V10 Plus Licorice Serum 10 by Yokota Lab Reviews

Many people have lived with the embarrassment of having dark patches on their face and skin. Are you one of such people? Most of the individuals in this situation have been moving from one medication to the other, yet they are not getting the desired results. Your search for the solution is right here- V10 Plus Licorice Serum; only one thing, read carefully throughout this article.

V10 Plus Licorice Serum 10 by Yokota Lab Reviews


What is V10 Plus Licorice Serum

The product is the formula that you need to get rid of the dark patches on your skin once and for all. It is an effective and reliable remedy that has stood the test of time. It is one of the trusted natural remedies around today that will not have any adverse effects on your skin, no matter the texture of your skin.

V10 Plus Licorice Serum is nature combining perfectly well with your skin to give you that perfect complexion that is spotless and without any blemish. Licorice has a rich history of curative powers that dates back to about four thousand years ago.

Intensive studies were carried out into this root by the company’s team of clinical experts; after extensive lab analysis, a formula was derived from this root, which gave birth to V10 Plus Licorice Serum. This Serum will take care of all the dark burns on your face, and it will restore your complexion to one that you will forever be proud of.

You have nothing to worry about concerning negative side effects. All that has been taken care of by thy company’s team of medical experts’ right from the lab before this product is brought out to the public. Above all, it was tested and truly certified fit for your skin by relevant regulatory bodies. With this Serum, you are a winner over those embarrassing dark spots on your face.

THE COMPOSITION of V10 Plus Licorice Serum

V10 Plus Licorice Serum is based on the efficacy of Licorice root. This root is one of the oldest remedies in human history. The origin of this root can be traced to the ancient civilization in Egypt about four millenniums ago. This root has been used effectively over the years in both Eastern and now Western medicine. This is a root that has a proven history of performance; it is tested, tried and proved.

The primary composition of the product is Licorice root extract. They have gone further into more research with a view to getting that formula that will give you total rest on all issues that has to do with the dark spots on your skin. After careful and detailed analysis; the following were added to the Licorice root extract: Sodium Citrate., Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lysolecithin, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, and water.

The above were chemically combined in a way to produce an improved formula- V10 Plus Licorice Serum that will ensure that you have that skin that you will be proud of all year round. There are no pronounced side effects on your skin. It will work on your skin and remove the dark spots; nothing more. You are guaranteed this; it has worked for others, it will work for you as well.

V10 Plus Licorice Serum Main Active Ingredients

  • Licorice root extract,
  • Sodium Citrate,
  • Butylene Glycol,
  • Pentylene Glycol,
  • Glycerin,
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose,
  • Lysolecithin,
  • Carbomer,
  • Phenoxyethanol,
  • Potassium Hydroxide,
  • Citric Acid,
  • and water.

The effectiveness of V10 Plus Licorice Serum

You deserve value for your money. This serum will guarantee you that. Your skin cell will be regenerated and the cells of your DNA will have the needed protection. When you apply this product, it will soothe and calm all manners of skin conditions that you are battling with. Is it acne or any form of skin infection- just get hold of this serum, apply it and see results for yourself.

Are you having redness of the skin? Or is your case flushing of the skin? The V10 Plus Licorice Serum will put all this under control if you take action and buy one today. All those dark pigmentations on your skin will be diminished. There is a warranty on that. Why not join the bandwagon of those who have benefitted from the efficacy of this serum? It is highly effective.


Do you still need any further convincing? The product is what you need to take care of that dark patch on your skin. It is the medication with peace of mind. There are no worries about possible side effects. The effectiveness dates back to more than four thousand years ago; this V10 Plus Licorice Serum is an improved formula.


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