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Looking for a cheap yet high-quality body scrub that not only guarantees clear, smooth skin, but also doubles as a moisturizer as well as effectively lightens those stubborn dark spots? Tired of going through online stores searching for the perfect scrub that fits all your needs? Then look no further because Yoko Papaya Spa Salt is here!


WHAT IS Yoko Papaya Spa Salt

This is an all-natural body scrub, originally made from Thailand. It is a combination of Salt and other organic ingredients, including the enzyme Papain from the famous Papaya fruit – an ingredient widely used in many cosmetic products, known for its effective skin whitening properties. This body scrub not only cleanses as well as exfoliates your complexion from the outside, but also doubles its purpose as a moisturizer. Its non-greasy formula, enriched with Vitamin E, makes it an ideal alternative to lotions as it leaves your skin feeling soft, also smooth, plus deeply nourished from within. Also with Papain as one of its main active ingredients, your complexion will be visibly whiter after every use, and is sure to have that radiant looking glow you’ve always loved. This product is made readily available to purchase worldwide and comes at a very affordable price.


If you’re wondering how all three benefits can be achieved by one body scrub solution, let’s discuss first about the main components of this product.

Salt-based scrubs are famous for its superb exfoliating properties. It is usually mixed with other organic ingredients to increase its effectiveness in rejuvenating the skin, a method widely used in modern bath houses, salons, derma clinics, plus spas. Aside from efficiently removing dead skin cells to pave the way for younger looking skin, amongst its many benefits include that healthy glow, improved blood circulation, a significant reduction of cellulite, and lessened appearance of wrinkles due to stress, plus aging.

Vitamin E on the other hand, has always been used as a major component for various health supplements. It’s also used to treat various skin impurities such as severe acne, unsightly scars, and other skin blemishes. It possesses natural anti-oxidant, also anti-aging properties dermatologically proven to fight free radicals, speed up cell regeneration, moisturize skin, plus reduce the appearance of age lines and wrinkles, making you look fresh, younger, and revitalized.

And of course, the Papaya fruit–also been traditionally used to heal, plus treat scars, burns, wounds, and stings. It’s extracted enzyme known as Papain possesses powerful metabolic, plus complexion renewal properties. This main substance expertly removes dead cells, also helps lighten skin to bring out your hidden glow. Combine the power of all these three major benefits – exfoliant, moisturizer and whitening in one body scrub, plus you have yourself a perfect bathing companion that thoroughly cleanses your skin and gives you visibly amazing results with continuous use.


Papaya Enzyme (Papain), Glycerin, Fragrance, Salt, Olive oil, Vitamin E,


Unlike most artificial body scrubs readily available in the market today that can sometimes inevitably cause skin irritation, this remains true to its promise by using only natural ingredients in manufacturing their products. This organic salt-based scrub is proven to be safe, effective also has been tried and tested over the years. It not only helps exfoliate and renew skin, but also moisturize and lighten tone with every wash.

WHY USE Yoko Papaya Spa Salt

One of the safest ways to achieve healthy complexion is by going all natural with your primary face and body regimen. Choosing the right scrub with the right ingredients for optimal exfoliation is also a must. There are a lot of products available in the market that promises the same results as seen on a commercial advertisement, yet comes with an expensive price tag. It has all the benefits of your typical commercial brand, but with added functionalities such as moisturizing and whitening—all for a very affordable price. So, why settle for less when you can have so much more in a single exfoliating solution? One product does it all for you.


It is suitable for any complexion types. Highly recommended to those who have dry skin, and for those who wishes to lighten their stubborn dark spots including elbows, knees, plus underarms.


This product has been widely available on the market for years and been reviewed positively by many customers from various countries for delivering astounding results. It is guaranteed all-natural and safe with no known side-effects, highly suitable for use on all complexion types.


As someone who’s got a sensitive and occasionally dry skin, I am always on a look-out for cheaper alternatives when it comes to body essentials. I honestly couldn’t settle for less after switching my previous scrub brand to Yoko Papaya Spa Salt. I have been thoroughly satisfied with its amazing triple benefits, also highly recommend you to try, plus see it for yourself.

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