Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Reviews

Ask any bodybuilder literally worth his weight, and he will tell you that bodybuilding requires heavy training, substantial food intake, and a variety of supplements. With so many products going around, how do you choose which one to take? If some years and testimonies mean anything to you, then Animal PAK is your choice.


What is Animal PAK

This is the product that started it all for Universal Nutrition way back in 1983. It is a multivitamin specifically designed for bodybuilders, power lifters, and people who undergo high-intensity training. Each pack has 11 pills of various vitamins as well as minerals, for 44 packs in total. All 11 pills work together to provide nutrients needed by everyone in general, but more so by strength athletes due to their rigorous activity and corresponding consumption. On their way to their 4th decade, a multitude of athletes through the years have sworn by this, testifying to its effectiveness and overall benefits. With such an unrivaled history of effectiveness, this stands at the helm of proven multivitamins designed for specific users. If someone is serious about growing muscle and gaining that huge body, either as a hobby or for competitions, this is the product that will help them get there. This is your well-rounded nutrition base for serious bodybuilding.

How does it work

As a multivitamin, it would be best to think of this as the basis of proper nutrition. Bodybuilding is just as much workout and intense physical training as it is about nutrition. Its intensive demand on an athlete’s body means more nutrients are consumed than an average person would. Rigorous diets are also part of a bodybuilder’s regimen, with repetitive food intake an accepted norm. This means deficits would arise in nutrition intake since the variety of food to choose from is vastly limited. This makes sure that this does not happen. Each tablet contains vital nutrients in specifically measured dosages that are ensured to be absorbed by the body, in a manner that will not counteract with other vitamins. With all bases covered, strength players now rest assured that their bodies will still meet all its nutritional needs on a daily basis. For elite bodybuilders or those who are about to enter a competition, the suggested dosage is 2 packs per day.

Main Ingredients

Amino Acid Complex, Antioxidant Complex, Digestive Enzyme Complex and Performance Complex.

Advantage and Benefits

This ensures strength athletes will receive ample vitamins and minerals through regular use. More than just a multivitamin, it also ensures excess amounts are secreted out, leaving just what the body needs. It provides a stable nutrition base upon which strength players can build a successful and sustainable diet plan.

Why use Animal Pak

Why risk using products that can provide a fraction of the needed vitamins and nutrients, when there is a product that has proven itself time and again for decades now? Yes, you can get the same vitamins and minerals in your average one tablet supplement, but measure-wise, are the amounts enough? Also, some vitamins don’t go hand in hand with other vitamins, ergo canceling their benefits altogether. With this, you know you are getting enough, on a regular basis, in amounts measure for your high-intensity needs. The benefits, for more than 30 years of existence, is more than enough reason to use this over others like it.

Who can take this

Designed ultimately for bodybuilders, strength athletes or those who undergo high-intensity training, this may not exactly be for everyone. Not for potential side effects, but the sheer amount of vitamins and minerals included was measured for those who use up more than your average Joe.

Are there side effects

Through 30 years, the most common side effect documented was a different color on urine. This has been declared a normal side effect, mainly driven by its Vitamin B complex, and it simply indicates that the body is getting rid of excess amounts. Otherwise, this has proven itself safe and effective throughout its existence.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Bodybuilding is a serious sport, one that requires investments of time, effort, and money. Either for competition or just for personal goals, success hinges on heavy training and a solid diet and nutrition plan. Animal Pak is the time-tested safe and effective multivitamin that ensure all bases are covered, and strength athletes can achieve that huge muscular body safely and fast.

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