients carefully sourced to provide you with only the best. It can provide you with therapeutic and satisfying benefits.

The addition of lemongrass to this product will keep your entire system clean by flushing out toxins, which are harmful out of your entire system. Drink this tea to relieve period cramps; this tea will balance hormones level in your system. It is god for those people who experience stomach distress and gastric ulcers because it contains elements that have proven to cure these ailments.

When you are experiencing fever take a cup of this tea, and the fever will go. The lemon grass has limonene, which will prevent inflammation in your body. It can lower the levels of bad cholesterol and sustain the triglycerides, which are important to your body.

Antioxidant in them will protect your body from potentially harmful toxins that may cause cancer. It has anti-bacterial properties that will treat bacteria related symptoms. The compounds in it can stimulate the production of the defense cell, which will make your entire system capable of defending itself against incoming infections. That is why Villa Cosmetica Turmeric Lemongrass Ginger Tea is part of Top 10 Best Selling Turmeric Tea Powder in the Philippines Market today.

5. Good Shepherd Baguio Philippines Turmeric Luyang Dilaw Reviews


Has been formulated from variety of ingredients sourced from nature. Each of these ingredients will provide you with essential nutrients and benefits. Turmeric is its main ingredient plus lemon grass, ginger and honey among others are added as booster ingredients.

Good Shepherd Baguio Philippines Turmeric Luyang Dilaw will provide you with antioxidants which will protect your human body from harmful free radicals that cause diseases. It may alleviate aches and pains by blocking communication between the neurons and brain. It can regulate your weight by eliminating bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol.

When the bad cholesterol is removed, you will not only have the benefits of excess weight loss, but your heart will be happy too. The bad cholesterol that usually deposits itself on your heart surface will be removed allowing your heart to function normally.

Turmeric tea will balance your hormones. When hormones are balanced, you will not experience cramps associated with menstruation or even hot flashes in menopausal women. It can aid in food conversion you have consumed into energy, which is necessary for the daily activity plus body processes.

Good Shepherd Baguio Philippines Turmeric Luyang Dilaw is suitable for the whole family, athletes, immunosuppressed individuals plus women who experience period pains and menopausal syndrome.

4. Buddha Turmeric Ginger Tea Brand Reviews


A nutritional tea that is free of caffeine and any artificial additives. It’s made from the richness of nature with love. This stimulating tea has an authentic aroma of ginger, which is soothing. Buddha Turmeric Ginger Tea Brand ingredients are selected from only best plants that are healthy and full of nutrition.

This brand is full of vital vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the normal functioning of your organs. It’s packed in tea bags that are bleach free and convenient whenever and wherever. For you to enjoy the fullness of its nutrition you need to boil water, put water and one tea bag in a cup, let it sit and steep for a few minutes then drink your cup of nutritious benefits.

Antioxidants are contained in this formula, and they will give your system protection from the free radicals in our body that causes infections. Its richness in fiber will aid smooth digestion by eliminating waste products and toxins from your digestive system.

Buddha Turmeric Ginger Tea Brand has anti-inflammatory agents that will prevent inflammation of white blood cells, which are your body defense cells. It will balance the hormones in our human body and prevent pain associated with menstruation and hot flashes associated with menopause.

It will regulate the sugar levels and get rid of the bad cholesterol, which is responsible for overweight and heart ailments.

3. Iida Farms Turmeric Juice With Calamansi Reviews


A health booster juice with ingredients sourced from various herbs and spices like turmeric and calamansi. The best company in the Philippines makes this product. They source their ingredients with care and produce Iida Farms Turmeric Juice With Calamansi in a facility supervised by a health expert to ensure its safety when consumed.

Turmeric has diverse properties that will give your human body nourishment it deserves. When you barbecue meat two harmful compounds are formed. When you consume these compounds, they build up in our human body plus activate the cancer cells that are dormant. But when you consume this juice it will act on these compounds by eradicating them out of your system.

It will boost your immunity by stimulating cells production that is responsible for fighting infection. Production of red blood cell will be regulated to normalcy hence the issue of being anemic will not arise. Oxidation of free radicals will not happen because Iida Farms Turmeric Juice With Calamansi will stop their oxidation and protect your human system from already oxidized free radicals.

Research has shown that when a cancer patient consumes turmeric, the cancer cells become vulnerable to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and this becomes easy to treat it. It may stop the spread of breast cancer to the lungs. This product is purely natural and does not contain any toxic substances that may hinder your health.

2. Emperor’s Tumeric Curcumin Tea Powder Brand Reviews


A blend of various different herbs that have the same or different benefits to your human system. Emperor’s Tumeric Curcumin Tea Powder is made from finest and best ingredients. It contains 10 beneficial herbs that will protect and prevent infection while nourishing your system with desired vitamins and minerals. It is easy to use since all you need is a cup of hot water and a spoon of Emperor’s turmeric powder and you are ready to add life to your system.

The ginger in this brand will stop nausea related symptoms associated with pregnancy, chemotherapy, sea and after surgery. It’s good for those who have diabetes type 2 because it will help reduce the levels of sugar, which are responsible for this indication. It contains fibers that will completely eliminate toxins and waste products that are stuck on the walls of your intestines and this, in turn, will stop indigestion and constipation.

Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea Powder is good in alleviating the symptoms that comes with cold and flu. This is the best remedy when you have a cold or flu because it will act on those viruses without having an adverse effect on your system. It has antioxidants, which will protect your system from infection and prevent free radicals from transforming to its infective state.

1. Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea Powder Reviews


A brand that is formulated and manufactured in the Philippines by a company that is passionate plus have a desire to touch peoples lives in a positive way. This company has a good idea of adding value to nature by making products, which are beneficial to a human being. Tons of Filipinos used and trusted this brand and which is why it’s the number 1 on our Top 10 Best Selling Turmeric Tea Powder in the Philippines Market list.

Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea Powder Brand is packed with goodness from turmeric and 14 other herbs that will transfer all its goodness to your human body. If you are that kind of a person who is conscious about what happens inside your body, then this tea is for you. It will take care of your digestive system with its fiber, which will remove all waste, plus toxins, which are attached to the walls of your digestive system and eliminate them leaving your human system healthy and happy.

When you catch a cold, drink this tea because it may stimulate production of defense cells, which are responsible for combating virus naturally. Your skin will have a glowing appearance since this tea will take care of your skin from inside by removing toxins build up under your skin and restoring a normal skin.

Yamang Bukid Turmeric Tea Powder Brand is tested and approved by the FDA also other relevant health bodies, which make it safe for consumption. There has not been any side effects reported that is associated with its use.


Now we are finished reviewing the Top 10 Best Selling Turmeric Tea Powder in the Philippines Market; please keep in mind that Pregnant and lactating mothers should consult with their family doctors first to know if they are allowed to consume these products. These products are made from more than one ingredient and can pass through breast milk and placenta to the fetus. Because of the health benefits of turmeric tea, you can replace your normal coffee or tea to turmeric powder tea, which will provide your system with vitamins and minerals.

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