Vicks Nyquil Cold and Flu Nighttime relief Reviews

Many products promise to ease cold symptoms, but none deals effectively with the problem of waking up during night due to aching and fever. Sneezing, sniffling and coughing can make you loose sleep during night and additionally weaken your body. Vicks Nyquil is just the right product to ease all of these symptoms and aid your recovery.


What is Vicks Nyquil is a Cold and Flu

This is a Cold and Flu Nighttime Relief Liquid product, which successfully helps in reducing all flu symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever, sniffling, sore throat, runny nose, plus a headache that keep us awake during night. It is completely natural, proven to have immediate soothing and relieving results by many content consumers who were astonished by the positive results and proper sleep they had. The best thing about this liquid nighttime aid is that it is absolutely safe to use, plus unlike many other brands, it causes no side effects. It’s a multi-symptom relief liquid, which helps your body regenerate faster by providing a proper sleep your system crucially needs while affected by the flue. It helps treat a common flu, plus allergies symptoms by providing immediate relieving results. It is must-have in our first-aid cold kit, as losing sleep due to cold is common problem that needs to be treated effectively.

How does it work

It’s a multi-beneficial to your body. It works as a cough suppressant, also eases the tension in the throat, plus lungs area felt by excessive, continuous coughing, plus a sore throat. By blocking cough reflexes, it releases the tension caused by continuous coughing and clears the mucus. It works as a pain reliever. Also, fever reducer, soothing the feeling of tiredness and weakness felt in the whole body in a state of flu. It lowers our body temperature, also helps our body operate at its optimum at night, providing a so much needed sleep. This has a calming effect on our body as it decreases the discomfort of minor aching and works as an antihistamine, treating sneezing, headache hives caused by allergies and histamine-induces swelling with ease. It suppresses inflammatory responses such as a runny nose, also helps our body relax, also attain much-needed sleep by regulating all the inconvenient symptoms of a flus.


It contains: acetaminophen( 650mg/30mL), dextromethorphan (30mg/30mL), doxylamine succinate (12,5mg/ 30mL) and alcohol (10% by volume) .

Advantage and Benefits

The benefits of consumption are multiple. Many consumers were astonished how soothing the effect of this is. The recovery from a cold is much faster; The sleep is regulated, and there is no more waking up at night due to the discomfort of cold as well as allergies. No more sneezing, coughing, fever or a sore throat to disturb the sleep when your body needs the most regeneration.

Why use Vicks Nyquil Cold and Flu

This is essential to aid our recovery and should be a must-have part of our fighting the cold process, providing a proper sleep our body so desperately needs. It supports our system in times of extreme fatigue, plus weakness caused by all the mentioned unpleasant symptoms. It is an all in one product. It affects the whole body and brings immediate relieving results. Many other brands promise to help with fever and cold, but this liquid is a real savior, with multiple effects on the whole body.

Who can take this

This is absolutely safe to use by adults of any age, plus children older than 6 years. This should not be used to treat the cold symptoms in younger children.

Possible Side Effect

This has no side effects and is 100% safe, plus natural product. All the effects it causes give the best possible results without any unexpected side effects. It does not affect any cognitive functions, motoric or nervous system, such as memory and finely coordinated movements. Also it does not cause numbness or dizziness.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Vicks Nyquil is highly recommended for use in times of dealing with tiring effects of fever, cold as well as allergies. It is proven to bring immediate relieving results in nasal, throat and head areas, where the major discomfort is felt when your body is dealing with the cold. It’s multi-effect liquid, and should be a must-have best friend at night, providing a much-needed sleep other brands just can’t provide.

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